Social Media and Business in a Mobile World


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Mobile technology allows us to be accessible virtually anywhere, even as we’re increasingly on-the-go. Learn why social media is a necessary piece to mobile marketing.

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Social Media and Business in a Mobile World

  1. 1. We are all increasingly on the go, spending more time away from home than ever before. Technological advances have made us accessible virtually anywhere we go. The advent and subsequent growth of the mobile industry has changed the way we do everything – from shopping to interacting with each other to the way we run our businesses. The advancements in the mobile industry have necessitated changes across all business plans – sales, advertising, marketing, etc. – so it’s important to ensure your mobile marketing tactics are up-to-date with the constant changes to the mobile market. Many business plans make the mistake of thinking that mobile marketing simply consists of taking out a mobile ad that users can see while browsing the web on their smartphones or tablets. Businesses should understand that social media is a major part of mobile marketing. Research from social media intelligence company Viralheat found some staggering data – 80% of time spent on Facebook and 96.5% of time spent on Twitter were through mobile apps while 52% of mobile smartphone users visit their social media accounts from their phones every day. Considering that smartphone users check social media accounts an average of 20 times per day, it’s no surprise that four out of five minutes on mobile devices is spent on consuming media via mobile apps. With targeted consumers so easily accessible, businesses should take advantage of the opportunity social media and mobile present. Social Media and Business in a Mobile World Twitter AccountPublishTwitter AccountSocial Media Tip: Keep in mind that majority of time spent on social media sites are through mobile apps Here are three simple, yet crucial things for businesses to understand in order to leverage the incredible opportunity in the mobile market. 1. People are constantly talking about you. Social media has proven to be a ripe stomping ground for conversation. Users are constantly updating, tweeting, sharing, and more with their online connections. Whether it’s expressing a particular want/need, broadcasting a negative experience, or lauding an exceptional product, businesses must monitor what is being said about them online. And because so many people access social media through mobile, it gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reach their consumers in real-time and start a conversation. These conversations can do many things – answer a question, offer a solution, resolve an issue, and much more. Note: The mobile industry makes consumers accessible virtually anywhere making social media a major part of mobile marketing. Tip: Listen up! People are constantly talking about your product or service. Are you listening?
  2. 2. How to reach us Email: Web: 2. People use their mobile phones in real-time to make purchase decisions. Word of mouth is now the most trusted form of advertisement and social platforms are a popular way for consumers to seek the opinions of their peers. Review sites like Yelp or Amazon reviews are often a deciding factor in whether or not an individual makes a purchase decision. Users will often ask their online audiences what they think of a particular product before purchasing or they will share their thoughts and opinions after a purchase. They will also often search for a particular product or service to see what kind of responses and sentiment are yielded surrounding that particular product. Businesses can leverage the real-time responses by reaching out to those who are talking about them online to do a number of things – give reasons why your product is worth checking out, offer users a solution, answer questions, etc. 3. Businesses can offer discounts through social media apps. Now that you know potential customers are not only talking about you but also looking into reviews about your product or service, take another step forward and entice them to give your product or service a try. Once you’ve identified a potential lead or customer, reach out to them to get the conversation going (remember that because consumers are constantly on social you can reach them in real-time during their purchasing window). Offer users a discount through direct interaction or set up offers through apps like Yelp or Foursquare – when users are searching for your product or one that is similar, a discount or deal can be the deciding factor in making a decision. Note: Take advantage of the amount of time users spend on their mobile devices. Offer discounts to entice a user to try your products. Tip: Mobile marketing allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. Reach out and interact! Tip: Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising today so monitor what people say about you online. The amount of time consumers spend on mobile social apps creates a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience in real-time. In a world where consumers are constantly online and readily accessible at any given moment, mobile marketing proves to be an important strategy in marketing and sales efforts. Remember that people are constantly talking about your business online to their audiences and peers so seize the opportunity to make some real-time connections and produce a greater ROI. About Viralheat: is the social media management and intelligence company that makes it easy for you to manage social and put it to work for your business. Trusted by more than 10,000 brands, Viralheat combines social media management and intelligence in a single platform encompassing account management, monitoring, engage- ment, and analytics. With its comprehensive platform and flexible pricing, Viralheat easily scales as your social programs and business needs evolve.