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Online Education Club


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Online Education Club is a social enterprise dedicated to making world-class education accessible in Azerbaijan. We believe every person has the right to have the same quality education wherever they live in the world. We utilize the second wave of open, online course ware (MOOCs) to create a learning community that will empower individuals in Azerbaijan to think differently and pursue their dreams.

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Online Education Club

  1. 1. Online Education Club Azerbaijan Accessible online education Vitaly Radsky
  2. 2. Online Education Club  We believe every person has the right to have the same quality education wherever they live in the world.  We utilize the second wave of open, online courseware to create a learning community that will bring free, international education to Azerbaijan.
  3. 3. Online Education Club OEC brings online education to non-native English speakers in the developing world. Online Education Club solves the biggest problem with online education’s capability to educate the world: Despite its low costs, few can access it because of lower educational standards and English skills.
  4. 4. Traditional Online Learning Model Individual learning in pursuit of a degree or certification
  5. 5. Alternate Model: Open Courseware  MIT, University of Michigan, Princeton, Yale  No degree or certification
  6. 6. 2011: The New Wave of Online Education M- Massive O- Open O- Online C- Courses  Canvas Network--
  7. 7. The New MOOC Model A network of learners centered around a free and open online course.
  8. 8. Problem: Online education isn’t accessible
  9. 9. The Online Education Club Model Class Facilitator Certificate
  10. 10. So how does OEC help?  Adds tutors to free online classes from Coursera, Udacity, and Edx.  Builds an in-person learning community Community Language  Class Leaders  Discussion  Study Assistance  Leadership and organization Education
  11. 11.  We have to get our hands dirty. Not everything can be solved by start-ups sitting in San Francisco and Cambridge, MA. For education to be successful, students, no matter the age, need guidance. It is not enough to say here is a great resource, good luck!
  12. 12. A look ahead:  Network of tutors that can basically cover every class offered.  Huge expansion in variety of online education– soon classes on journalism, media, management will become available  Expansion across Azerbaijan  Certificates  Online portal  Grading services  Translations into Azeri
  13. 13. 4 Business Models
  14. 14. Universities agree to credit sharing for OEC classes University Model 1: University University 2 Universities provide professors and 1enrolled students Revenue Strategy Universities provide funding University 3 OEC Professors and enrolled students University Organizatio n, tutors, central platform 4
  15. 15. Model 2: Going Abroad (Elite) FLEX Exchange programs set requirements for # of classes and grades UGRAD SUSI OEC Abroad Educati on Fulbright Erasmus Mundus DAAD Exchange programs provide students Revenue Strategy Donors (U.S. State Dept, Erasmus Mundus, DAAD) provide funding
  16. 16. Model 3: Open Students •OEC • Certification through longterm commitment (series of 2 or 4 classes) Professionals Revenue Strategy Extra student services– hand-grade exams, certificates, job placement (principle that classes should be free but additional services for a charge– same that is being pursued by Coursera and other MOOC providers right now)
  17. 17. Model 4: Corporate Training Business OEC NGOs Government Revenue– Company, NGO, Govt. trainings through classes
  18. 18. Thank You