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Meertalige publicaties uit de Renaissance


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Meertalige publicaties uit de Renaissance

  1. 1. De formele organisatie van het Nederlands en andere talen in meertalige publicaties uit de Renaissance
  2. 2. Colloquia et dictionariolum octo linguarum, Latinae, Gallicae, Belgicae, Teutonicae, Hispanicae, Italicae, Anglicae et Portugallicae (Flissingae, 1613)
  3. 3. That worke which first did WHETSTONE take in hande,Where, famous actes in Englishe he dothe tutche:WALRAVEN, lo, for loue to natiue lande,To those, that please, presents the same in dutche: And bothe the workes, in one, wee maye decerne: That either lande, eache others tonge may learne.’(Geffrey Whitney to the Frendlye Readers of either of the languages uppon the translacion of this present Booke)
  4. 4. Drie artiickelen aengaende Een Moderatie te hebben ... (Leyden, Thomas Basson, 1609)
  5. 5. Jacob de Geyn, Maniement d’Armes / Wapenhandelinghe / The Exercise of Armes / Waffenhandlung (Zutphen, André Ianssen, [1619])
  6. 6. Amantium irae Amoris redintegratio est (London, H. Gosson, [1625])
  7. 7. Ad serenissimam Elizabetham Angliae Reginam Theodor. Beza(London, G. B[ishop] & R. N[ewberry], 1588)
  8. 8. Bausme de Galaad, pour la guérison d’ún coeur navrè: offert a sa Maiesté de Boheme: en quatre langues (Haerlem, Harman Cranepoel, 1629)
  9. 9. The new fierie sea-colomne (Amsterdam, Iacob Colom, 1649 )
  10. 10. The Art of Fortification (Amsterdam, Iohn Iohnson, 1638)