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3D Printing - BCB13


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Small talk about 3D Printing at Barcamp Bangalore 13's Techlash on 2nd March, 2013

Published in: Technology
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3D Printing - BCB13

  1. 1. 3D PrintingBarcamp Bangalore 13 2nd March, 2013 Viral Sachde @viralsachde
  2. 2. Basic● Additive manufacturing● Process of making solid object from digital design● Laying down one layer of material at time and doing it repetitively
  3. 3. Example Parts
  4. 4. Advantage of 3D Printing● Does not require any setup / mold● Typically, does not require any manual work● Builds part in minutes ! ! !● Clean technology (Less material waste)
  5. 5. Outrage Examples in Space● NASA Turns to 3D Printing for Self-Building Spacecraft [13 Sep, 2012]● 3D-Printing a Low-Cost Satellite [26 Nov, 2012]● Boeing Making Airplane Parts Using 3D Printing[14 July, 2012]
  6. 6. 3D Print your imagination● Community Site:● Custom Components for Large CommunityThank You . . . @c4ldotinViral Sachde @viralsachde