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Vision Presentation En

  1. 1. • Vision Company • Vision Products
  2. 2. Doing healthy business. Vision Company
  3. 3. Expert Opinion Viktor Tutelyan, Director of the Russian Medical Academy Nutrition Institute, Academician: Vision is the only company that cooperates with the World Health Organization, and participates in studying the quality of life of the population in different areas. I’d like to note that this organization is very particular and selective in choosing partners. Vision offers the most modern methods to improve the quality of human life, the latest technology, including extensive educational programs. In terms of their safety, Vision products deserve the highest appraisal. Vladimir Dadali, Doctor of Chemistry, Academician, Head of the Mechnikov St. Petersburg State Medical Academy’s Biochemistry Department: Vision’s approach to their product quality as well as to their educational activities is very responsible. We receive less nutrients, than our body needs. These are not just vitamins and minerals, but also nutrients that our ancestors used for centuries and to which our body has adapted. Nutritional deficiency produces ‘deficient children’ who, in turn, will then produce still more “deficient” posterity. Vision strives to counteract this. Oz Garcia, a prominent American nutritionist: Vision offers to its consumers an excellent line of food supplements, which would make the pride of any company engaged in health industry. But the most striking thing for me is how important Vision, headed by Dmitry Buriak, is in the lives of so many people. Professor Michael Power, University of Edinburgh (Scotland), World Health Organization Expert: Food supplements from Vision International People Group are very useful, whether or not you have a healthy diet or you tend to have an unhealthy diet. Leo Bokeria, Member of RAMS and RAS: Nation’s health—that is what’s truly important for our country and its efficient development. Vision Company has a big influence in this field as it addresses the problem of nation’s health. Obviously together we can reach a lot.
  4. 4. Celebrities Recommend Nadezhda Babkina, People’s Artist of Russia: The philosophy of a healthy lifestyle, preached by Vision, is the fortunate choice. Probably it is prompted by the time itself, as this philosophy unites thousands of people. Tatiana Vasilyeva, People’s Artist of Russia: I’ve been using Vision products for many years already. At first, I was presented with the wonderful Millenium Gel, which worked a miracle on my face. I applied it on my face before sleep and in the morning I looked great. That’s why I began to buy and use it actively. I also tried Vision cremes and food supplements and liked them a lot as well. I think, of all the products sold via network marketing in Russia today, these are the best. Both cosmetics and vitamins are of exceptionally high quality. Ajvars Visockis, four-time champion of Europe, three-time vice-champion of the world in bodybuilding: When you start using new products, there are always some concerns as to the doping control. But for all those years I’ve been using Vision dietary supplements, I have never had any troubles. Moreover, I occasionally used vitamins and mineral complexes of different companies, but I could never reach such results as with Vision products. Anton Alexeev, winner of the 4th World Traditional Wushu Championship: I have been taking Vision food supplements since I was 11. I just love Lifepac Junior Be Big with an amazing raspberry flavor. I usually take Chromevital+, Mega and Antiox+ before compe­ titions, mornings and evenings. I used to eat D4X quite often before the World Championship. Usually such extensive strains make it quite hard for sportsmen. But D4X definitely improves endurance of the body. Absolutely everybody needs vitamin and mineral complexes to support health. Sergey Bezrukov, People’s Artist of Russia: Yes, I take Vision food supplements and feel great. Of course, I cannot say that before getting acquainted with Vision I had no energy –on the contrary, I’ve always been a sort of “energizer”. I hope that food supplements will help me uphold the same state for many years. Victor Afanasyev, Hero of the Soviet Union, Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour, cosmonaut: If everyone took Vision products, a man aged 120 would no longer be a case of surprising longevity.
  5. 5. Universal Recognition Vision Company counts already 17 years of success, and that is the best proof of the efficiency of its activities and innovative methods, and mainly of the supreme quality of Vision products that enjoy well-earned trust of millions of people all over the world and always fulfill their dream to have strong health. Vision products have been developed specifically to improve the quality of life. Their ul- timate efficiency is recognized by over 100 million people. Each year millions of people use Vision products.
