Social media integration


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Social media integration

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Social Media Integration By Virtual P j B Vi l Project C Consulting li
  2. 2. Agenda 1. 1 Benefits of Social Media Marketing 2. Reputation Marketing p g 3. Brand Management 4. How To Use Social Media 5. Social Media Integration
  3. 3. Benefits of Social Media Marketing Benefits of a Social Media Marketing: • Capture right conversations • Captivate your audiences • Create high-quality backlinks to website g q y • Protecting your brand; reserve your name on top social networks • Maximise your marketing investment while saving you time and money “visibility equals opportunity“ • get found by your ideal client
  4. 4. Reputation Marketing Build Your Reputation • Be yourself, authenticity • Be transparent, share information • Be positive • Be patient, with time you build larger network – Your reputation will solidify to allow your business to grow; it accelerates at a very quick pace • Be a contributor, be involved in conversation be contributor conversation, willing to give more than what you’ll get in return
  5. 5. Brand Management Consumers force companies to open branding Brand Create Engagement E t Engagement Talk ith T lk with customer Integrate SM into I t t i t Marketing Plan Win Reach More engagement, More reach
  6. 6. How to use Social Media 5 EASY STEPS: 1. Define your Goals 2. Create Social Media marketing strategy 3. 3 Establish core Social Media foundation 4. Establish/revisit business blog 5. Maintain profiles on selected tools
  7. 7. Get Started STEP 1: Define Your Goals for Social Media: • What’s your goal using SM & Social Networking sites? • Answers to why your business will use Social Media • Be specific about what you want to achieve • Use numbers to quantify your plan • Be clear on: – What your keywords are – What your message is – Who your audience is y
  8. 8. Get Started STEP 2: Create Social Media Marketing Strategy: g gy • What’s your overall marketing goal? • How will SM integrate with existing marketing strategy? • How much time can be devoted to SMM? • Who is the person(s) to participate? • Research where target audience hangs out. • Do you have a Content Strategy to integrate? • What are best practices to apply? Click here for free Social Media Strategy template
  9. 9. Create Profiles STEP 3: Establish core Social Media foundation 1. Create profile on Twitter 2. Create 2 C t profile on F fil Facebook b k 3. Create profile on LinkedIn 4. Create profile on niche networking site(s) as per strategy t t
  10. 10. Business Blog STEP 4: Your Business Needs a Blog: g • Blog will create powerful presence where people can learn more about you/company, your beliefs and values, services • Content-marketing platform to start building a body of published work on the web • Content is keyword rich and very focused on the niche • Start attracting organic search results • Drive all traffic to blog as the Hub of Communication • Use blog to build credibility and influence as thought leader • People go to blog; learn more about you, leave comments
  11. 11. Maintain Social Network Profiles STEP 5: Maintenance options: p • Assign Social Media Marketing role to a specific person in your company (e g (e.g. communications officer) • Outsource this aspect of marketing to specialists (Virtual Social Media Assistant) • Have a daily, weekly, monthly check list • Monitor and Measure
  13. 13. Integration Between Social Sites Different Uses: • Connect, build rapport; have casual conversations in 140 characters on Twitter • Post content, pictures and videos on Facebook • E t bli h your expertise with relevant, i f Establish ti ith l t informative, ti resourceful articles to Business Group on LinkedIn • Use Business Blog to offer value and build trust • Automatically send blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn • Connect Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn(optional) • Use to update all social networks at once
  14. 14. Monitoring Recommended websites for monitoring • Google alerts – your name, misspellings of your name, misspellings of your domain name, and keywords within your industry i d t • For Twitter: (some favorites) – – – – www twellow com
  15. 15. Free Measurement Tools Examples of free tools: • Technorati (Number of links ‘authority’) • (quality and type of coverage) • Google analytics ( g y (site statistics) ) • Flickr (photo views) • Feedburner (subscribers) • Google Blog Search (clipping service) • Yahoo pipes (manage RSS) • Compete, Alexa (traffic) p ( ) • Quantcast (ratings and demographics)
  16. 16. Social Media Tools Too many to list here – just highlights • is a conversational search engine to index and connect millions of conversations from blogs, social networks and other social media so people can find, follow and share comments. • = aggregator, to pull in what has a feed in it, whether it's Twitter or , LinkedIn or Facebook or YouTube. • www Ping fm = send updates to all social networks from one place
  17. 17. Best Practices Social Media Marketing puts huge emphasis on: • Transparency • Interactivity • Authenticityy Essentially use Social Networking to: • Build credibility • Create relationships, give first, listen Social Networking is a long term activity: • You build your presence, your reputation and your credibility over time
  18. 18. Pitfalls To Avoid Social Media pitfalls to avoid • Lack of strategy – Have strategic intent with everything you do online and offline • No ROT = Return On Time • Listen in on conversation, participate ,p p – Pay attention, control conversation if negative • Avoid Me Me Me – it’s not all about you Me, Me, it s – make about people you want to attract rather than all about you
  19. 19. Partner With Professionals Visit Virtual Project Consulting •Establish a Social Media Project •Do it with simple Social Media Starter Project Kit •High Level Project Plan: High 1. Define your goals 2. 2 Create Social Media Marketing Strategy 3. Establish core Social Media foundation 4. 4 Establish/revisit business blog 5. Maintenance Find everything you need to establish your business presence on social media sites!
  20. 20. Expected Benefits Benefits from Social Media Marketing Project: • Ongoing networking and conversations ability • Capture the right conversations and captivate your audiences • Protecting your brand • Maximizing your marketing investment while saving you time and money Become Social Media empowered
  21. 21. In Conclusion THE CONVERSATION: The art of Listening, Learning and Sharing Blogging: Business Blog Micro Blogging: Twitter RSS: Feeds from blog Social Networking: Facebook Niche Networks: LinkedIn Video sharing: YouTube, etc YouTube LEVERAGE FROM WEB 2.0 POTENTIAL TO CREATE AN INTERACTIVE, DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND CUSTOMERS
  22. 22. Find our Social Media Starter Kit and start your own social media project t d ! i l di j t today!