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Tom shircliff, Evnvision Charlotte

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Evnvision Charlotte

  1. 1. Tom Shircliff, Co-Founder, Intelligent Buildings, LLCBoard Chair, Envision Charlotte
  2. 2. History and The Big Idea • Center city economic and cultural development organization • Adding sustainability to 10 year economic development plan • Wanted it to be very measurable and business-like • …to prove to business and talent the opex and sustainabilityBIG IDEA: Plug in every building uptown to the cloud using smartgrid technologies and measure energy as a sub-market in real time. “…can you do that?”
  3. 3. Yes you can!• 98% of 22 MM sf voluntary signed contracts (meter, #s, kiosk)• “Live” aggregate energy number 24/7 (www.smartenergycharlotte.com)• Large, interactive touch screens in every building• No capital investment by building owners• Utility business model “Smart Energy Now™”• Awareness & behavior change working with MIT, UNCC et al
  4. 4. This concept got us on the big stage.
  5. 5. …and inspired a formal partnership - 501(c)3Government, NGO, Academia, Economic Development, Business
  6. 6. VisionEnvision: Charlotte is a unique public-private collaboration that is leadingCharlotte to become a global model of environmental sustainability foreconomic development.
  7. 7. Focus “…small enough to manage but big enough to matter ”• Community = Sub Market (urban core)…then replicate• Nimble structure for fast-decision making, innovation and actual implementation• 82,000 employees and 9,000 residents• 25 million square feet and multiple corporate headquarters• City and county government• Professional sports venues• Transportation hub• World class hotels and restaurants• All the elements to make a model
  8. 8. MissionEnvision: Charlotte will develop programs, measure all activityand leverage regional strengths:1. Model Programs - Make the center city a living laboratory to foster innovation and first-of-their kind programs in energy, water, air and waste that can be scaled and replicated in other communities.2. Detailed Measurements - Measure and document qualified efforts that simultaneously improve the environment, the business conditions and the overall quality of life in communities.3. Regional Strengths - Leverage our strengths and accomplishments in the energy sector and build on our history of cooperation between corporate-citizens, academia and government.
  9. 9. Different from Similar Organizations Purpose …Economic Development (didn’t alienate capitalists or environmentalist) Geography …only a sub-market at a time and inside a hard loop Use-types …energy program is only for commercial office Measurement …hard wired/wireless, data base, analytics, displays Business community involvement …98% signed contractually so far Focus on reality …base approach is not a demonstration Focus on solution provider value …quickly create a new global business model
  10. 10. What theyre saying..“…reduce energy use 430MM kWh and 220,000 metric tons of CO2 …and payfor itself with lower utility bills …sounds like a pretty good deal to me” President, Bill Clinton“With Envision Charlotte we can completely transform a city… suddenly wesee a model for the rest of the nation and the rest of the world” John Chambers, CEO Cisco“Charlotte’s uptown within the I-277 loop is a highly concentrated urban areathat provides an excellent site to demonstrate what is possible with advancedenergy efficiency and smart grid technologies.” Jim Rogers, CEO Duke Energy“John (Chambers) Its amazing to me how technology is changing so manyindustries and communities…” Maria Bartiromo, CNBC“Envision: Charlotte is different from every other smart grid initiative becauseits focused and manageable, measurable, and collaborative.” William Pentland, Forbes
  11. 11. Tom ShircliffChairman, Envision Charlotte(Managing Partner - Intelligent Buildings, LLC - tom@intelligentbuildings.com)