  6. 6. Vision Today: Figures and Facts Founded in 1996. President: Dmitry Buriak. Main directions of business: one of the world’s leaders in pro- duction and distribution of innovative products for health, beauty and longevity. Product range: biologically active food supplements for children and adults, Smart Food, therapeutic cosmetics, health-improving accessories, and herbal teas. Representation: over 20 countries of presence—from Western Europe to the Southeast Asia. Orders are placed by customers from over 60 countries. Coverage: over 200 000 thousand independent consultants all over the world.
  7. 7. Vision Mission Mission of the Vision Company is the fol- lowing: “Doing healthy business”. This means that it considers improving health and the quality of life of its customers as its main priority. Commercial benefits are seen justified and rightful only to the extent, to which the Company fulfils its mission. Thus, absolutely everything that is produced under the Vision trademark serves to help people efficiently manage their health and quality of life.
  8. 8. Vision Philosophy Visionphilosophyiscalled“WholeHealthOption”. This philosophy envisions human health as our ultimate value. Not only is Whole Health Option philosophy based on leading harmo­ nious healthy life, but presupposes that health is a perfect unity of physical, mental, intellec- tual and social quality of life. “Whole Health Option” philosophy is a per- sonal choice of people, who are aware that health is the top priority among all other notions. It is not easy to make the right choice on our own, as often people tend to be influenced by mass media, promoting unhealthy lifestyle and harmful products. Which is why the help of associates, adherers of Vision philosophy, is very significant, as these people have already made the conscious choice of health option.
  9. 9. Vision Whole Health Option Vision philosophy—Whole Health Option—is not merely a creed, it is also high quality of life, this is exactly the lifestyle everyone dreams of and aspires to. Vision can help make this dream come true. Millions of people all over the world are thankful to Vision distri­ butors, adherers of the Whole Health Option philosophy, for their help in making the right timely choices. Vision represents not only products. It is a healthy community, a community of “remark- able health adherers”, that makes it easier to develop healthy mentality, i.e. to make the first and most important step towards Health.
  10. 10. Quality of Life Evaluation Vision International People Group, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Scientific Research Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), executes the unique project: “Intercultural research of the quality of life. Health and nutrition”. Vision International People Group — is the only company at the world market of biolo­ gically active food supplements and wellness goods, that acts as an equal partner of the WHO and the Scientific Research Nutrition Institute of RAMS in conducting the Intercultural research of the quality of life. In 2010 the World Health Organization concluded a long-term agreement with Vision In- ternational People Group for further conducting of a broad-scale research to evaluate the quality of life in Russia and other countries (Cooperation Agreement as of 31 March 2010). Scientific Research Nutrition Institute of RAMS and Vision International People Group have concluded an Agreement on further cooperation in the sphere of studying and advocating the principles of healthy nutrition and life-style.
  11. 11. Regulate the Quality of Life with Vision The Company and its distributors engage in providing Life Quality Management services. Thus, Company distributors can be also called Independent Life Quality Managers.  Our main directions of business are: — HealthManagement.  Distributorsessen- tially improve their own and their clients’ health with the help of Vision products, whose quality is affirmed by international GMP standards. —  Bussiness Management. Distributors build their own business network with minimal investments. Profit is ensured by the Company Marketing Plan, which has been acknow­ ledged as one of the most efficient in the MLM industry; hence, education level, sex and age don’t matter. Everyone can be successful.
  12. 12. Vision Lifestyle Vision offers an opportunity to es- sentially improve your quality of life. Healthcare, travelling, education, com- munication with interesting people, ca- reer growth and recognition are values that unite thousands of people all over the world. Vision gives you a chance to work among the like-minded people and friends, who believe that health is the top value of life. Choose Vision lifestyle!
