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Monetizar seu Socializar Simple Easy FUN


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Monetizar seu Socializar Simple Easy FUN

  1. 1. Monetizing your Socializing Simple Easy FUN
  2. 2. Who is creating Wealth in todays economy? The Internet Giants! How often do YOU visit these sites? Millions do every day!
  3. 3. Internet Statistics INTERNET USERS WORLDWIDE 360,085,492 2000 700,863,930 2005 1,663,770,408 2009 MySpace & Facebook each have over 200,000,000 members; with 5 to 10 Million new members joining every week! YouTube sold to Google for US$1,650,000,000! Advertising revenue for Facebook will exceed US$500,000,000 this year and MySpace exceeded over US$881,000,000 in 2008! EBay purchased Skype for US$2,600,000,000!
  4. 4. Why are these Internet companies exploding? 2005 2007 2011 US$50 BILLION US$21 US$4.1 BILLION BILLION Online advertising & online sales! Today there are 1.6 billion people online. The forecast estimates over 2 billion new people online in the next five years. People worldwide are spending more time online. (30 to 60 minutes per day average). ONLINE ADVERTISING REVENUES
  5. 5. What is causing this growth? Billions in advertising revenues shifting to the Internet. People not watching television advertisements or listening to radio advertisements as often. Major city newspapers closing & magazines reducing size & readership. Major retail chains & small businesses alike closing worldwide due to reduced advertising revenues. Traditional advertising & sales are diminishing daily…
  6. 6. Where are these sales & advertising revenues going? The Internet is where they are going! Online advertising & online sales. All growing by billions in revenue annually. is poised and positioned to capitalize on this massive growth; and YOU can too!
  7. 7. How would you like to get paid… Now you can with The following information will show you exactly how you can create wealth just like these billionaires and Internet giants. When everyone you know engages in: Playing fantasy sports Shopping online Making VoIP calls Watching videos Social networking Checking email Advertising Instant Messaging
  8. 8. Use Vipze - Share Vipze Just as MSN, Facebook, MySpace & Google…Vipze sells online advertising too! The difference is vipze shares 50% of its advertising revenue back with YOU & other Qualified Global Affiliates around the world! Vipze is the world’s 1st international global portal that pays you when people use it for free. Vipze is also available in multiple languages, countries & expanding daily!
  9. 9. Vipze is global! Globally recognized management. 2 years beta development. Millions of US dollars in revenue. Backed by multi-billion dollar investment fund. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Knowledge – Experience – Success - Value – Integrity - Passion GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS Global operations in Asia, Europe, Middle East & South America. Our mission is to help 10 million families worldwide to earn extra income on a monthly bases.
  10. 10. Get paid when people use free vipze products vipze Social Network – create profiles, upload photos, connect to family, friends & associates. Write on wall, blogs, music & more. vipze Email – world’s coolest email & IM. Provides next generation self destructing technology. 100% private & secure. Send up to 5 minute video attachments. Have peace of mind when sending important email. vipze Sports – Online fantasy sports. Create your own games, win prizes, trips, cash & more. Have fun playing with friends. vipze VoIP Calling – Free VoIP calling worldwide, call anyone with in your vipze global community for free. Save money & stay connected. *People using these free services produce advertising revenue paid back to you.*
  11. 11. Earn weekly income as a Global Affiliate from product sales Small Business Online Advertising – highly affordable, reach vipze’s within 50 mile of your business. Touch your customer where they spend their time.. online! vipze Email– Same great self destructing features as free version. 30 minute video email, unlimited storage, additional great business features. Internet Services – Domain names, websites, hosting. Complete line of Internet services provided by GoDaddy. vipze VoIP Calling – residential & business unlimited calling plans for one low monthly fee. Use your Internet connection or mobile phone. Save money on your daily communication. Look for more retail offerings in the future – opportunities to increase your income.
  12. 12. Global Affiliate Maximize your earning potential by upgrading to Global Affiliate for US$300.* As a Global Affiliate you receive: Weekly income from vipze sales worldwide. Opportunity to participate in FREE vipze Social Network bonus pools. Virtual back office to manage your business. Training & marketing materials. Vipze black debt card (to receive your commissions). 12 advertising packs (US$600 retail value). * One-time US$300 & US$25 monthly.
