Justin My Top 3 College Choices


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Justin My Top 3 College Choices

  1. 1. My Top 3 College Choices-Justin Delgado
  2. 2. • Avg GPA: 2.5• Avg SAT:– Critical Reading: 430-530– Math: 420-530– Writing: 430-530• Avg ACT:– ACT: 17-23
  3. 3. Cal State University Channel Islands• Avg Financial Aid Package: $3,642• Tuition: $6,814 (In State) and $17,974 (OOS)• Most Popular Majors:– Business/Marketing– Psychology– Social Sciences
  4. 4. Cal State University Channel Islands• Interesting Majors:1. Computer Science2. Minor: Computer Game Design & DevelopmentLocation: Camarillo, CACommuter CampusRural/Small CityPopulation: 4,920– Pros: Small Size Cons: None.
  5. 5. Cal State University Channel Islands• Mascot: Dolphin• Sports: Men’s & Women’s– Club Basketball, Volleyball & Soccer
  6. 6. • Avg GPA: 3.75 and above• Avg SAT:– Critical Reading: 540 – 660– Math: 570 – 690– Writing: 560 -670Avg ACT:– Composite: 24-29
  7. 7. University of California: Santa Barbara• Avg Financial Aid Package: $23,506• Tuition: $13,671 (in state), $36,549 (OOS)• Most Popular Majors:– Social Science– Business/Marketing– Interdiscplinary Studies
  8. 8. University of California: Santa Barbara• Interesting Majors:– Mechanical Engineering– General Computer Sciences• Location: Santa Barbara, CA• Small City/Suburban• Primarily residential• Size: 18,997 Undergrad.• Pros: Connections & Location Cons: Size!
  9. 9. University of California: Santa Barbara• Mascot: Gaucho• Sports:– Men’s: Baseball, Basketball, X-Country, Golf,Gymnastics, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field,Volleyball and Water Polo– Women’s: Basketball, X-Country, Gymnastics,Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field,Volleyball and Water Polo
  10. 10. Cal Poly SLO• Avg GPA: 3.75+• Avg SAT and ACT:– 540-650 Critical Reading– 580-680 Math– 25-30 ACT Composite
  11. 11. Cal Poly SLO• Average Financial Aid Package: $9,543• Tuition Cost: $8,958• Most Popular Majors:– Engineering– Business/Marketing– Agriculture
  12. 12. Cal Poly SLO• Interesting Majors:– Dairy Science– Computer Science– General Music• Location: San Luis Obispo, CA• Size: 17,680 Undergrads• Pros: Great science programs Cons: SIZE!!!
  13. 13. Cal Poly SLO• Mascot: Mustangs• Sports:• Men’s: Baseball, Basketball, X-Country,Football, Golf, Soccer, Swim, Tennis, Track,Wrestling• Women’s: Basketball, X-Country, Golf, Soccer,Softball, Swim, Tennis, Track, Volleyball
  14. 14. Similarities & Differences• Similar:– Cal Poly and UCSB are somewhat large colleges– Science Programs strong in all 3• Different:– Size of all 3 are incomparable– Location
  15. 15. Deciding Colleges• I’ve visited all three colleges with AVID• I’ve enjoyed these the most out of thecolleges I’ve seen• The campuses either caught my attention or Icould see myself going there
  16. 16. Likes and Dislikes• Like:– CSUCI: Size, location, campus– UCSB: Location, campus, close to home, surroundings– Cal Poly: Location, Campus, close to home,surroundings• Dislikes:– CSUCI: Size (maybe too small)– UCSB: Size, Isla Vista– Cal Poly: Hazing, Indigenous Frat Life
  17. 17. Interest Changes• Overall:– I’d have to say no because I’ve had my eyes set onthese colleges for a while. Cost isn’t problem inmy eyes because of scholarships, loans, etc.