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Why mba


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Why mba

  1. 1. Dr. Trilok Sharma
  2. 2. Before you enter YOU will have to Face a very crucial question
  3. 3. "Why did you do MBA?".This question can be rephrased in manyways like-"What is the contribution of MBA in yourcareer?or something like-"What did you want to achieve by doingMBA?".and so on so far……
  4. 4. "Yes, Why MBA? is the most important question that MBAaspirants need to answer at various interviews. There is no"good answer".And the answer needs to be yourown answer.In other words, you need to think deeply, introspect andfind out what it is that really drives you, that reallysends a shiver of excitement down your spine when youthought of achieving it. It is only this excitement andthis drive that can convince the interview panel aboutyour answer rather than any manufactured answer byany faculty.“
  5. 5. Interestingly, it is not just about knowledge and answering thequestions but also leading to next question’ to the interview panel. "Anything you say opens the doors to new lines of questioning anddiscussion, so make sure you know where you are leading theinterview.So be careful about the gates you open, and be very sureyou have in-depth knowledge about whatever youmention.For example, if you say you have an avid interest inBadminton, be ready for questions pertaining to PrakashPadukone, Deepika Padukone, plastic shuttles v/s feathershuttles etc.
  6. 6. It is advisable to brush up 2-3 subjects from yourgraduation thoroughly if you are a student freshout of college.Also, contextual knowledge of the environmentaround you as well as "general knowledge" comesquite handy.", "Brush up on your area of specialization/subjects at graduation and MBA.
  7. 7. Answer to this question will be differentfor each individual
  8. 8. Why MBA?
  9. 9. 2: Work ExperienceThough its not mandatory to have work experience before you go foran MBA. I think it helps in understanding the larger perspective ofbusiness. Why does it exist and what are the goals and objectives ofthat business.I feel i understand in a much better way the reasons behind anorganizations existence. Working in an industry will give you theanswers to a lot of questions!All Working people, if you haven’t thought about thesequestions, start Thinking!!!
  10. 10. Why MBA?3: Take MBA as a tool to successMBA is not the reason which will guaranteesuccess in life. It depends totally on howyou use the knowledge while taking thosedecisions in life.Ultimately its what within you which willdecide whether you reach your goals or not!
  11. 11. Doing MBA for a career switch is definitely one of the most commonreasons.There are lot of people who do MBA when their goal is to become asocial worker. This is "their" definition of success.And also there are people who do MBA and land up running a schoolin a remote village!They are also successful!Why not anything else and only MBA?MBA helps to improve a lot of aspects of your personality, thoughtprocess….
  12. 12. Some people do MBA to growthemselves not professionally butpersonally!Though it is not a large numberbut the fact they do, definitelyadds another angle!
  13. 13. MBA degree is not guarantee to get higherpay and good job. But MBA is a Key to havethis opportunity and then depend onindividuals skills and intelligence thathow he use this MBA tool in itsbusiness, Job to utilize the resourcesavailable in the market .
  14. 14. If you are an entrepreneur, you can say-I chose to get an MBA in order to finish my formal education.I am an entrepreneur already but I wanted to learn as muchas possible about business formally in order to complementwhat I have learned informally.I know myself well enough to know that as long as I didnthave an advanced degree I would have it on a to-do list inmy mind.Why not get it out of the way now and benefit from thelearning upfront rather than looking back 15 years from nowand wishing I had learned some of this stuff earlier.
  15. 15. Why did you do MBA in Marketing/ Fin/HR?Positive AnswerThe competition to attract consumers to an ever-changingmarketplace has created a need for people with razor sharpmarketing/Fin/HR skills. An M.B.A. in marketing/Fin/HR is a bigboost for those who either want to break into this dynamic part ofbusiness or for those who are looking to progress into managerialroles or senior leadership
  16. 16. Academic AnswerThere is no such MBA. Universities dont grant MBA infinance, or MBA in marketing. They grant the degreeMaster in Business Administration. The MBA is a generaldegree preparing students for management positions inany level of a business, up to CEO.Many MBA programs offer concentrations in these andmany other fields, but that amounts to only 2-3 courses inyour chosen field in the second year of study.Many students avoid a concentration and take a variety ofelective subjects to gain a broader background.
