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Marketing Communications & Public Relations 2.0


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by Mark Evans, presented at the social media event Conversations, Connections & Opportunities, by on May 27, 2010

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Marketing Communications & Public Relations 2.0

  1. 1. Marketing, Communications and Public Relations 2.0
  2. 2. Social Media Magic Doesn’t Happen
  3. 3. Conversation vs. a Broadcast
  4. 4. Why is Social Media a Big Deal? Engage and have conversations with consumers Build stronger relationships Monitor your brand and products Improve customer service Competitive intelligence
  5. 5. The Benefits of Social Media
  6. 6. Facebook: Facebook 485M registered users; 225M in October 2009 Twitter: Twitter 79 million users; 5million a year ago YouTube: YouTube Delivering 2B streams/day, compared with 1B in October 2009 LinkedIn: LinkedIn 65 million members
  7. 7. 13.2 million Facebook users in Canada, 7th- largest population globally 3M Twitter users 57% of online Canadians use social networks at least once a month; 82% of Gen Y consumers use social networks each month
  8. 8. How Canadians Use Social Media
  9. 9. Yet, many companies are still afraid to embrace social media.
  10. 10. Why?
  11. 11. Don't understand it Don't know how much it will cost Can’ Can’t see how to measure ROI AND
  12. 12. Many services are free but……. but……. …… It takes time, money and resources to implement and effectively run social media programs.
  13. 13. It’s A Lot of Work Social media well is far from glamorous. It takes time and involves a lot of blocking and tackling on a daily basis.
  14. 14. but… Yes, but… The tools are cool but even the best tools are worthless without a clear goal of what and how they should be used.
  15. 15. Wrong It needs to be integrated into your marketing and sales activities
  16. 16. Social Media is All About the Numbers
  17. 17. Nope…Size Doesn’t Matter
  18. 18. That’s Wrong, Too ROI depends on how you define investment
  19. 19. Social Media in Three Steps
  20. 20. Discovery
  21. 21. Strategy
  22. 22. Tactics
  23. 23. Blogs…Still Alive and Well
  24. 24. Jeff Wiener
  25. 25. Easier and quicker than a blog; multiples updates per day Lets you be part of the conversation; real- time discussions Can be used for a variety of purposes such as customer service, feedback/suggestions, news/info updates
  26. 26. Source: Sysomos
  27. 27. Facebook Users (Globally)
  28. 28. Canadians Love Watching Videos
  29. 29. Sadly, Not Enough Companies
  30. 30. Monitoring/Measurement
  31. 31. What Do You Measure? - Activity - Sentiment - Demographics - Location - Web Site Traffic - Leads - Sales
  32. 32. Mark Evans ME Consulting: Phone: 416-669-7028 Twitter: @markevans Blogs:,