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  1. 1. Operating Systems, ComputingNetwork & Presentation ofInformation
  3. 3. System InformationSystem Informationshows details about yourcomputers hardwareconfiguration, computercomponents, and software,including drivers.Open SystemInformationby clicking Start button » All Programs » Accessories» SystemTools » SystemInformation
  4. 4.  Security CenterWindows Security Center canhelp enhance your computerssecurity by checking the status ofseveral security essentials on yourcomputer.If Windows detectsa problemwith anyof these security essential, it displays anotification and you get informationabout how to fix the problem.If Windows detects a problem with any of these security essentials (for example, if your antivirus program is out of date), Security Center displays a notification and places a SecurityOpen System Informationby clicking Start button » All Programs » Accessories»SystemTools »
  5. 5. System RestoreSystem Restore uses restore points toreturn your system files and settings toan earlier point in time, withoutaffecting personal files.Open SystemRestore by clicking the Start button » clicking All Programs »Accessories » SystemTools » SystemRestoreSometimes, the installation of a program cancause an unexpectedchange to yourcomputerso, you can try restoring yourcomputers system to fix the problem
  6. 6. Character MapStart » Programs » Accessories » SystemTools »Character Map.Charmap is used to input orcheck out characters ofdifferent encodings andfonts installed on yoursystem.You use the CharacterMap to insertmeaningful charactersto the folder(or file) names.
  7. 7. Disk DefragmenterDisk Defragmenterconsolidates fragmentedfiles and folders on yourcomputers hard disk.As a result, your systemcan gain access to yourfiles and folders and savenew ones more efficientlyStart » Programs » Accessories » SystemTools » Disk DefragmenterDefragmenting can significantlyincrease the speed of file loading.
  8. 8. COMPUTER NETWORK:Components of networkhardwareAll networks are made up of basic hardware building blocks tointerconnect network nodes, such as Network Interface Cards(NICs), Repeaters, Hubs, cables and Routers.
  9. 9. Network CardA network card, network adapteror NIC,is a piece of computer hardwaredesigned to allow computers tocommunicate over a computernetwork.It allows users to connect toeach other by using cables orwireless.
  10. 10. Cables & connectors Twisted pair usinga RJ45 connector Coaxial cable Optical cables
  11. 11. Repeaters and HubsA repeater is an electronic devicethat receives a network signal,cleans it of unnecessary noise, andregenerates it. The signalis retransmitted at a higher powerlevel, so that the signal can coverlonger distances withoutdegradationA repeater with multiple ports isknown as a hub. .Image of a hub
  12. 12. RouterA hardware devicedesigned to takeincoming packets,analyzing the packets andthen directing them to theappropriate locations
  14. 14. Network softwaresettings and protocols Name and workgroupClicking on “myPC” with thesecond button ofthe mouse,access toproperties.
  15. 15. If we click in computername tab, we can find thedetails about thecomputer´s description,name and workgroupClicking in workgroup and change, we can findthis boxSO, in the box highlighted you canput a new name
  16. 16.  IP address and other informationStep by step:1. Click on controlpanel2. Select network connections3. Select “Local area connection”and click onproperties4. A new Windows appear. Select InternetProtocol(TCP/IP). Click on Properties.5. You can now key in the IP address,Subnet mask, Default gateway and DNSservers.The boxes would appear in blank, so take theNumbers following the same steps in the Spanishversion of windows. Copy all the numbers exceptthe last box of IP adrees
  17. 17. MSDOS COMMANDS PingIt is a utility used to verify if a network data packet is capable of being distributedto an address without errors.Allows you to ping anothercomputerwhere the xs are locatedare whereyou would place the IP address of the computeryou are attemptingto ping
  18. 18. If this is not able to complete, this should relay back anunsuccessful message.If we write “ping” and a wrong IP adress, this box would appear witha "timed out" error instead of a reply. It means there is a breakdownsomewhere between your computerand the domain
  19. 19.  IpconfigThis command can be utilized to verify a network connectionas well as to verifyyour network settings.You can get all local network information for your computerwriting“ipconfig” in the Command Prompt
  20. 20. When I start my computer up I always find a bluestar and a message from Microsoft "WindowsGenuine Advantage" to buy the WindowsOriginal aslong as mine, like many users’, is not, or at least I donot remember having bought. Let me know how Ican delete the notice and how I can prevent myselffrom getting it again.SECURITY PROBLEMSProblem 1:
  21. 21. Answer:Windows GenuineAdvantage notifications occur when your computerhasnt passedthe validation test.The validation test can be failed because you installed a pirated non-genuinecopy ofXP, or because you have changed your XP productkey to a software-generated key,or sometimes it just happensfor no reason at all.If you are being constantlynagged by Microsoft to validate your Windows license,you have the option of purchasing a genuine copy of Windows XP or resolving theproblemlater. However, there is actuallya way of disabling the message by editingyour registry.So, if you want to remove thoseannoying notifications, you can follow one of these5 methods that you can find in this website:
  22. 22.  PROBLEM 2:The antivirus detects an infection (Internetworm) win32/boberog.AQ in workingmemory. It seems my antivirus detects itbut cannot solve the problem.
  23. 23. AnswerWin32.Boberog.AQ is one of the Windows illegal malicious programs which mayoccupy system resources and slow down computers.You can find more information about this kind of worn in this website: worm can open your email address book and despatch one cloneeach to eachof the addresses listed…Here you have more information about how worns spread:, now to remove it, you can do it manually or instantlyfollowing the steps givenin this website: if you feel incapable to do that… I´ll recommend you to visit an expert incomputersso this problema won´t appearin the future any more.