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Abbey UCLA vs. Azusa Pacific


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Published in: Education
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Abbey UCLA vs. Azusa Pacific

  1. 1. Time For College By: Abbey
  2. 2. UCLA Campus life Very large campus Values- Diversity, volunteerism ,True Bruin ,and sustainability. Housing and Dinning- Dinning and housing services Health and safety- student health services, counseling ,and Disability Services
  3. 3. FACTS TO KNOW Many sports- Foot ball, soccer, Track and field, and swimming. Clubs- Student groups, Greek Life, Campus events, and stores and restaurants. They don’t like USC A student’s Financial Need is calculated as the difference between Cost of Education and Expected family Contribution.
  4. 4. Continued… You can get you Masters or Doctorial Degree in any studies provided at UCLA. Very high SAT Scores Take as many AP. Classes as possible and take SAT and the ACT tests ( have to be high) 3.7 GPA in State. 4.2 GPA out of state.
  5. 5. Pictures
  6. 6. History Founded in 1881 was originally referred to as the California State Normal Schools Los Angeles branch. In 1919, the name changed to UCLA because it was known as a University. The first mascot came from a little fuzy dog named Rags that was wondering the garden of UCLA. Then later UCLA adopted a Cub to be their new mascot.
  7. 7. Azusa Pacific University Christian school/located in San Gabriel Valley. APU is committed to excellence in higher education. Offering over 80 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. APU has been recognized as one of U.S.News & World Reports Best Colleges for seven years running.
  8. 8. FACTS TO KNOW 89% of undergraduates has financial Aid. Student loans $33,398,453 Federal $8,055,879 State $9,222,489 Athletics- baseball, Track, soccer, swimming/ Dive, Football and more.. with a 3.0 GPA or higher qualify for university graduate admission.
  9. 9. More Info… Freshman Admission Profile (Class of 2015) Number Applied 8,187 Number Entering (first time, full time) 1,184 Average high school GPA 3.637 Average combined SAT score 1,105 National SAT average score (2011) 1,011 Freshman retention (fall 2010-11) 87.5%
  10. 10. APU Life Student life- Ministry, Games, hanging with friends, Theater, Opera and Chapel. Student Services- book store, Housing services, computer store and International services. Career Planning- Christian leadership, vocational services and career services.
  11. 11. Pictures
  12. 12. History Founded 1899/first Bible college founded on the West Coast. In 1939, the Training School became Pacific Bible College and offered four-year degrees. Azusa Pacific University still serves as a Christian university committed to God First and in high education. The institution offers more than 53 undergraduate majors, 37 master’s degrees, 7 doctoral programs, more than 9,200 students attend this college.
  13. 13. Difference’s GPA requirements Different mascot (state the obvious) One founded before the other. APU more religious than UCLA.
  14. 14. Similarities Both big schools Located in LA Different Races High academics in these two colleges. Great Athletics
  15. 15. Mascots
  16. 16. Why I choose These Colleges ! I choose APU because my brother and my sister in-law had attended there for four years. Also it is a Christian school. I choose UCLA because I had visted there twice. Also because the have many great things to do there. (sports ,different majors)
  17. 17. Sources /