Top social media tools for your business


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The top 4 social media tools to consider for marketing your business.

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Top social media tools for your business

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Top S i l M di T l F Y T Social Media Tools For Your Business B i By Virtual Project Consulting
  2. 2. Agenda 1. 1 Top 4 Social Media Platforms 2. Twitter 3. Facebook 4. LinkedIn 5. Blogs & Bookmarking
  3. 3. TOP 4 SOCIAL MEDIA 1. 1 Twitter 3. 3 LinkedIn 2. Facebook 4. Blogs
  4. 4. TWITTER
  5. 5. Why Twitter Micro-Blogging Micro Blogging tool that answers to 1 question: “what are you doing?” • Answers question in short sentences of 140 characters or less. • It’s permission based; people opt in to follow you and get your tweets; can easily opt outout. • Twitter is one of the fastest growing. • ‘I t t messaging on steroids’ ‘Instant i t id ’ • Demographics:politicians; celebrities; news anchors • Total visits in April 2010 = 180 million
  6. 6. Twitter Profile
  7. 7. Twitter Magic
  8. 8. How To Use Twitter • Use Twitter to share news and tips with your followers • T Tweet value keeping in mind ''signal t noise ratio‘, t l k i i i d i l to i ti ‘ less noise and more value. • Show you care by demonstration, communicating with people and sharing resources and helping people find solutions to their problems. • Twitter is great way to build new relationships and g y p gain sales • Most users on Twitter already on Facebook
  9. 9. Great Twitter Tools Tweetdeck-most Tweetdeck most popular • it organizes your Twitter experience with columns – 1st column: Messages from all followers – 2nd column: direct messages – 3rd column: show @ replies p – 4th column: search results per specific topic of interest • Can group people from your entire following list SocialOomph (Known as Tweetlater before) • Schedule Tweets Sc edu e eets • Track keywords on Twitter • Send welcome DM’s to followers DM s Hootsuite and 100’s more tools to choose from
  10. 10. Facebook
  11. 11. Why Facebook Alexa ranking of 2 ( (second most trafficked website in the world) d • Currently 500 million active members, • Predicted to be 630 million by 2011 • Demographics: fastest growing age group is 35-54. • Can t C set up group di discussion areas of i t i f interest relating t t l ti to your business or causes • Huge opportunities to set up FAN/Like Page – Marketing your business – Build a tribe around your brand • Develop strategy in support of business vision. • U d t b ild t t grow your b i Used to build trust, business
  12. 12. Facebook Profile
  13. 13. Facebook Fan Page
  14. 14. Barack Obama s Facebook Obama’s
  15. 15. How To Use Facebook To Gain Most Benefits: • Create primary objective for Facebook marketing e.g. • Create place for fans to connect • Build your email list • Improve customer service p • Raise brand awareness • Create FAN page for buzz around company & services • Choose your core message, be consistent and relevant • Use to demonstrate expertise & credibility • Add friends/Fans strategically and build trust over time • Use Facebook Social Advertising and run tests g • Include Facebook as part of overall marketing plan
  16. 16. LinkedIn
  17. 17. Why LinkedIn Professional Networking • largest network of its kind Small Business networking • regardless if market is individuals or business Entrepreneurial Networking • Making connections, building relationships Community Networking y g • work with others creating new alliances and joint ventures
  18. 18. LinkedIn Profile
  19. 19. Social Media and Blogs A Blog has subscribers: • audience on Facebook, • an audience on Twitter, • an audience on YouTube. Integrate with other Social Media: • A t Automate processes – set-up f d t push your t t feeds to h blog posts to Twitter & your Facebook profile • Use TwitterFeed to set-up different RSS feeds particularly for your blog
  20. 20. Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking was a way of saving your bookmarks • If you liked a site, you would bookmark it • To be able to get back to sites • Friends, contacts can also see what you’ve bookmarked Delicious was th pioneer D li i the i Benefits from the marketer's perspective: • Send a lot of traffic, but tends to be fleeting traffic. • Gives exposure. • Research, guide to what people are interested in right now. • Tends to lead to getting links, which is important influencing g g p g search engines to rank you highly.
  21. 21. Delicious Profile
  22. 22. For information on how to get started with top social media tools, please visit us by clicking below, below and connect by clicking on icons