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Steve virgadamo – an expert and thought leader

Steve Virgadamo created a strategic vision for growth and supervised the staff of six development professionals. He planned and implemented an annual Diocesan Campaign which generated $5 million annually. He provided oversight to the implementation of increased offertory/ stewardship programs in 57 parishes. He also implemented a capital campaign to secure $50 million to renovate existing parishes and construct new parish campuses.

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Steve virgadamo – an expert and thought leader

  1. 1. Steve Virgadamo – An Expert and ThoughtLeader
  2. 2. Steve Virgadamo attended prestigious St. Francis College inBrooklyn, New York. The college was founded in 1859 andwas the first private school in the Roman Catholic Diocese ofBrooklyn. The college is ranked as one of the bestbaccalaureate colleges in the state of New York. He pursuedgraduate studies in Public Administration at Long IslandUniversity, Brooklyn, NY. The university aims to provideeffective and moderately priced education and is one of themost prominent universities in the area. He completed his PostGraduate work in Fundraising and Not for Profit Managementat the New School for Social Research, New York. StevenVirgadamo also attended the United States Air Force Academyin Colorado Springs, CO where he was prepared to serve as acombat ready officer. While he has left a life at mach 2 and thatof an officer behind, Steve Virgadamo can always be countedon to be a diplomat and a gentleman.
  3. 3. Steve Virgadamo established the foundation for theAdvancement of Catholic Schools in Hartford, CT beforejoining the Diocese of Wilmington as a Director ofDevelopment and Stewardship. Later on, he joined CatholicSchool Management, Inc. (CSM), Madison, CT as the VicePresident for Institutional Advancement. He providedstrategic vision to the firm and supervised various staffmembers retained to strengthen the advancement efforts andboard development of Catholic educational institutions withinthe United States and abroad. He, then, joined the Legion ofChrist, Inc., as a Chief Development Officer for NorthAmerican Territory.
  4. 4. Today, Steve Virgadamo is working as an Associate Director atUniversity of Notre Dame’s Alliance for Catholic Education(ACE). Steven Virgadamo believes that effective educationalreform can only come from effective and visionary leaders and inhis leadership role at ACE he works to provide teachers andadministrators with the vision, passion and skill sets to serve theeducation needs of children in Catholic Schools. He providesguidance to the teams of consultants and researchers working withclient schools to improve the Academic Excellence, BusinessOperations, Catholic Identity, Governance and EnrollmentManagement of all schools. He conducts assessments of schoolsand school systems to identify strategies that can increase theacademic excellence, mission effectiveness, and school viability.Most importantly, Steven Virgadamo believes that standards basedcurriculum and support for students are not mutually exclusiveand that both can be found in successful schools.
  5. 5. Steve Virgadamo is a talented and innovative executive who hasknowledge as well as skills in educational administration, strategicplanning, institutional advancement, and marketing. He is aneffective leader, problem solver, and motivational speaker. Hedelivers lectures, seminars and workshops on various educationadministration issues and other topics such as theology offundraising, at colleges, universities, or symposiums. SteveVirgadamo attended the United States Air Force Academy and isinternationally recognized as a facilitator of innovative solutionsto critical challenges. Steven Virgadamo is unquestionably notonly a thought leader In educational administration, strategicplanning and marketing but has proven himself repeatedly as aresults driven diplomat, with the ability to think strategically andimplement operationally.
  6. 6. ThanksSteve Virgadamo
  7. 7. ThanksSteve Virgadamo