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Social Media Primer Facebook


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Ten top websites for Facebook that will enhance and collaborate with Social Media

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Social Media Primer Facebook

  1. 1. Social Media Primer: Facebook Terrific Ten Virtual Options Coaching & Training Seminars Webinars Workshops Corporate Classroom One-to-One Twitter @virtualoptions
  2. 2. Terrific Ten: Facebook Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group 9915&ref=s “This application creates a short, easy to remember personal web address to take people directly to your Facebook profile, page, or group, so you can share the link with other people, post it on forums, show it on your MySpace page or print it on your business cards.” Networked Blogs “Promote your blog on Facebook and to discover new blogs. NetworkedBlogs is a community of bloggers and blog lovers. Join the fun, add your blog, and connect with others who read and write about subjects you like.” Professional Profile: Business Networking Professional Profile leverages your Facebook friends into business connections by consolidating professional information into one place. It allows you to: control your professional identity (separate professional information to a separate tab on your profile); tag contacts (use tags to organize your contacts and browse your network); and view companies you know (quickly browse companies based on your contacts’ Facebook information). Create An Event Search “Event” when logged in to your Facebook account; click “Create an Event” Instead of (or in addition to) printing out flyers and mailers the next time you want to advertise an event, use the free Facebook Events app to get the word out. Socialfly A Facebook application which allows you to create notes about your online contacts, setup reminders to talk to them, and manage your contacts. Great app for keeping up with business contacts. ©2009, Virtual Options, LLC @virtualoptions
  3. 3. My LinkedIn Profile Not affiliated with LinkedIn, this application creates a badge from your LinkedIn profile that gets displayed on your Facebook profile. Facebook Marketplace College kids use the site's Marketplace to scout out used couches and find roommates, but a savvy business owner can advertise services and product sales, as well as search for new employees. Facebook Badges “Create a Profile Badge” link at lower left column of your Facebook Profile page Facebook describes its Badge feature as "a customizable way to share your Facebook information on other Web sites." Creating your own Badge will link Facebook friends to your company's Web site. “Put your badge on a site and it will be automatically updated and visible to anyone (even non-Facebook users).” Omniture 560 Ominture’s SiteCatalyst product (not free), previously updated to support Twitter analytics, will now include an App Measurement for Facebook tool. App Measurement for Facebook gives SiteCatalyst users the ability to measure the popularity and success of Facebook applications using the analytics, segmentation, and reporting capabilities that the product already boasts. Facebook Advertising Create a social ad for your friends and networks with this page that walks you through the process. ©2009, Virtual Options, LLC @virtualoptions