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I'm a super hero icebreaker


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Society for Technical Communication Washington DC Baltimore Chapter wants to know what kind of superhero you are. We want to know what your super powers are. We want to know how the Chapter can help you acquire minions and join our Justice League of Technical Communication.

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I'm a super hero icebreaker

  1. 1. I’m a Super HeroIcebreaker 03/05 & 03/13/13 Viqui Dill – Tutorial Babe
  2. 2. Part OneSUPER HERO MECome up with your superhero name, motto and listof superpowers while the alcohol kicks in.
  3. 3. • Motto – Truth, justice, and the American Waaaaay!• Super powers – faster than a speeding bullet – more powerful than a locomotive – able to leap tall buildings at a single bound• Weaknesses – Kryptonite
  4. 4. • Motto – This software is so sexy!• Super powers – user empathy – warm yet energetic voice-over – impeccable sense of timing• Weaknesses – isolation – needs coffee to perform – snow
  5. 5. Wiki Chick• Motto – Confluence users do it better• Super powers – structures information like no one else – single sourcing queen – teaches without showing off
  6. 6. Super Hero You• Motto – I’m all about value!• Super powers – underpaid – generous – motivated• Weaknesses – impatient with idiots
  7. 7. Part TwoFEATS OF STRENGTHGo on a scavenger hunt among the other attendees,networking and making friends as you go.
  8. 8. Feats of Strength Scavenger Hunt NetworkingFind the display of winning competition entries and skim through at least one of the hard-copy submissions. (Blank space to write down the name of the entry)Find the display of winning competition entries and interact with at least one of the online submissions. (Blank space to write down the name of the entry)Decide if you agree with the judges’ evaluations.Are the Merit winners really excellent? What distinguishes the Distinguished entries. (Blank space to note your opinion)Offer sincere congratulations to at Offer sincere thanks to at least one Meet one of our STC WDCB least one of the winners in of the judges in attendance. Chapter officers and suggest a attendance. topic for the next meeting. Initials _______________ Initials _______________ Initials _______________ Meet somebody in another Meet somebody who is new Meet somebody from another industry. to STC. state. Initials _______________ Initials _______________ Initials _______________ Meet somebody who shares Meet somebody who would Meet somebody who would one of your super powers. make a good minion. make a good arch enemy. Initials _______________ Initials _______________ Initials _______________
  9. 9. Part ThreeTELL US WHAT YOU WANTIn a few days, we will be sending out a survey. Please tell us what youlike about the chapter, about our events, and about the society. Don’tbe shy. Honest feedback appreciated.