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Virtual Partner is a full service Virtual Assistance and Business Management practice. My specialty is creative thinking aligned with strategy. This portfolio is a sample of over 25 years of branding and creative experience the Virtual Partner creative collaboration.

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Virtual Partner Mc Iverdesign

  1. 1. v i rt u a l p a r t n e r m c i ve r d e s i g n Tiffany Odutoye Carl McIver 800.991.7538 voice BRANDING 270.682.1588 paper ADVERTISING DESIGN SITE Carl Lorenzo McIver founded his marketing communications and graphic design studio in 1992 in the Bronx, NY. The studio is now based in Norwalk, CT, which is approximately 30 miles from New York City. Mr. McIver earned his high school diploma in Graphic Design from the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan. He is a graduate of world renown Pratt Institute. An accomplished illustrator and graphic designer, Mr. McIver worked with New York City architects and planners in developing marketing and graphic presentations for the city’s Public Development Corporation. His career includes more than five years at the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center where he designed interior signage and developed concepts for brochures, invitations, and poster presentations for corporate and clinical functions throughout the organization. He served as an Art Director at All American Advertising and as a Graphic Designer at The American Society of Mechanical Engineers where he created marketing communication concepts and managed them through production and execution. Upon leaving the society after more than three years, he started his own graphic design studio, McIver Design. He has recenlty collaborated with to further his creative scope of client services.
  2. 2. It eases a parent's mind significantly when the child's needs are met. client:: Merials Miracle's Non profit organization that LOGO provides home care for children, POSTER while parents are undergoing cancer treatment. BRANDING BROCHURE It eases a parent's mind significantly when the child's needs are met. Miracles happen everyday
  3. 3. client:: M o n te f i o r e M e d i c a l C e n ter MMC represents one of the largest LOGO medical centers in NYC. Our studio POSTER provides internal and external design support for the center. BRANDING BROCHURE
  4. 4. client:: Vi rt u a l Pa r t n e r LOGO This company provides operational BRANDING services for companies via the internet. They become a partner BROCHURE in many respects to the companies they service. SITE All Virtual services are provided through our SeamlessCollaboration program which allows us to provide full partnership Virtual EA/Paralegal assistance without any Board Liaison interuption to existing Business Consultant operations. Call for details. home corporate Virtual Partners is built on collaborative relationships. We want what’s best for you, and promote your business while working behind the scenes whether its home based or a corporate organization. We invest time in a relationship that will extend your reach – you get more than a loyal employee – you get a virtual partner with a vested interest in your business. Contact: Tiffany Odutoye 740.877.1320 voice Virual connectivity never too far and never ends ( 270.682.1588 paper
  5. 5. StephanieMills ONENIGHTONLY CONCERT client:: J a z z I n fo rm a n c e This non-profit organization LOGO furthers the interest of music through education. MD (McIver POSTER Design) creates a variety of materials geared to the public. BRANDING BROCHURE
  6. 6. client:: H D I n n ova t i o n s HD Innovations is a high end LOGO electronics distributor. Our goal PACKAGING is to better position this company through branding. ADS
  7. 7. client:: b i l ke r d i j k bilkerdijk is a NYC custom blend LOGO cosmetic line. MD was assigned the PACKAGING responsibility to create a more fresh look geared to a youthful market. TRADE SHOW BROCHURE Facial tones from nature’s pallet.
  8. 8. client:: We stch e ste r I & O S G Westchester I&OSG is a dental LOGO surgical practice in NY. A brochure PACKAGING was needed to better educate the patience on dental procedures. BROCHURE
  9. 9. New York Medicaid CHOICE client:: Maximus, NY Maximus is a Virginia based BROCHURE company that provides services for governmental agencies. MD is OUTDOOR contracted to provide creative under their NY Medicaid contract. BUS POSTER
  10. 10. LINCOLN client:: L i n c o l n H o s p i ta l Lincoln is one of many hospitals BROCHURE in a NYC network that has provided OUTDOOR are studio with assignments over the last ten years. BUS POSTER LINCOLN
  11. 11. vigor client:: Pfizer LOGO Vigor was a concept presented to Pfizer to better position the drug BROCHURE Viagra in the ethnic market. CD PACKAGE POSTER
  12. 12. client:: Va r i o u s Enjoy the broad range of logos that BROCHURE we’ve created throughout the years. OUTDOOR We’ll make room for your logo. LOGOS POSTER vigor
  13. 13. The Communicator A W A R D S Awards 4 Award of Distinction 1 Honorable Mention Healthcare Marketing Awards 1 Bronze C L I E N T S 2 Merits Albert Einstein College of Medicine NY Department of Health All American Advertising NYC Human Resources Administration Betsy Yager Marketing NYC Public Development Corporation Doremus Advertising Office of Health Insurance Access Edward Smith Design Ong Associates/Four by Five GreenPoint Bank Rich, Butts & Gittens Jacobi Medical Center Sam Records Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books Markland Advertising SMBC Advertising Maximus NY The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Mayor’s Office of Medicaid Managed Care The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Montefiore Medical Center The Bronx Health Plan Mount Sinai Medical Center The City of New York Department of Health Morgan Stanley Corporation Torre Lazur/McCann Erickson New York University Medical Center TOTS Inc. North Central Bronx Medical Center United Business Publications NYC Bureau of Census Walker Associates NYC Department of Health Wunderman Cato Johnson divisions of Y&R