The melting ice


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Made by a Taleem al Hadith Student of Al Huda Online :)

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The melting ice

  1. 1. The Melting Ice Farah Ahamed THME 2012
  2. 2. Imam Raazi said that helearnt the meaning ofSurah Al-Asr from aman selling ice, saying“Have mercy on the onewhose possession ismelting!” He kept onrepeating these words.He said that Iunderstood just as theice, our TIME isMELTING.
  3. 3. Greatest excuse of All time:“Time Flies! I JUST DO NOT HAVE TIME” How do we manage our time?
  4. 4. Time is our Greatest Capital Suratul Asr Ayahs 1-3
  5. 5. Time is EqualThe only thing we haveequal in all ofhumanity is time –Anthony Robbins
  6. 6. It Is The Usage Of Time ThatDeterminers The Winners From The Losers
  7. 7. Wasting time is worse than death, because death separates you from this world whereas wastingtime separates you from Allah." [Ibn al Qayyim] “The Living dead”
  8. 8. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allāh beupon him) said: ”Take advantage of fivematters before five other matters: your youthbefore you become old; your health, before youfall sick; your wealth, before you become poor;your free time before you become preoccupied,and your life, before your death.” (Narrated byIbn Abbas in the Mustadrak of Hakim &Musnad Imam Ahmad. Sahih)
  9. 9. 1.The average woman is going to spend 27 yearssleeping , that’s almost 30 years of life2. The Average woman spend 13 years of lifewatching TV-and the average man 10 years
  10. 10. SUMMARYWe learn -Time is ourgreatest CapitalTime is an area where theplaying field is equalEvery minute that is passingby is taking us closer to death
  11. 11. Time management issimply managing yourselfin a way that makes use ofthe time sphere we’re in.So how exactly do wethat?
  12. 12. Pure IntentionDua
  13. 13. On How We CanManage Our Time
  14. 14. Get things off the Mind QuicklyDraw up a plan a Timetable of what wewant to achieve that day
  15. 15. Study for •Hifdh Test –Ajrumiya Review surahs Test! • Fill the checklistsWrite things down inplaces where we will comeacross it once again
  16. 16. Staying Awake After Fajr
  17. 17. Oxygenate BloodIn The Morning
  18. 18. Pre Choose When The NextBreak Will Be And Write ItDown
  19. 19. Delete Distractions
  20. 20. Never Multi Task
  21. 21. Take Your Family Along With You
  22. 22. َ ْ َ َ ٰ َ ْ َ َ ْ َ َ﴾٨﴿ ‫فَإِذا فَرغت فَانصب ﴿٧﴾ وإِلَى ربِّك فَارغب‬So when you have finished[your duties], then stand up[for worship] Surah InshirahAyahs 7-8How are we going to make themost of our “Free time” afterthe completion of the course?
  23. 23. Niyyah Dua Action
  24. 24. What Have You Achieved Today?
  25. 25. Time is melting away- Invest time in themost productive ventures so that we canreap its dividends in The Akhira!