  13. 13. Only the Best. Only from Europe. Vision Products
  14. 14. Our Рriorities Manufacturing Quality Innovative Manufacturing Technologies Product Quality Confirmed Efficiency and Safety of the Products Individual Approach
  15. 15. Manufacturing Quality VisionproductsaremanufacturedonlyinEurope at the major plants of France, Ireland and Li­ thuania. Technology and conditions of the man- ufacturing process comply with the strictest QC requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, i.e. GMP requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice).
  16. 16. Pharmaceutical Company Arkopharma Arkopharma is the world’s leader for manufacturing products created on the basis of medicinal herbs. Today Arkopharma develops, produces and distributes a wide range of plant products both for internal French market, and markets of the other countries all over the world. Pharmaceutical company Arkophar- ma is a major strategic partner of Vi- sion. Together they have established Vision’s own factory in Ireland— Nutripharma. Our success relies on the natural products as a foundation for principles and mechanisms of our Company. GMP standards are strictly upheld at all factories of our company. It is important to me that those plans, that we have outlined for future, are being realized suc­ cessfully. Vision takes an active part in that. “ “Maximilian Rombi, president of the pharmaceutical company Arkopharma
  17. 17. Nutripharma Nutripharma was established 14 years ago jointly by Vision and the pharmaceutical company Arkopharma. This state-of-the-art factory is located in Ireland, one of the world’s ecologically purest regions. Manufacturing process at this plant, as well as its end products (from the floor in production sections and the amount of microorganisms per 1 m3 of air, to the employees’ overalls and marking of the pro­ duct packaging)—are absolutely flawless and ful- ly comply with the GMP standard. The factory ap- plies latest scientific technologies, like the method of cryo-grinding, which allows to preserve all whole- some properties of plants.
  18. 18. Švenčionių Vaistažolės All Vision herbal teas and some other products are manufactured by the Li­ thuanian company Švencioniu Vaistažoles, founded back in the 19th centu- ry. For over 125 years this factory has been specializing in production of herb- al teas. Currently all production facilities of the factory have been renovated, and its research laboratory allows developing truly unique product formulas. The factory is located in the town Švencioniu, 80 km from Vilnius, in the pic- turesque, ecologically safe national park Aukštaitija, often referred to as the «Lithuanian Switzerland». Products of Švencioniu Vaistažoles have been awarded the prestigious Euro­pean Golden Prize for Quality. The factory also holds the PE Ekoagros green passport, as well as the HACCP and GMP certificates for food products’ safety and quality.
  19. 19. Vision DEM4 Laboratory The unique scientific research laboratory Vision DEM4 (Direct Effect Management) has been established with the specific purpose of total control over Vision’s manufacturing process. Vision DEM4 Laboratory is regularly monitoring latest scienti­ fic innovations and most perspective discoveries in nutriceuti- cals and related spheres. This allows to catch most advanced trends “on the rise” and take them into account, when develo­ ping formulas of new Vision products, as well as optimizing the formulas of already existing ones.
  20. 20. Product Quality Vision products are created based only on the natural biologically active sub- stances: vitamins, minerals and precious herbal extracts, specifically selected in optimal dosages and combinations. The main advantage of Vision products is that they have exactly the same quality in all countries of presence. Which means, customers from Rus- sia, CIS and Asia are able to obtain ultimately efficient and safe products, complying to the highest European QC requirements. This is the primary difference of Vision in comparison to most other companies that follow dif­ ferent have standards for Europe, unlike those for Russia, CIS and Asia, which are less demanding, i.e. these companies can save on the content of active ingredients, the quality of raw materials, and technologies used. Unified European quality of Vision products in all countries of presence is the main Vision’s advantage as compared to other companies. • 100% natural • Ultimately efficient • Absolutely safe
  21. 21. Product Quality: State-of-the-art Technologies All phyto-complexes are produced by means of the unique cryo-grinding technology* that allows to preserve integrity of plant cells, which subsequently provides for optimal di- gestibility of biologically active substances and their versatile beneficial impact on the body. *Cryo-grinding consists in grinding plant compo- nents under a temperature of -196° C, which allows to preserve the life-giving power of herbs.
