Vincent San Jose State vs Chic State


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Vincent San Jose State vs Chic State

  1. 1. COLLEGE COMPARISON By : Vincent
  2. 2. MALE TO FEMALE RATIOChico state San jose stateMale 46 % Male 48 %Female 54 % Female 52 %
  3. 3. SPORTS San José state Chico state MENS SPORTS Mens sports Baseball BASEBALL Basketball BASKETBALL Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY Football GOLF Golf SOCCER Soccer TRACK & FIELD WOMENS SPORTS Female sports Basketball BASKETBALL Cross Country CROSS COUNTRY Golf GOLF Gymnastics SOCCER Soccer SOFTBALL Softball TRACK & FIELD Swimming/Diving VOLLEYBALL Tennis Volleyball Water Polo
  4. 4. MASCOTS
  5. 5. COLORS• Chico state • San José state • Red • Royal blue • White • White • Black • Gold
  6. 6. STUDENT POPULATIONS Chico state San José state Student population 17,00 Student population 31,000
  7. 7. TUITION FEES San José state• Spring 2012 Registration Fees (Part Time: 1.0 - 6.0 Units)• Mandatory Chico state• Registration Fees Undergrad Teacher• Credential Post-Bac Undergraduate Credential Graduate• /Grad Part-time (0 – 6 units) $2,465.00 $2,744.00 $2,867.00• Tuition Fee $1,587.00 $1,842.00 $1,953.00• Student Association $73.50 $73.50 $73.50 Full-time (6.1 + units) $3,719.00• Student Union $316.00 $316.00 $316.00 $4,199.00 $4,412.00• Facility Fee $53.00 $53.00 $53.00• Document Fee $15.00 $15.00 $15.00• Instructionally-Related Activity $123.00 $123.00• Health Fee $109.50 $109.50 $109.50• Tuition Totals $2,277.00 $2,532.00 $2,643.00
  8. 8. GPA FOR ADMISSION Chico state San José state GPA 3.25 or higher GPA 2.5 or higher
  9. 9. CHICO STATE REQUIREMENTS FOR FINANCIALAID• Undergraduate Enrollment Status Number of Units Funding Eligibility*Full-time undergraduate Minimum of 12 semester units All types of aid, maximum amount based on need*• Loans**• Three-quarter-time undergraduate***• (Some awards may be prorated)• 9-11.9 semester unitsProrated for 3/4 time: Pell, Cal Grant A & B, Cal B Subsistence• Full amount allowed: SUG, FSEOG, EOPG• Loans may be prorated**• Half-time undergraduate***• (Some awards may be prorated)• 6-8.9 semester unitsProrated for 1/2-time: Pell, Cal B Subsistence• Prorated for 1/2-time (6-8 units): Cal Grant A & B• Full amount allowed: FSEOG, EOPG• Loans may be prorated**• Part-time undergraduate***1-5.9 semester unitsPell prorated for less than 1/2- time; NOT eligible for other types of aid
  10. 10. CHICO STATE• Agricultural Business AGBSNONEBS MAP Available• Agriculture• BS Agriculture (Agricultural Science and Education) AGRISCEDBS MAP Available• Agriculture• BS Agriculture (Animal Science) AGRIANSCBS MAP Available• Agriculture• BS Agriculture (Crops, Horticulture, and Land Resource Management) AGRICHLRBS MAP Available• Agriculture• BA Anthropology ANTHNONEBA MAP Available• Anthropology• BS Applied Computer Graphics (Production) APCGACGPBS MAP Available• Misc Engr, Csci, & Tech• BS Applied Computer Graphics (Technical) APCGACGTBS MAP Available
  11. 11. SAN JOSE STATE• BS, Chemical Engineering• BS, Materials Engineering• Minor, Materials Science and Engineering• MS, Chemical Engineering• MS, Materials Engineering• BS, Chemistry• BS, Chemistry, Concentration in Biochemistry• BS, Chemistry, Concentration in Materials Science• BA, Chemistry• BA, Chemistry, Preparation for Teaching• Minor, Chemistry• MS, Chemistry• MA, Chemistry
  12. 12. CHICO STATE• Average population city• No humidity• Hot in summer cold in winter• Agricultural• Forest
  13. 13. SAN JOSE STATE• Populated city• No humidity• Silicon valley• Hot in summer cold in winter• Pacific ocean• Agricultural
  14. 14. QUESTIONS1. How are the two colleges similar and different?These colleges are the same because they have many of the same majors they differ because oneis in the heart of silicon valley and the other more inner california2. Why did you choose these two schools ? I chose these schools because my brother graduated from san jose and chico is where I’ve beenlooking at for a while3. What did you personally like and dislike about each college? personally I like both of them that’s why I chose them and I don’t hate anything because they areboth great schools4. Based on your research has your opinion or interest changed about your chosen college explainLike a previously stated I really love both of these schools and now I wait and see what god haschosen for me to go to one of these but its all up to him where I go because I know I will be happywherever ill go.