ROI & Social webinar with Craig Rosenberg & Jason Miller


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Listen to Topo Co-Founder Craig Rosenberg and LinkedIn Senior Manager of Content Marketing & Social present on social media, ROI, and how to leverage the emerging technology to increase leads and turn them into transactions.

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  • We’re making great strides toward our mission:LinkedIn has over 238 million members, and we’re now adding more than two members per second. This is the fastest rate of absolute member growth in the company’s history. Sixty-five percent of LinkedIn members are currently located outside of the United States.LinkedIn counts executives from all 2013 Fortune 500 companies as members; its corporate talent solutions are used by 90 of the Fortune 100 companies.More than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.LinkedIn members did over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on the platform in 2012.[See for a complete list of LinkedIn facts and stats]
  • Mention short forms and progressive profiling
  • See customer preso
  • Mention short forms and progressive profiling
  • “For every one self-serving tweet, you should re-tweet one relevant tweet and most importantly share four pieces of relevant content written by others.”
  • Old becoming new again. Content that others may still find valuable. Well, no one told Vegas, or the band.
  • There is a famous quote from the father of advertising, David Ogilvy that says, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” I think this statement holds true today, but with the insertion of a visual element as the new headline
  • We are all visual thinkers. 75 percent of the sensory neurons in our brains process visual information. As prospects and customers continue to be bombarded with information in the form of pure text such as whitepapers and blogs, it can be difficult to differentiate your content from the competition. Visual content can help. Visual language aids in decision making, is more persuasive, and makes a better, longer overall impression than simple text
  • Showcasing expertise by publishing to Slideshare.
  • 18K views on Slideshare alone, not counting the other places. Slideshare introduced new optimized viewing for Infographics.
  • Keywords in your titles and descriptions.
  • #1 for Inbound Marketing from one presentation.
  • Embedable into landing pages, blogs, renders perfectly in Twitter.
  • ROI & Social webinar with Craig Rosenberg & Jason Miller

