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Tic parcial n° 3


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This is mi 3rd mid term

  • muy lindo tu trabajo Virginia! mucha creatividad! :)
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Tic parcial n° 3

  3. 3. Note: The form of the verb is usually the same as the baseform, but the third person singular adds -s. Some verbschange, like to be, which uses am, are and is, and tohave, where the third person is has. The auxiliary verbto do is used in a negative structure or a question:Do you like tea?Does she live nearby?I dont like them.She doesnt go to the theatre very often. The third person returns to the base form when doesor doesnt are used.
  5. 5. TIME
  6. 6.  Complete the chart about you. Write sentences.Always= OOOO Usually= OOO Often=OO Sometimes= O Never= X coffee tea eggs Ice fruit pizza Hot cream dog morning afternoon evening Example: I sometimes drink coffee in the afternoon. 1. I …. 2. I… 3. I… 4. I… 5. I…
  7. 7.  Look at Peter´s daily diet. Complete the sentences.Always= OOOO Usually= OOO Often=OO Sometimes= O Never= X coffee tea eggs Ice fruit pizza Hot dog creammorning OOOO O Xafternoon OOO OOO X Oevening X X OO OOO Example: Peter always drinks coffee in the morning. 1. Peter………. drinks tea in the afternoon. 2. Peter……….eats pizza in the evening. Does Peter eat a healthy diet? 3. Peter……….eats hot dog in the afternoon. 4. Peter……….drinks coffee in the evening. YES,HE NO,HE 5. Peter……….eats ice cream in the afternoon. DOES DOESN´T 6. Peter ……….eats fruit. 7. Peter ……….eats eggs in the morning. 8. Peter……….eats hot dog in the evening.
  8. 8.  Read the special short forms for text messages and write the text conversation in correct English. C= see R= are T= tea U= you 2= to @= at 4= for WOT= what L8R= later WANNA= want to 2MORO= tomorrow
  9. 9.  Read the following texts and answer the questions: Karen: I get up at half past ten. I don´t have breakfast. I phone my friends in the morning and I do my homework. I go to the shopping center at half past eleven.
  10. 10. MORNING ROUTINE Now, do your morning routine using Movie Maker program.
  11. 11.  Click the link and do the activity.  Watch the following pages and do the activities
  12. 12. Comments about the project :I like so much this experience, I think that it is a very usefultool (create a blog) because there I can practice about myfuture classes. Some days I had problems with internetbecause it functioned bad! , but in general the experience isso good.It was a very attractive project of giving us this space tocreate our productions and symbolize different topics in away we liked .In conclusion I feel very happy with this experience becauseI never work for example with blogs and I discovered thatit is a very practice ,funny and important tool for my andfor my future students.