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OD through people


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Organization Development through PEOPLE.
Technique of OD

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OD through people

  1. 1. Name of the group member Jay Visavadiya Jigar Chauhan MBA 3rd SEM (H.R.M)
  2. 2. The presentation is presented at
  3. 3. The topic is:- Organization development through people:- Bringing your hearts to work.
  4. 4. Live data collected from Spencer’s hyper retail LTD; Near genda circle; Wadi-wadi, Alkapuri; Vadodara. Ph. 0265-6538791
  5. 5. Presentation includes…  About Spencer’s HERITAGE.  About Spencer's retail LTD.  About management philosophy.  What is Organization Development?  OD through various technique.
  6. 6. • Since 1863, Spencer’s has been a part of the Indian retail landscape. • Originally owned by Mr. John William Spencer. • It acquired Indian ownership in the 1960s, and became part of the RPG Group in 1989. • In 1995, RPG Enterprises launched Foodworld as a joint venture with Hong-Kong based Dairy Farm International under the name of “FOOD WORLD”. • In 2006 RPG group launched the supermarket with new name “SPENCER’S”.
  7. 7. About • It is owned by Ram Prasad Goyankar Group. i.e. RPG Group. • RPG Group run about 250 stores (including about 29 large format stores) across 50 cities in India. • The punch line of Spencer’s is “TASTE THE WORLD”.
  8. 8. Philosophy of management American Japanese Indian philosophy philosophy philosophy Baring your Baring your Baring hand & hand, head your hand head & heart
  9. 9. What is OD?  Organization Development is the applied behavioral science.  Basically OD is process of teaching people how to solve problems, take advantages of opportunities, & learn how perform better.  OD is defined as a systematic process for applying behavioral science principles and practices in organizations to increase individual and organizational effectiveness.
  10. 10. Improvement of Hygiene Factors & Motivators Family Culture. Recognition. Participation in OD through. Administrative Activities. Training and Development.
  11. 11. Improvement of Motivators Factors • Motivators are the factors seeming to make individuals feel satisfied with their jobs. • This is one of the main reasons for turnover in an organization. • So organization need to improve the motivation factors to improve Organization. • Such as festival bonus, incentive on achievement of performance, etc…
  12. 12. Improvement of Motivators Factors • To check motivation level we ask following question to employee. QUESTIONS OF EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION YES NO 1. If they ask you to stay for more minutes apart from your job time will you stay for few minutes? 2. Du you have festival bonus system? 3. Do you pay more attention to the positive things people do rather than the negative? 4. Are you enjoying your work? Etc…
  13. 13. Family Culture. • Family culture is the one that lacks the most in many of the organizations. • In high context cultures people respect each other not because what the people are capable off, but because of age, designation etc. • The workers come to their organization, do their part of the job and leave. • Hear to improve family culture Spencer's do have policy of social get-to-gather & birthday of the month celebration.
  14. 14. Family Culture. • For Organization to Develop, they have to measure employee satisfaction level. QUESTIONS OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION YES NO 1. Du you have friendly relation with co-worker? 2. Do you have birthday celebration? 3. Do you have social get to gather? 4. Weather your supervisor & manager participate in such celebration? Etc…
  15. 15. Through Recognition. • Recognition is very important as it motivates and encourages the workforce to work with more enthusiasm, even when people know something is right and best thing to do, they still need encouragement, examples, and rewards to maintain a desired behavior. Spencer’s have the “STAR OF THE MONTH” policy to encourage Recognition, as well as the put 16x12” inch large size photo of the “STAR OF THE MONTH”.
  16. 16. Through Recognition. • To identify the recognition culture we ask following question. QUESTIONS OF EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION YES NO 1. Du your supervisor & manager give feedback on you performance? 2. Do you supervisor & manager encourage for the positive performance? 3. Do your organization have a policy to encourage high performance? Etc…
  17. 17. Through participation. • One of the most important function of OD is a participation. • Participation is not restricted to only top management; it extended throughout the organization. • Makin involving them in decision-making process, Spencer's try to develop sense of owner in employee. • Which in result making employee participative/involvement in organization, willingly. • As every employee start participating willingly in any part/ process of organization, organization will develop faster camper to other organization.
  18. 18. Through participation. • To check participation we ask following questions… QUESTIONS OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT YES NO 1. Do you remember the name of each employee in your department? 2. What kind of product range you have? 3. What are the promotions available on your product? 4. Do you attain daily BRIFING in your department? 5. Haw many customers you attain daily, on an average?
  19. 19. Training and Development. • Trainings and workshops must be a regular part of organization. • Training, as defined by Manpower Services Commission in 1981, is a planned process to modify attitude, knowledge or skill behavior through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities. • Its purpose, in the work situation, is to develop the abilities of the individual and to satisfy the current and future needs of the organization. • Spencer’s organize in-house training in every 6 month duration.
  20. 20. Training and Development. • To know about training & development we ask following question. QUESTIONS OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT YES NO 1. Do you have minimum level (12th pass) of education? 2. Do you get training on a required basis? 3. Have you attain training during your job time? Etc…
  21. 21. Graphical presentation. 35 30 25 20 Employees 15 Actual 10 Total 5 0
  22. 22. Conclusion. • After scrutinizing all dimension of the OD in Spencer’s, we can say that apart from the participation of employee, all the factors are well enough to develop the Organization (i.e. Spencer’s). • To improve participation Spencer’ have to develop communication level, improve the rules & need to have close supervision on employee.