Introducing Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia


Published on : Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia Website
This presentation introduces Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia website. The website was created after researching and understanding the impact of virgin coconut oil on a wide range of health conditions. It is built to share information on virgin coconut oil and virgin coconut oil benefits.
The Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia website is not a government website or a government body. It is created by Jonas Lee who has a strong desire to share information that can benefit people and their health. Jonas has been in the health industry for more than a decade. His effort has always focused on health substances that support the body’s functional capacity. This is what we called functional food or functional nutrients.
The Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia website will also reflect some of his experience and opinions he has accumulated from his years of working in the health industry. In this way, the information you read on his website will contain practical advice other than knowledge.
He believes not all supplements are able to build long term health. That’s why some people who have been taking supplements for years and decades, yet ended up with chronic illnesses. As a result of these observations, he believes we need to find the answer to the critical question of what builds long lasting health.
Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia website will indirectly provide answer to the important question. He believes virgin coconut oil is one of those amazing substances which have the ability to rebuild the body. Most supplements only supplement what is lacking in the body. Some supplements have the ability to take things further by rebuilding the body’s functions.
The goodness of coconut oil has been defamed over the years by commercial propaganda with the ulterior motive to shift focus to other oils, particularly oils from developed countries. This insidious scheme had affected many countries which used to produce coconut. This includes Malaysia which had suffered losses from this historic misfortune.
Virgin coconut oil is not really a new discovery. It is an age old substance that has been used in ayurvedic medicine. However, virgin coconut oil was revived in recent decades due to the resurgence of some research. This revival started around the 1980s.
The public awareness on virgin coconut oil is growing but at a slow pace. The Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia can be considered one of the websites that will help increase people’s understanding of the amazing oil. One of the objectives of Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia is to provide information that makes changes to people’s health, provided people who have the information take action on what they have learned.

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Introducing Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia

  1. 1. IntroducingVirgin Coconut OilMalaysiaVirginCoconutOilMalaysia.comByVirgin Coconut Oil Malaysia
  2. 2. Why Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia ?Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• Outcome of exploring virgin coconutoil benefits and realizing howamazing this hidden gem has beenable to help so many people.• Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia is not agovernment body.
  3. 3. Why Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia ?Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia is a smalleffort created by an ordinary personwith an immense desire to share whathe understands about virgin coconut oil.• Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia is here toprovide life-changing information.
  4. 4. Why Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia ?Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• I am Jonas Lee• Strong interest in natural stuff that isbeneficial to health• I believe the key to long lasting healthis unpolluted food which providesfunctional ingredients to the body
  5. 5. Why Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia ?Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• Having been involved in the health foodindustry for more than 10 years, I doaccumulate my own paradigm of healthand health management• This does not mean I don’t fall sick.However, the progress and improvementare closer to what I believe it should be.
  6. 6. Why Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia ?Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• I’ve seen people who became critically illthough they have been taking healthsupplement for decades• This leads me to search for the answer to‘Why do people faithfully taking healthsupplements still fall sick? and very sick inmany cases!• Answer to the question lies the key to truehealth.
  7. 7. Why Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia ?Virgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• Not all supplements are created equal.• There are different levels of supplement !• Most supplements provide what the bodyneeds in terms of nutrients• Some supplements are targeting thefunctional components of the body• These supplements = functional food
  8. 8. Virgin Coconut Oil BenefitsVirgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• For a long time, coconut oil has beenlabelled as bad for health.• I believe this is the outcome ofcommercial propaganda to shift focusto other oil products• This has caused losses in the coconutindustry in Malaysia.
  9. 9. Virgin Coconut Oil BenefitsVirgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• I remember when I was growing up as achild back 40 some years ago, therewere relatively fewer types of cookingoil in the market• . As more and more oils were importedfrom developed countries + ‘bad oil’image, coconut oil lost its market shareto other oils.
  10. 10. Virgin Coconut Oil BenefitsVirgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• The movement of resurrectingcoconut oil began in the 1980s whenseveral researches on coconut oilwere dug out as the foundation forlater research studies on the oil• The public’s awareness on this newlyrevived oil has begun to spread albeitat a gradual pace
  11. 11. Virgin Coconut Oil BenefitsVirgin Coconut Oil Malaysia• I strongly believe people’s health can beturned around by incorporating virgincoconut oil into their daily dietary habit• That is one of the objectives of VirginCoconut Oil Malaysia• I sincerely hope Virgin Coconut OilMalaysia will still make a difference insomeone’s life.
  12. 12. IntroducingVirgin Coconut OilMalaysiaByVirgin Coconut Oil Malaysia