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Inbizzol presentation

  1. 1. Be there now and be there for long !!!ECOMMERCE – OPPORTUNITIES
  2. 2. Introduction• Inbizzol is a word formed by taking initial few characters from the words – Internet Business Solutions.• It is founded by Viren Ghole, an eCommerce professional, whose short background is as follows, – A management graduate from Sydenham, Mumbai with specialization in marketing; – After 13 years of hardcore marketing and sales experience in FMCG got into eCommerce field. – Acquired the following skills required to be an effective eCommerce professional, • A course in “SEO & Internet Marketing” from IGNOU; • A course in “Web Designing” covering Photoshop, Illustartor, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS; • A course in “Web Programming” covering C, C++, PHP and MySQL; – Thus, a unique combination which helps in combining a vast sales & marketing experience in very competitive FMCG industry with a sound knowledge and overall skills in eCommerce.
  3. 3. Website Designing• Website designing is an art and a science as well. It requires a thorough understanding of the entire online setup. This understanding then translates into highly functional and very effective Websites;• Inbizzol undertakes the following types of Website Designing, – Brand Building Websites; – Celebrity Websites; – Content Websites; – eCommerce Websites; – Personal Websites; – Personal Blogs;
  4. 4. Internet Marketing• Internet Marketing is not so simple as it sounds. As one goes deeper, a realization occurs as to what wonders one can really do by using this tool effectively. At, inbizzol, we have an entire perspective of internet marketing.• It essentially comprises of paid and non-paid form of marketing;• It comprises of, – Search Engine Optimization (SEO); – Search Engine Marketing like, • Google Adwords; • Other Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns; – Affiliate Marketing; – Social Media Marketing (SMM);
  5. 5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)• Search Engine Optimization works the best with the best content and link building. It can be either on-page or off-page.• On Page SEO – Research involving industry and competition studies; then keyword research using various tools; – Title Tags; URLs; Meta Tags; Authorship Tags; Header Tags; Image Alt Tags; Content & Links containing important keywords; – Navigation and URL structure; – Sitemap – html as well as xml;• Off Page SEO – Directory Submissions; – Article Submissions; – Bookmarking; – Images / Videos Submissions; – Blogging; – Online PR - News & Updates; – Social Media;• This is a quick checklist and inbizzol follows a very systematic, analytical and disciplined approach to be effective in SEO and gets results in terms of good rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  6. 6. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)• SEM is a paid form of marketing. The major one is Google Adwords; – Google Adwords – Google has basically 2 types of ad units – text ads for search network and banner ads for content network; – Microsoft adCentre – is similar to Google but showing ads on Bing and its affiliate network;• At inbizzol, we give personal attention to every detail to maximize RoI of these campaigns.
  7. 7. Affiliate Marketing• Affiliate marketing is essentially taking benefit of the traffic on other websites who are willing to sell banner space on their websites;• Even Deals & Coupon Sites can also be considered in this domain;• Other Customer Loyalty Programmes run by Banks, Insuarnce Companies or by other retail & consumer brands.• Inbizzol has a very good network to get excelelnt affiliations. This can be very effectively used for getting traffic and even evoke trials.
  8. 8. Social Media Marketing• The main social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and now Google +;• Depending on the type of business one needs to focus on any one of the above 4 more than the rest;• For example, B2C Businesses can focus more on Facebook for brand engagement whereas B2B Businesses can focus more on Linkedin for generating leads.• Inbizzol understands the Business needs and plans social media strategy accordingly.
  9. 9. Content Writing• “Content is king”. A good content can win good rankings, traffic and leads for a website. It comprises of, – On Page Content – all, including meta tags, etc., on any website page; – Off Page Content – Content for articles and blogs as well as effective use of the existing images and videos; – Content for emailers and ad copies for various campaigns.• All of the above is very passionately done at inbizzol.
  10. 10. eCommerce Consultancy• Any help as regards to ecommerce is available at inbizzol. If one wants to initiate with ecommerce, we provide a complete turnkey project solutions involving, – Project report; – Website development; – eCommerce Department Setup; – Website Promotion;• All of the above is undertaken very professionally with time bound activities.
  11. 11. Ancillaries• At inbizzol, in order to provide enhanced customer service, we even provide other services like, – Domain name registration; – Website hosting plans;• Many other services are under development like, – Databases procurement assistance;
  12. 12. Inbizzol ValuesVision• To solve the nagging business problems in the most innovative yet simple ways.Mission• To create a knowledge centre from where businesses can draw the “solutions” most suited to their businesses.Philosophy• Humans are the greatest assets who can drive the technology in a direction best suited for the task at hand. So business knowledge with skills in learning and adopting the latest upcoming technologies should be the focus of an organization.Unique Selling Proposition• USP of Inbizol is its outstanding ability in understanding the online medium as a new channel of sales and marketing and to help all those who were so far selling and marketing their product and services in the offline world. Inbizol specializes in setting up entire Ecommerce departments. It draws its strength from Website Designing and Internet Marketing comprising search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and even excellent content development skills consisting SEO Copy Writing as well as general Content Writing. For the new start ups we can begin right from suggesting names and designing logos. Our deep understanding of consumer psyche and her purchase behavior helps in better designs, which ensure excellent user experience and finally better conversions.
  13. 13. Contact Person : Viren GholeMob. : 8655211725 / 9167041626URL : www.inbizzol.comFacebook - In - -!/inbizzolGoogle+ -… THANK YOU !!!