    1. 1. Welcome to Driving Social ROI with an Integrated Marketing Approach with Craig Rosenberg CEO & Co-Founder TOPO Jason Miller Sr Manager Content Marketing & Social LinkedIn Hosted by
    2. 2. About the Presenters Viralheat is the social media marketing suite that makes it easy for you to manage social and put it to work for your business. Trusted by more than 25,000 brands, Viralheat combines social media management and intelligence in a single platform encompassing account management, monitoring, engagement, analytics, and more. Craig Rosenberg is the Co-founder of TOPO, a research, advisory, and consulting firm that helps sales and marketing organizations design and deliver great buying experiences. He is also author of the B2B marketing blog, Jason Miller is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Linkedin where he leads the content marketing and social efforts for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. He contributes to multiple marketing blogs and authored ‘The Social Media Tactical Plan’.
    3. 3. In this webinar you will learn: • How to map your content to buyer experience. • How to measure your efforts to drive optimal results • How to integrate social into all of your marketing experiences. • How social + marketing automation will make your marketing efforts more effective • And much more!
    4. 4. Truly understand the buyer Buyer Demographics 1. Who are you personally (married, children, etc)? 2. What’s your background and career path? 3. How long have you been at your current job? 4. What industry is your company in? 5. How many employees does your company have? Buyer Role 6. What is your role in the organization? 7. What is your title? 8. What are your responsibilities? 9. What skills do you possess? 10. Who are you accountable to? 11. What does your team look like? Buyer Psychology 12. What are you most excited about at work? 13. What are your main opportunities (biggest)? 14. What are your main challenges (biggest)? 15. Do you like to make things happen? 16. What motivates you to make something happen? 17. What defines success in your role? 18. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about work? Day in the Life 19. What does a typical day look like? 20. How would you describe your work environment? 21. What obstacles do you commonly encounter? 22. Who do you interact with the most? 23. What’s your preferred mode of communication? 24. What tools do you use at work? 25. How do you gather information to make decisions? Purchasing Decisions 26. How would you describe the way you buy products? 27. What are the major phases of a purchasing process? 28. What’s an example of a purchase you recently made? 29. Who is responsible for purchasing decisions? 30. Who influences purchasing decisions? 31. What causes you to begin a purchasing process? 32. What criteria do you use to evaluate products? 33. What causes you to purchase a product? 34. What causes you to purchase one product over another? 35. Is product, price, or service more important? 36. How long does it take to make a purchase? 37. What information is valuable to you during a purchase? 38. How do you prefer to consume that information? 39. How do you prefer to interact with vendors? 40. How can vendors help you the most? © 2013 TOPO
    5. 5. Buyer Persona Day in the Life 15 minute morning scrum 30% of day spent working in MailChimp 40% on creative and copywriting 20% on metrics and reporting Some meetings, but not overwhelming Hates the phone; likes email, web collaboration Demographics Ben O’Brien, Director of Email Marketing 26 year old hipster with attitude Apple, MailChimp, HackerNews Fanboy 125 employee high growth internet company Buyer Role Focused on email marketing Part of product development team New user acquisition Customer retention/engagement User experience is critical Metrics: new users/month, time in application Purchasing Decision-maker for all things email Recently bought email analytics tool Likes to purchase things the cool kids are using Peer input is key to purchasing decisions Won’t buy anything with bad UX Price must fit into user economics Inherently suspicious of vendors Doesn’t like salespeople Prefers to self-service when purchasing Likes to buy from startups Psychology Likes to make things happen – go getter But feels under-appreciated Believes that email is biggest upside at business Really should be part of marketing team Obeys the metrics © 2013 TOPO
    6. 6. Map the buying experience 1 Next Step Requirement Potential Roadblock Can I show CEO that the software and price just work? Buyer decides to purchase Enters credit card info Buyer becomes customer No other trials Takes call/email from sales Able to satisfy core use case Takes 2nd call from sales Does it satisfy my core requirements and is it easy? Make Decision/Purchase Internal meeting on final decision Engage Vendor(s) Visits leading vendor’s site Signs up for trial Just needs it to work Starts using trial Focuses on ease of use Develops vendor shortlist Creates vendor evaluation plan Core features identified Gathers pricing data Two person workflow is issue How do I make this really easy on my business? New employee needs to solve Collects basic info using Google Talks to peers – values this Understand Requirements/ Options What do I do now that I have two people in support? Workload growing fast Buyer Activity How do I keep my customers happy when I’m growing? 1 person support org Using Gmail/Google Docs Key Question Identify Problem/Opportu nity Status Quo Number of tickets growing 2 people now working support New employee not self-sufficient Buyer Stage 27 Workload requires more than 1 person to support process Complexity high enough to require real application Understands core use cases and leading vendors Actual use of trial, as opposed to just signup CEO must approve decision and provide credit card Business not growing enough to justify next step Buyer doesn’t realize general benefits of SaaS Can’t understand basic need and requirements Able to signup for trial, but too challenging to use CEO vetoes decision at last minute because of TCO issue © 2013 TOPO
    7. 7. Map content to the buying experience Status Quo Persona #1 Persona #2 • Changing Buyer • Content Selling 101 • Executive’ s guide to Content Selling • 10 Habits of Top Sales Leaders Identify Problem/Opportu nity Understand Requirements/ Options Engage Vendor(s) Make Decision/Purchase Content mapping happens here
    8. 8. Build content around real buyer issues or questions Awareness Issue/Question Why do I need this product? Messaging Soundbyte(s) “Buyers prefer to consume content then listen to a sales person” “Legacy selling approaches are not as effective today? Sales Play Focus on the problem Understand current environment Deliver “Changing Buyer” preso Send Ultimate Guide to Content Selling Content The Changing Buyer (Preso) The Ultimate Guide to Content Selling (Preso) Prospect advances when They identify there is a problem
    9. 9. Marketing Solutions 5 Tactics to Integrate Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy Jason Miller, Sr. Content Marketing Manager @JasonMillerCA @LinkedInMktg @LinkedIn @SlideShare
    10. 10. The world’s largest professional network 1 238M+ 1 90% Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn Talent Solutions to hire Members Worldwide Growing at more than two members per second 2 >3M Company Pages 1 As of Aug 1, 2013 2 As of June 27, 2013
    11. 11. Your Philosophical Approach to Social is Killing Me
    12. 12. 70% of the Buying Cycle is Already Complete Before a Prospect is Ready to Talk to Sales.
    13. 13. You Better Have Content that Answers Their Questions.
    14. 14. ROI of Social is No Longer a Mystery
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. Social Media Leads Do Not Come in a Box 16
    17. 17. All Leads are NOT Created Equal 17
    18. 18. But, Social Leads are NOT Ready to Buy
    19. 19. You Would Have Better Luck Finding…..
    20. 20. Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown
    21. 21. The Seventeen Thousand Dollar Social Media Post First Touch Attribution
    22. 22. Website Landing Pages Online Ads Email Social Profiles Social Lift Social Lift Social Lift Social Lift Social Lift Social Lift Reach & Engagement Making Every Campaign Social Events Slide Courtesy of Marketo
    23. 23. Essentials for Success Inbound is not Enough 4-1-1 Rule Content is still king Advocates Go Visual
    24. 24. Inbound + Outbound = Awesomeness
    25. 25. Organic is Good, Paid is Better
    26. 26. The Holy Grail of Social Media Advertising
    27. 27. • LinkedIn drove 400% more qualified leads than any other paid lead generation platform during the campaign period. • As a result of the brand exposure in the LinkedIn feed, research confirmed that U.S. marketing executives were 50% more likely to agree that Adobe can “shape the future of digital marketing.” 27
    28. 28. Content is STILL King 29
    29. 29. Content Fuels Social….So ……….Repurpose, Repurpose, then Repurpose Some More
    30. 30. Washed Up? Who Says So? There’s Always Room for a New Audience. 31
    31. 31. Social Signals Influence Google
    32. 32. Claim Your Content with Google Authorship:
    33. 33. Leverage Your Employees & Advocates
    34. 34. The Visual is the New Headline 35
    35. 35. We are all Visual Thinkers….. 75% of the Sensory Neurons in our Brains Process Visual Information 36
    36. 36. Meet the Experts 37
    37. 37. Gets it 38
    38. 38. The Infographic is not Dead. Claiming that Something is Dead, is. 39
    39. 39. Hell Yes! - First Page Results 40
    40. 40. SlideShare is also a Search Engine 41
    41. 41. Integrate Your Presentations Across Multiple Channels SlideShare Easily Embeds into Landing Pages, Blogs, and Renders Beautifully in Twitter. 42
    42. 42. Bonus Lightning Round 43
    43. 43. You May Ask Yourself, Why Didn’t I Think of That? 44
    44. 44. Promoting Your Event? Check….. 45
    45. 45. A Coupon Code Inside Your Slidedeck? I’ll Take It! 46
    46. 46. A Visual Journey of FAQs? Genius. 47
    47. 47. Clickable Links Inside your SlideShare Deck, Boom! 48
    48. 48. How do you know if your social strategy is working? Increased referral traffic Social Engagement Higher quality leads
    49. 49. Questions?
    50. 50. Thank You! Contact us at: @viralheat @funnelholic @JasonMillerCA