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Be cool, be updated!!

  1. 1. English, media and social values<br />Máster de Profesorado en Educación Secundaria Obligatoria y Bachillerato, Formación Profesional y Enseñanza de Idiomas de la Universidad de Jaén<br />BE COOL, <br />BE UPDATED!!<br />Agudo Román, Rocío<br />Alberto Lechuga, Rocío<br />Sánchez Hernández, Alicia<br />Teruel Perabá, Begoña<br />
  2. 2. STATE OF THE ART<br />Media as a didactic tool in order to enrich and support knowledge from different subjects. <br />Positive results:<br /> - Collins and Hammond (Teaching and Learning with Multimedia): “The results are visually impressive and the capacity of multimedia to engage young people.” <br />- Ledesma Marin enumerates: to teach the use of technological equipments, to focus on language study and narrative techniques, to appreciate the aesthetic of media messages, to teach how to be critical of information and to have social awareness, etc. <br />- To take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities and positive aspects that media offer students in their learning process.<br />
  3. 3. JUSTIFICATION<br />Media as main theme  information is the most powerful tool. <br />Students’ task  use and understand the information. <br />Connected with BOJA.<br />Dynamic methodology  groups working each one with a different medium, exploiting the four skills and developing four different social topics.<br />Link between the media and the information<br />Social values and social awareness.<br />
  4. 4. BACKGROUND INFORMATION<br />Jabalcuz state high school, Jaén<br />IT center<br />2nd year of Bachillerato<br />Intermediate level<br />24 students<br />Previous knowledge: <br /> - features of the language used in the different media <br /> - grammar and vocabulary related to specialised language<br />
  5. 5. OBJECTIVES<br />
  6. 6. CONTENTS<br />
  7. 7. PROCEDURE<br />FirstSession<br />Four groups of six people. <br />Each team uses a different medium and social topic:<br /> - Binge drinking: youth and alcohol  TV Advert<br /> - Sports: influence of sports on the society  Blog<br /> - Multicultural co-existence: racism and cultural differences Radio<br />- New technologies: addiction to mobile phones, iPODs and the Internet  Newspaper<br />
  8. 8. <ul><li>Shocking slogan
  9. 9. Persuasive language
  10. 10. Informal register
  11. 11. Transmission of a value: responsibility
  12. 12. Preparation: a speaker represents his/her group, and the rest of the members have to participate actively</li></ul>TV Advert<br />
  13. 13.<br />Blog<br /><ul><li>Internet language and style: colloquial words, hyperlinks to exemplify the information…
  14. 14. Pictures to illustrate the text
  15. 15. Lunch a final question to make the bloggers participate actively
  16. 16. Transmission of a value: companionship
  17. 17. Preparation: All the members work in the creation and maintenance of the blog</li></li></ul><li>Radio<br /><ul><li>Varying pitch
  18. 18. Clear voice and language
  19. 19. Formal register
  20. 20. Keeping the audience’s attention
  21. 21. Creating a mental image in the audience’ mind
  22. 22. Transmission of a value: tolerance
  23. 23. Preparation:</li></ul> - Informative headline, summarizing the piece of new, introduced by the newsreader<br /> - Development of the piece of new, by two presenters<br /> - Discussion about the topic, by three critics<br />
  24. 24. Newspaper<br /><ul><li>Catchy headline
  25. 25. Formal written style
  26. 26. Well-organised texts: headline, subhead, lead and critics
  27. 27. Transmission of a value: courage
  28. 28. Preparation: Three of the members write the piece of new and the other three act as critics </li></li></ul><li>Second Session<br />15 minutes to present the projects. <br />To show the main feature of each medium by means of their news. <br />
  29. 29. EXPECTED RESULTS<br />To fulfil the objectives.<br />To work in a cooperative way.<br />To combine traditional and technological tools.<br />To acquire linguistic and stylistic knowledge.<br />To become conscious of the reality of the world.<br />To develop different skills (This activity will be positive if it is done again in more sessions with rotation of the media).<br />
  30. 30. EVALUATION<br />Final work exposed :<br />    - Creativity developed in the production of the news<br />  - Correct use of the language in the formal register<br />- Correct use of passivevoice in complextextstructure<br /> - Adaptation of the message to the standars of the media.<br />Attitude in cooperative work <br /> - Effort and participation.<br />
  31. 31. CONCLUSION<br />The aim was to combine cross-curricular contents in the English classroom (English language, Spanish language and Citizenship)<br />The methodology and the topics used let us reach the objectives set.<br />We expect to apply communicative methodology and dynamic working to other fields of knowledge at school.<br />Changing the traditional grammar method into a new communicative method. <br />