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  1. 1. TELEPHONE ETIQUETTES Ms. Shilpa Dharmadhikari The M S University of Baroda
  2. 2. Why are Telephone Etiquettesimportant in Global Scenario ? For Multinational Companies BPO’s Studying or working abroad Working in Real & Virtual Teams Minimizing intercultural Barriers
  3. 3. White Collared JOBs  Receptionist  Hotel Industry  Airlines  Tele-callers  Business Executives
  4. 4. What are TelephoneEtiquettes? Guidelines which control the way a responsible individual should behave in the society. Telephone Etiquettes refer to the ways an individual should speak on the phone. An individual needs to follow a set of rules and regulations while interacting with other person over the phone.
  5. 5. ParalinguisticElements Correct Pronunciation Voice Modulation Tone, Accent Articulation, Pauses Pitch/Volume, Frequency Influence of Mother Tongue
  6. 6. Courtesy / YOU ATTITUDEWhen you talk on the phone remember:  Check your voice quality  Express yourself clearly & concisely  Be polite & use a respectful tone
  7. 7.  Never shout on the phone and never be aggressive
  8. 8. Tips for Creating Good Image Use basic phrases of courtesy – May I help you ? Please. Use standard accepted business phrases. Avoid slang – “uh, yeah, dude Do not chew gum. Do not slam the phone or cut off abruptly. Keep your promises. Smile while speaking. People can hear a smile over the phone !
  9. 9. Announce Your IdentityHello, This is Rakesh Shah.Hello, Bharati Naik here.My name is Paresh Gohil.Can I help you ?Good morning. It’s Bijal Bhatt here.Marketing Services PLC. Good Afternoon.
  10. 10. HOLD THE LINE Could you put me through Radhika, please ? Would you hold on please. I ‘d like to speak to Mayur, please. Yes, please hold on I will put you through Could you give me the number of his direct line, please. Yes, I’ll try to transfer you Oh ! Isn’t that International Computers ? I think you must have got the wrong number. What number have you got ?
  11. 11. CONNECTING TO ANEXTENSION Could you put me through to Jitu Parekh, please? Yes, please hold on I will put you through. I’d like to speak to Alpesh Mistry, please. Yes, please hold the line. Sorry to keep you waiting.
  12. 12. Making and Handlingcomplaints I’m calling to register a complaint. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but can you let me know something more about this complaint. I’m not satisfied with the service. Sorry, it’s obviously a major mistake. We will make it top priority.
  13. 13. Calling Off I’ll get back to you soon. Thanks for calling. Thank you very much. Goodbye. We’ll be in touch about it soon. Goodbye. OK. Bye. Bye.
  14. 14.  Speaking Skills are Equally Important as Listening Skills SENSITIVE LISTENING +ACTIVE LISTENING Prove to be Effective in Telephonic Communication
  15. 15. Choose the best Responses 1) Who’s speaking ? I am called Mahesh Baria My name is Mahesh Baria. Mahesh Baria is speaking. 2) Could I speak to Ashok Joshi, please ? a) Who’s calling ? b) Who are you ? c) What’s your name ?
  16. 16. SUMMING UP A good combination of appropriate speaking skills with the effective use of Paralanguage is required for successful telephonic communication.
  17. 17. References Telephoning in English –Jean Naterop, Rod Revell Business Communication: Basic Skills and Practices – Dr. J.P. Parikh Dr. Anshu Surve Ms. E.Swarnabharati
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