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Small presentation on 3D Printing & Space

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. 3D Printing & Space SpaceUp India Bangalore 1st December, 2012 Viral Sachde Cycloid System
  2. 2. 3D Printing• Also called “Additive manufacturing”• Process of making solid object from digital design• Laying down one layer of material at time and doing it repetitively
  3. 3. Example Parts
  4. 4. Advantage of 3D Printing• Does not require any setup / mold• Typically, does not require any manual work• Builds part in minutes ! ! !• Clean technology (Less material waste)
  5. 5. Disadvantage• For higher qty (mass) production, manufacturing time per Part is realty high
  6. 6. Space• Typically, Space and related industry requires plenty of custom components on small quantity.
  7. 7. Examples• NASA Turns to 3D Printing for Self-Building Spacecraft [13 Sep, 2012]• 3D-Printing a Low-Cost Satellite [26 Nov, 2012]• Boeing Making Airplane Parts Using 3D Printing[14 July, 2012]
  8. 8. Cycloid System• At Cycloid System, we are developing our own 3D printers.• We provide 3D printing service using website.• C4L stands for Custom Components for Large Community
  9. 9. Thank you Viral Sachde Cycloid System +91 9739182449 Skype: viral_sachde Twitter: viralsachde