  13. 13. Global Wealth Plan Vipze Revolutionizes Compensation! First MLM company to generate significant revenue outside of the product sales of its Independent Affiliate base, and share 50% back to you! Vipze Corporate is generating Global Advertising and Promotional Revenue Like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other internet company giants! 50% of this corporate revenue is shared back with all Free vipze community builders and Global Affiliates who qualify! Remember…MySpace produced $881 Million in Advertising Revenue in 2008. Imagine 50% of that as “EXTRA” Compensation to YOU!!!  vipze truly wants You to have Financial Success!
  14. 14. Infinity compensation plan vipze shares 65% of every global affiliate upgrade & up to 50% of all corporate product sales & advertising revenues with qualified global affiliates. Earn weekly commissions as a Global Affiliate: Direct commission from personally sponsored affiliates Infinity bonuses from new affiliates Residual infinity bonuses from product sales Generational matching bonuses Global profit sharing pools
  15. 15. Immediate Weekly Income Direct Commissions Direct Commission – Earn 10% -US$30.00 for every Free ViPZE site owner you personally enroll and help upgrade to Global Affiliate status!
  16. 16. Every New Global Affiliate package generates 300 points. These points accumulate in both of your Left and Right Sales Teams to Infinity ! Also, each Global Affiliates’ US$25.00 monthly re-order generates 25 new and recurring points into your Left and Right Team point totals! This recurring volume provides residual points month after month, year after year! Weekly Pay Residual Binary to Infinity! Global Infinity Plan
  17. 17. <ul><li>Establish your 2 sales team with 1 global affiliate on each team </li></ul>Note: 10% commission paid when both Sales Teams match at 500 point increments to INFINITY! 2. Help them do the same. 3. Earn 10% where both teams match at every 500 point increment-TO INFINITY! TO INFINITY! TO INFINITY!
  18. 18. Director Leadership Bonuses Leading Your Team Has Huge Rewards! Director – 1 Generation Regional Directors - 3 Generation Executive Directors - 4 Generation National Directors - 5 Generation International Directors – 7 Generation also earn Stock in the company! (Details early 2010 ) NOTE: A generation starts with the person you sponsor and includes all Global Affiliates down to and including the next Director!
  19. 19. Director Leadership Bonuses Global Revenue Sharing Pools – Earn a piece of every Global Affiliate Package purchased, Retail Product Sale and all Extra Corporate Generated Revenue Worldwide! Global Revenue Sharing Pool
  20. 20. New Affiliate 30 Day Pools 2% of every Global Affiliate Package purchased worldwide is shared equally by all New Global Affiliates who complete Step 2 of becoming a Director. (Personally help your 3 Personally Sponsored Global Affiliates to Personally Sponsor 3 Global Affiliates) Step 1 Step 2 New Affiliate 30 Day Pools – Beginning the day you purchase your Global Affiliate package you have 30 days to qualify for both pools! 3% of every Global Affiliate Package purchased worldwide is shared equally by all New Global Affiliates who complete Step 1 of becoming a Director. (Personally Sponsor 3 Global Affiliates)
  21. 21. The Revolution Continues… Free ViPZE Bonus Pools 5 Separate pools that are based on all corporate generated Advertising and Promotional Revenue Worldwide. Qualifications are based on the number of people you personally give a Free ViPZE to who actively uses it and the total number of Free ViPZE’s in your ViPZE Community who actively use them. Equal shares for all Free ViPZE members who qualify - paid monthly! *ViPZE Corporate Pays Additional Commissions for those Who Qualify!!!
  22. 22. Support W ith vipze…You are in business for yourself, not by yourself! World class Top 1% field leadership. Weekly webinars with team leaders. Weekly Global leadership call with company founders. Regional events around the world. Action Plan for Success & 4-Step Success System. Official merchandise at Live customer support in multiple languages 5 days a week via online chat .
  23. 23. Timing What location is to real estate – timing is to business, It means everything! Worst global economy in over 40 years. DSA (Direct Selling Association) reports 67 Million peopleworldwide own a Home Based business who produced $114Billion in sales in 2007 15Million in the USA who produced $30Billion in sales in 2007! People need diversified income – over 1 million people starting a home-based business each and every week!
  24. 24. Live the life you want & deserve! Join us today!
  25. 25. 1. Sign up for your free vipze site 2. Log into your site & upgrade to Global Affiliate. 3. Qualify immediately for the “30-days-to- Director” pools! Use vipze – Share vipze Simple – Easy – Fun Welcome to the vipze global family! Take Action Now!