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Boost Your Campaigns with the Power of Social. ViralMint helps you add virality to any campaign in minutes, it helps you generate new fans and followers, improve conversion and engagement! ViralMint gets your customers to perform social actions in order to unlock coupon codes, thus making your campaigns go viral!

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ViralMint Social Commerce Product

  1. 1. campaigns made viral!
  2. 2. a social commerce product which helps youimprove conversion, increase sales andenable viral social reach for yourpromotional campaigns!
  3. 3. Typical Ads / Direct Mail Campaigns & Problems.Often Retailers mail out couponcodes or include them inbanner ads or FacebookUpdates thus resulting in someof the problems below:1) Low Visibility: Customers unable to share the coupon codes with any of their friends/followers.2) Exclusivity: Customers often ignore a promotion thinking its is yet another discount.3) Reach & Engagement: The promotions are not converting users to Facebook Fans nor help increase engagement. “Convert Your Email Subscribers into Facebook Fans”
  4. 4. The ProductViralMint hooks up withyour E-Commerce Storeand greets the user withthe Offer Popup whichpushes the user tocomplete the social actionto get the offer/promocode. Once the action iscomplete the couponcode is revealed and theuser can continue toshop!Each visitor who unlocks Various Social Actions like (page like, productthe offer spreads it like, offer share, pin, google+, tweet, follow aresocially! currently supported) “Boost Your Campaigns with the power of Social”
  5. 5. The Popup (Pre Unlock View)Users can also click “Just get me the offer” to reveal the coupon codewithout doing the social action or skip offer entirely!
  6. 6. The Popup (Post Unlock View)Users can click on continue to Shop to close the popup and resume theirshopping. You can also specify Google UTM codes to detect traffic comingin from the promotion!
  7. 7. Setup & IntegrationA super quick integration and your campaign should be up and running,just drop in a line of Javascript Code to enable your Campaign.You can also run it on a viralmint hosted page. No Integration Required.To Setup a ViralMint Campaign you would need the following- Offer Title/Description & Fine Print- Coupon Codes- Offer Promotion Image (400x400)PricingWe usually operate on a CPS based pricing, the margin varies usuallybetween 5-15%. Fixed Monthly pricing is also available upon request.
  8. 8. Benefits1) Higher redemption rate due to instant gratification.2) Creates a focused, time- sensitive, hard to miss offer. Users are highly incentivized to buy. No need to change your website.3) Coupon code distribution, limited quantity (deal over) etc. is handled automatically4) Built in virality. Exponentially growth in visibility and fans.5) Minimal effort required. Just upload the coupons and deal creative on ViralMint and promote it over email/Facebook/Twitter6) Ability to reward Top Referrers.7) Provision to include special newsletter signup option for traffic from Facebook/Twitter.
  9. 9. Activity & AnalyticsGet upto the minute RealTime analytics on buzz andperformance of yourcampaign. Watch your dealspread virally using ouractivity feed.Get Insights on- Impressions- Claims- Source- Facebook Basic User Data like Name/Photo/Gender/UID/ Location/IP- Top Influencers
  10. 10. Try it Now! To Setup a Demo with our Account Manger, Write to us at “Zero Integration. No Coding Required.”