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  1. 1. Growth at an individual levelGrowth at an individual level caters to overalldevelopment of a person’s personality. This includes bothmental and physical well being for a person to live abalanced and satisfied life.Why target growth at personal level?A community is built by its people. Targeting growth atpersonal level is like treating a problem at the grass rootlevel. Growth of each individual will in turn benefit thelarger focus group.
  2. 2. At personal level : WHAT & WHY
  3. 3. The Need
  4. 4. What triggered ‘The IDEA’A persons life often becomes very monotonous and mechanicalwhich curbs his/her creativity and productivity which in turnaffects their immediate surroundings. At times due to ourhectic lifestyle, or else due to boredom, we tend to neglect ourgrowth.This happens due to varying factors like depression, workoverload, responsibilities and other related things. So catering tosuch problems of a user can benefit the individual as well as thesystem.Essence being that for overall growth of a human it is essentialthat they pursue their hobbies, explore their personality andseek knowledge.
  5. 5. Generating Character profiles
  6. 6. Persona 1 personas Tanya is bored of her regular college life. She wants some excitement. She is tired of spending all her free time online on social networking sites.
  7. 7. Persona 2 Mr Desai wishes he could connect to people, spe- cially children so that he can share fun stories with them and utilise his free time.
  8. 8. Persona 3 Mr. Shergill hates to spend his weekends all by himself. He wants to connect to like minded people, share a cup of co ee or do something together.
  9. 9. Persona 4 Mrs. Jain often gets bored with her monotonous life. She is a dedicated wife and a mother but sometimes wishes there was something she could do to entertain herself.
  10. 10. Journey map Discover Finding Lets Thanks Need GO! Genie Genie interestsPersona 1Persona 2Persona 3Persona 4
  11. 11. Role play
  12. 12. Gaurav Shergil lives a very hectic lifestyle withtime for himself only on the weekends. Hisfriend suggested that he tries Genie. ThroughGenie Gaurav has discovered new interests. Healways liked watching sports but that Sundayevening of Go-Karting was fun for him. He likesGenie because there is an element of surprise,something new every weekend.
  13. 13. Technology Love Sport Food Joy ScienceHealth Entertainment Music Art Relax TravelAdventure Dance Rejuventated
  14. 14. I knowwhat youwish for!
  15. 15. Service Model
  16. 16. How does it work?It works by connecting the user to the events/places of hisinterests in the specified city. It makes a persons uniqueinterest map and graph and makes him aware of things todo around the city. It randomly generates output accordingto the users intersest graph giving with it an element of‘SURPRISE’. The more the user uses Genie the better theGenie gets to know the user.
  17. 17. What is it achieving?It is a platform for people to find new dimensions to theirpersonality, spend some quality time to rejunevate andrefresh oneself and enhance work productivity.
  18. 18. Who is it for?The service is envisioned for cities, for the upper middleclass. Through its interface we invite a wide range of agegroups.
  19. 19. How do people use it and benefit from it?People use it when they are bored, need to destress orwant to find out new things to do. They benefit by learninga new activity, visiting a new place, interacting with people.Often great ideas come up with in casual conversations.When a hunch gets to know another hunch, innovativeideas are produced. Genie is a platform to communicateand enhance your personality.
  20. 20. Business Model
  21. 21. Exploring Interfaces
  22. 22. What’s your IDGive your password Create a Genie account for free!
  23. 23. interface Help me know you better!
  24. 24. I’m bored! Let’s go!
  25. 25. Victoria India Design Service JamProject: GenieKishen PatelVidhi MehtaSiddharth hirvaniVidhushri LadhaNational Institute of Design, Ahmedabad