  17. 17. Remember!You dont become a specialist in a field with 2-3 courses. It generally takes a year of concentrated study.
  18. 18. So "Why MBA?" Everyone needs to discoverthis for oneself, because your answers willprobably be different.For your enlightenment, I give you a few reasons to state:
  19. 19. Reason-1 AcademicsTo learn finance and accounting - to be able to speak the language ofbusiness. To gain an understanding of the "big picture" throughoperations, HR, Marketing, Org Behavior, etc.Reason-2 CareerTo add more value to my company through marketing. To step beyondmy normal mind and utilize my creativity with the challenge ofproduct/brand management.
  20. 20. Reason-3 PeopleTo increase my network with my classmates and alumni. To build lifelongfriendships and partnerships.Reason-4 New OpportunitiesTo open more doors with recruiters for greater job opportunities and growth. Toexplore new areas that may bring out other interests or lead me down anotherjob path - who knows?
  21. 21. Reason-5 Self ConfidenceTo train myself how to interact with a diverse pool ofindividuals and how to interview (and market myself)effectively under pressure.
  22. 22. Reason-6 Giving BackTo continue my social responsibility ofgiving back to my community - throughstudent clubs, as an alumni, etc.
  23. 23. Reason-7 RespectTo gain respect through the higher reputationand status that having an MBA brings.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION!
  25. 25. MBA is a Tool of enhancing the skills andabilities according to the new advancementin technology. MBA has taught us that weshouldnt stop after getting MBA degree.We should keep ourselves up to date withnew technology and advancement in ourchosen industry.
  27. 27. Now I will give you a most common and acceptableanswer to this most difficult question. Most of you canread it carefully, if it suits you make a note of it and useit in your interviews. But before that, do not forget that MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is a degree designed to give you the ability to develop your career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace. Aside from a powerful life experience, the MBA degree supplies three main value propositions: Skills, Network and Brand………….
  28. 28. Question: Why you decided to do the MBA?Answer: I decided to pursue the MBA degree, as I wanted to inculcate threemajor value propositions in my life. These are- Skills, Network and Brand.Question: Can you further elaborate?Answer: Why not sir?1. Skills:- These includes the “Hard Skills” ofFinance, Marketing, HR, Economics, Operations etc as well as the “Soft Skills”of Leadership, Teamwork, Ethics and Communication.These are quite critical for Effective Management of anyorganisation, Industry or Project.As an MBA student, I have acquired these skills inside and out side theclassroom. During the course, we have come across people from very diverseindustries and cultures…..our program was able to leverage these differencesand translated them into learning opportunities.
  29. 29. 2. Network:- As an MBA student, I had access to a networkof my fellow students, alumni, faculty and businesscommunity leaders. This network is certainly going toplay a vital role during my career in any company forbuilding business relationship and pursuing expertiseout side my current field.[If he asks HOW? You can give examples, like- Entrepreneurs need access tocapital, business partners, vendors and clients. Arts related businesses needaccess to funding and strategic management in order to position themselvesto be relevant in the marketplace. Global businesses need access to localbusiness cultures as they expand their enterprises to new territories.]
  30. 30. 3.Brand:- You will appreciate that the MBA degree is arecognised brand that signifies management andleadership training. I have pursued my MBA from India’sThird most popular University- “SMU”, so it definitelycarries a great Brand Value. Also, the college (IIMT) fromwhere I have completed the degree, has its own brandvalue in market for last 10 years.It has definitely provided me with technical skill andopportunities for personal growth and the reach of itsalumni and Industry network.
  31. 31. “Through the MBA degree, I have inculcated certainqualities of my personality and I can definitely say that Ihave developed a certain “skill set” which can bemeasured at a given scale of parameters. I have aconfidence now to deal with any given situation regardingthe field of my expertise.I am confident that I am going to become an asset toany organisation and not the liability………..