The Curtis Project in Minnesota: Connect Transportation and Land Use System (Jay Lindgren) - 10.26.11


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  • Key Message:Private/Public Partnership to Move Action Strategies – Support Thriving, Sustainable Communities
  • Key Message – The world has changed - Need to Work Together To Make it Easier to Do Better – Imperative to Remaining Competitive
  • Key Themes: The action plan must be intentional that connects housing, jobs, the environment and transportation in support of thriving, sustainable communities:Market The Region – Promote our Great Regional AssetsCreate a Persuasive Narrative – reinvesting in the region is critical to economic successLeadership & political Will is necessaryBuild on existing public/private partnerships – ULI MN (public/private leadership), RCM (local govt.), ITASCA (businesses), Greater MSP, Met Council, Nonprofit Sector
  • Key Themes to the CTLUS Action Plan: With the outcome of achieving thriving, sustainable communities that attract private investment and respond to changing demographic trends and market forces.
  • ULI MN engages the public & private sectors leaders to foster collaboration, share knowledge and join in meaningful strategic action around a host of work programs.
  • Important to get out and look – understand best practices and how they can be applied locally to our work.
  • ULI MN - part of Corridors of Opportunity – HUD Sustainable Grant and Recipient of $255,000Living Cities Integration Initiative Grant to work with the Southwest LRT Corridor Community Works which includes collaboration around the connection of land use and transportation between Hennepin County, 6 Cities and Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit.
  • Key part of the CTLUS Action Plan is Implementing A Bold New Tool Box around these four key themes:Regional Goals – Align and Leverage and Get Behind One Vision of What and Where Regional Significant Investments should be focusedStrengthen Tools to be able to assemble key opportunity sites now for future transformative developmentStrengthen existing financing tools and think strategically about creating opportunities to unlock capital needed to invest in good development opportunities. - eminent domain, fiscal disparities, TIFHelp Local Government be better prepared to work with the private sector as partners in creating thriving, sustainable places.
  • The Curtis Project in Minnesota: Connect Transportation and Land Use System (Jay Lindgren) - 10.26.11

    1. 1. The Curtis Project in Minnesota Connect Transportation & Land Use Systems Reinvesting in the RegionAn Action Plan to Make it Easier to Do Better October 26, 2011
    2. 2. Connect Transportation and Land Use Systems(CTLUS) Leadership through Partnerships  Led by the CTLUS Advisory Committee  Co-chaired by ULI Minnesota and the Regional Council of Mayors.  50 members representing the private sector, government officials and electeds.
    3. 3.  The Problem: (Re)Development is Harder than Ever – Less Public Resources – Constricted Capital Requirements, hRisk Why Now: – Build Sustainable Communities – 21st Century Places – Demand Shift – Change in Market Preferences CTLUS Action Plan
    4. 4. Intentional strategies to: Market our Region & Promote our Assets Create a persuasive narrative - economic imperative of reinvesting in our communities based on evidence, trend analysis and best  Connect practices. Housing, Jobs, the Galvanize the leadership and political will - Environment & implement intentional action. Transportation. Leverage strong partnerships between the private and public sectors - support action  Support strategies to create thriving, sustainable Thriving, Sustainable communities. Communities. CTLUS Action Plan
    5. 5. Action Plan Outcome: Thriving, sustainable communities that attract private investment Raise Awareness and respond to changing demographic trends and market forces. Go Look Apply Implement Bold New Tool Box CTLUS Action Plan
    6. 6. ULI MN’s Programs of Work- Raise Awareness Regional Council of Mayors Reality Check  MSP Business Plan Opportunity City Program  Education Programs MN Housing Policy Tool Box  Navigating the New Normal MSP Housing + Transportation  Technical Assistance Panel Cost Calculator  Building a Foundation Corridors of Opportunity  Urban Plan Locus/Smart Growth America  Young Leaders Group Regional Indicators  Digital Media CTLUS Action Plan
    7. 7. ULI MN’s Programs of Work- Go Look Mobile Tours ―Local & National National Conferences & Forums CTLUS Action Plan
    8. 8. ULI MN’s Programs of Work- Apply  Technical Assistance - best practices; work sessions  Investment Framework • Development Assessments, Prioritization, Development Tools  Demonstrate Value Capture  Corridor Wide Housing Action Plan Connect land use & transportation CTLUS Action Plan
    9. 9. A Bold New Tool Box Regional Goals & Resources Land Assembly Financing & Tools Local Government (Re)Development Policy & Practice CTLUS Action Plan
    10. 10. Next Step: Partner to Galvanize Support & Leadership to Implement Action Strategies Contact: ULI MN Caren Dewar, Executive Director 612-338-1332 CTLUS Action Plan