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Humanist revival of Comus


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Humanist revival of Comus

  1. 1. An Untruthful Renaissance?The Humanist Revival of Comus and Its Reception in EnglishLiterature and Popular Culture
  2. 2. Lorenzo Costa, The Reign of Comus (1511)
  3. 3. Blaise de Vigenère, Les Images ou Tableaux de Platte-Peinture, 1637Illustrations by Jaspar Isa(a)c
  4. 4. Vincenzo Cartari, Imagines deorum, 1581Illustrations by Bolognino Zaltieri
  5. 5. Vincenzo Cartari, Le vere enove Imagini dei Dei degliantichi, 1626Illustrations by FilippoFerroverde
  6. 6. Master E.S., Fantastic Alphabet, c. 1465
  7. 7. An Inuectiue ageinst Glotony and Dronkennes(London, 1545)
  8. 8. The Great Sins of Drunkeness and Gluttony (London, 1656)
  9. 9. Erycius Puteanus,Comus sive Phagesiposia Cimmeria,Oxford edition, 1634
  10. 10. John Milton, Comus, Trinity manuscriptJohn Milton, Comus, first printed edition, London, 1637
  11. 11. Comus, Mardi Gras, 2002
  12. 12. Margaret Hodges,Comus, 1996Illustrations byTrina Schart Hyman