Vincent Van Gough


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Vincent Van Gough

  1. 1. By Rachel Youngblood, Orcutt Academy HighSchool, Frosh Core, 2/28/13
  2. 2. “It is good to love manythings, for therein lies thetrue strength, and whosoeverloves much performs much,and can accomplish much,and what is done in love iswell done.”~ Vincent Van Gogh“Close friends are truly lifestreasures. Sometimes theyknow us better than weknow ourselves. With gentlehonesty, they are there toguide and support us, toshare our laughter and ourtears. Their presencereminds us that we arenever really alone.”~Vincent Van Gogh
  3. 3. Vincent Van Gogh was never really appreciatedduring his life for his art. He was alwaysinterested in art as a young child and would loveto draw pictures. Van Gogh was also mentallyinsane.
  4. 4. SunflowersAlthough Vincent VanGogh committedsuicide at a young age,his art, in my opinion,is the most influentialand meaning art of alltime.
  6. 6. Vincent Van Gogh wasridiculed his whole life,always being told his artwasn’t good or his art wasmeaningless. Not only wasVan Gogh depressed by all ofthe verbal and physical abusehe would get from his peers,he also had multiple mentaldisorders.
  7. 7.  He would haveseizures which thedoctors would saywere caused bytemporal lobeepilepsy He was also diagnosedwith manic depression Van Gogh was alsodiagnosed with a brainlesion which doctorsbelieved to beaggravated by hisprolonged use ofabsinthe causing hisepileptic condition. Bipolar
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  9. 9. Vincent VanGogh’s LifeWhen Vincent was ayoung fellow, he was veryserious and quiet. Hisinterest in art began as ayoung child, and hisdrawings as a child onlydeveloped over time,growing more intense astime went on. In mid-summer of 1869, Vincents’Uncle Cent.
  10. 10. Vincent Van Gogh’s art isvery vibrant and full ofcolors that complementeach other.
  11. 11. The end ofVincent VanGogh Van Gogh never married, buthad a child with one of hismodels by forcing himselfupon her. She becamepregnant that summer. Hecommitted suicide in July of1890 by shooting himself in thechest twice. He didn’timmediately die after he shothimself, it took about 3 daysfor him to actually cease toexists. He died at only 37.
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  13. 13. Vincent once said, “ I dream my painting and I paint mydream.”. Vincent Van Gogh’s art is very vibrant and fullof colors that complement each other. His work hasmeaning, and although his life was full of tragedy andmisfortunate, he still managed to change the world in apositive way. Van Gogh has inspired millions to becomeartists and is still influencing people to this day.
  14. 14. Although Vincent Van Gogh was apretty messed up fellow, you cannotdeny that his art is beautiful with it’sbright and vibrant colors.
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