Women Directors Where Are You?


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Women Directors Where Are You?

  1. 1. Women DirectorsWhere Are You ?Cora KnowlesMarch 4, 2013Orcutt Academy High SchoolFrosh Core
  2. 2. Fun FactAccording to a surveythat Professor MarthaLauzen of San DiegoState University tookin 2008, only 9% ofdirectors in Hollywoodare female which isthe same percentagethat she recorded in1998.
  3. 3. What is the Publics Knowledge?02468101220% 72% 9% 0%What is the percentage of female directors inHollywood?Data from self-generated online survey. Take Survey Now!
  4. 4. Do you ever wonder whythere aren’t as many womendirectors as men directors?
  5. 5. DiscouragementOften times womendirectors are discouragedfrom directing.
  6. 6. Discouragement fromthe StartLauren Ludwig ofAFI DirectingWorkshop forWomen believes thatmany times in filmschool women areoverlooked andsometimes evendiscouraged fromdirecting.
  7. 7. Survey ResultsTrue56%False44%Many women are discouraged formfilm school. True or False?Data from self-generated online survey. Take Survey Now!
  8. 8. “No one asks you to direct; you need to just standup and declare: ‘Im a director.’ Start doing it. Writea script, pick up a camera, figure it out. Directing isa multidisciplinary art form. So take writingclasses, take acting classes, learncinematography, organize a group of people, even ifits just on a trip to In-N-Out. You need to becomfortable taking charge and trusting yourinstincts. Put yourself in situations where youreforced to do that. And just keep shooting movies.Even short, no-budget ones. Its the only way tolearn. And learning is the only way to build acareer.” - Lauren Ludwig
  9. 9. RejectionMany women are turned downfor the chance to direct afeature film just because theyare woman.
  10. 10. Credentials? What are those?Women directors areoften turned downno matter theircredentials or theirexperience withfilming.
  11. 11. “There was the story of the female presidentof a major studio who said ‘No woman over40 could possibly have the stamina to directa feature film.’ Ive heard people say that thekinds of films they want to make are toobig, too tough for a female director.” –Martha Coolidge, director of Rambling Roseand Real Genius.
  12. 12. Women DirectorsHere are some examples offamous women directors whoare over the age of 40.
  13. 13. Kathryn Bigelow, age61, director of The HurtLocker
  14. 14. Catherine Hardwicke, age57, director of the firstTwilight
  15. 15. Mira Nair, age 55, director ofAmelia
  16. 16. Nora Ephron, who was 71 ather death in 2012, director ofJulie and Julia
  17. 17. What is the Publics View onWomen Directors?01234567None Should GetMore CreditMore Capable MoreCreativeWhat is you opinon on women directorsData from self-generated online survey. Take Survey Now!
  18. 18. The numbers of female directors in the filmindustry is small, just 9% of directors arewomen. The two of the main reasons thenumber is so small is of discouragementand rejection.
  19. 19. Women shouldn’t have to take the put-downsand the sexual remarks. Women do havethe stamina and strength to direct and filma hit movie. Woman directors need to take astand and fight for their right as anindividual in America.
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  21. 21. Brought to you byCora KnowlesMarch 4, 2013Orcutt Academy High SchoolFrosh Core