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Virtual voyage world technical courses


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Virtual Voyage is the best institute for vocational courses like animation, fashion designing, interior designing, multimedia, web designing, and many more

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Virtual voyage world technical courses

  1. 1. Virtual Voyage – Institute of Media and Management Technical Courses
  2. 2. IntroductionVIRTUAL VOYAGE- YOUR SMART CHOICE FOR ASPLENDID FUTUREToday, new and smart courses are taking the centre stage - courses that suit thedemands of the new age and are in sync with the talent of individuals as well asoffer a promising future. The best place to take up these courses is VirtualVoyage- the biggest vocational training institute of India. It has a grand vision andan infrastructure to match. It offers a vast range of courses under the one roof. Itsnew and huge campus at Malhar Mega Mall is among the best in the sector. Thefaculty here is the cream of the crop. Offering a world class learning andexperience in Indore, Virtual Voyage is your smart choice.
  3. 3. Mission & VisionOur Mission:- “Our mission is to train young minds into industry ready professionals. We strive to provide training at par with international standards. We aim to polish the hidden talents and develop employability skills by exposing them to a range of learning experiences.”Our Vision :- "Virtual Voyage Institute Of Media And Management has a clear and focused vision. We believe in providing quality skills and polishing them as per the industry requirements. Our Mantra for success till today has been creating ready professionals for the real world through strengthening the knowledge base of the student and providing a lot of exposure to the practical industry.”
  4. 4. Types of CoursesDesigningMediaManagementTechnical
  5. 5. Technical Courses• Animation Hardware Networking
  6. 6. Animation Dynamic Career Animation which derived its name from the Latin word anima meaning soul, can be defined as the art of breathing life to a character. Animators are the talented artists who create characters for a variety of projects like movies, television, advertisements and so on.Animation Courses: 9 Months Certificate course in digital film making(ccdfm) 2 years Advanced certificate course in Multimedia Technology(aaccmt) 2 years certificate course in animation & visual effects(ccavfx) (animation & film making)+(CAVfx)
  7. 7. Animation Career Prospects• Concept Artist • Key Frame Animation• Story Boarding Artist • In-Between Animator• Character Designer • Video & Sound Editor• Background Designer • Image editor• Layout Artist • Digital Link and Paint Artist• Script Writer • Reformation (Camera Match• Modeler More Artist)• Texturing Artist • Special Effects Artist• Lighting Artist • Render Artist• Cleanup artist • Technical Writer• Scanner operator • VFX Co-ordinator/Artist• Rigger • Composition• Animator (2D/3D) • Production Co-ordinator/ Manager
  8. 8. Hardware NetworkingHardware & Networking today has become the most promising future.Hardware essentially means assembling different parts of computers to makea complete unit, installing the required operating systems, software &applications or troubleshooting the technical faults in a PC while networkingquite obviously means connecting two or more computers together to form anetwork of a systems.Opportunities are on the rise & there is a huge demand for qualifiedprofessionals. Being completely practical, this field does not have anyminimum educational criteria for you to join the ever growing bandwagon ofhardware & networking engineers.
  9. 9. Hardware & Networking Courses: BCA (any 10+2) PGDCA (Any10+2+3) DCA (Any 10+2) HCHNE Hardzone Certified Hardware & Networking Expert (Any 10+2) HCHNP Hardzone Certified Hardware & Networking Professional (Any)
  10. 10. Contact Us Address 4th Floor, Malhar Mega Mall,Near C21 mall, A.B. Road, Indore 452010 Email Id Contact No +91-731-3299111, 3299222 Mobile No: +91-9300930011