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How seeding can help charity events


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A presentation given by Lee Washington at The Event Managers Forum for charities. Please visit for more information

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How seeding can help charity events

  1. 2. Viral Seeding works with agencies to seed their content and websites online. Viral Seeding offers viral seeding, online PR and Digital Consulting to agencies and consumer brands.  
  2. 3. 25,931,460 UK members of Facebook 200 million tweets daily 3 billion daily views of youtube videos 3,000 images per minute uploaded to Flickr Smartphones and tablets adding to the effect  
  3. 4. The objective of seeding is to distribute content online by placing it within sites, message boards and communities frequented by the heaviest online users. Seeding is finding and approaching influential web and blog editors who will find the content interesting and engaging, so much so that they will want to share it with their visitors.
  4. 5. Endorsement from the blogger leads to a credible relationship with the reader Cost effective way of increasing views of your content that is targeted with inbound links created to drive traffic and increase SEO Monitoring of progress with up to date view count and coverage as the content spreads online Once content has been placed through seeding it will continue to receive views and engagement.
  5. 9. Create a Facebook event Engage your current fanbase Online listings Recruit people to take part Invite local bloggers to attend Consider creating a trailer for the event
  6. 10. Create content Real time updates from the event Encourage attendees to create content Encourage sharing on social networks
  7. 11. Seed content online Contact bloggers with event assets If the event is annual, include details of next year’s event
  8. 12. Keep videos short and snappy Make the most of nonprofit youtube channel facility Build lists of influential bloggers who will find your content interesting and relevant. Send campaigns and content to Osocio Organise events so as to create engaging content that people will want to share Tell stories through video and content
  9. 14. Viral Seeding Ltd 37 Lidfield Road London N16 9LX T: 07917084688 E: [email_address] W: Thanks!