  22. 22. Product Quality: Clinical Trials All Vision products undergo clinical trials and laboratory research in all countries of presence and are recommended by the leading scientific and medical institutions. In particular, Vision products have been clinically tested at: Similar work is being done with the participation of Pub- lic Health Control Agency of the Lithuanian Ministry of Health and the Lithuanian University of Medical Sciences. Scientific Research Nutrition Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS) N. N. Blokhin Cancer Research Center of RAMS Moscow Region Scientific-Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology St. Petersburg Lesgaft State Academy of the Physical Culture
  23. 23. Product Quality: Certification Before being released to consumer market, Vision products pass all com- pulsory stages of state registration in all countries of presence and distribu- tion. Apart from that, the Company vo­ luntarily undertakes extra efforts to en- sure complete safety and efficiency of its products. In 2012 after the voluntary supplementary certification, the Classic Hit line has been granted the certificates “Brand of the year”.
  24. 24. Individual Approach Food supplements from Vision International People Group are very useful, whether or not you are eating a healthy diet or you have something more like unhealthy diet. There are many categories of people, all of us in fact, who could benefit from supplements: those, stepping into the mature age, as their body starts assimilating less vitamins and other ne­ cessary substances that we consume; or pregnant women, as then a woman requires addi­ tional vitamins and minerals. Even if you uphold a healthy balanced diet, several types food supplements are proficient for strengthening the immune system and improving health in general, depending on your particular circumstances. “ “ Professor Michael Power, University of Edinburgh (Scotland), WHO Expert Vision products are developed with account to gender, age and individual require- ments, which allows to pick up bio-complexes individually for each family member. Key advantages of such individual approach: • personal advice as to the choice of products in your particular circum- stances; • convenient purchase conditions and time-saving.
  25. 25. Individual Approach Your personal Vision consultant will become an indispensable assistant in solving problems with health. Your consultant will provide you with all necessary advice regarding the choice of pro­ ducts, help draw personal health-improving program for you and your family members, and pro- vide information about new products and special offers of the Company. Possessing the most relevant and accurate information of a client’s health condition, Vision consultant is always able to offer precisely those products, that ultimately correspond to personal requirements. Vision   offers its clients convenient con- ditions for making orders, which allows to save their time. Place an order, obtain a new catalogue or pick up your order at any con- venient time. You can arrange a meeting with a consultant at home or in a nice cozy café. Vision cares for health and comfort of its clients!
  26. 26. Vision Product Lines Biologically Active Food Supplements Classic Hit—products, specifically created for daily protection of the body at the cellular level. Direct Hit—unique products-specialists that saturate the body with additional bio- logically active substances. Direct Hit for children—vitamin and mineral complexes, indispensable for growth and balanced development of kids. Vision Accessories are aimed at improving the functions of all key systems of the hu- man body. Vision Cosmetics—innovative natural comprehensive skincare system. Smart Food—tasty product for new life, created using innovative nano-technologies. Vision Herbal teas—natural drinks, created of ecologically pure herbs, flowers and berries.
  27. 27. Classic Hit Line. Daily protection and nutrition of cells Classic Hit line products are indispensable to everyone every day! They have been de- veloped specifically to provide daily protection of the body at the cellular level. No matter what ailment bothers you, start restoration of the body with the products of the Classic Hit line. These products are able to purify, regenerate and protect literally every cell of the human body, consequently preventing a whole range of ailments. Classic Hit is an irreplaceable basic set that allows to preserve health for many years to come!
  28. 28. Classic Hit Line. Daily protection and nutrition of cells Shields from free radicals, slows down ageing processes Contains unique powerful complex with synergistic antioxidants. Protects cells from destructive attacks of free radicals. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Strengthens capillaries and vessels’ walls. Purifies the body at the cellular level, strengthens the immunity Facilitates detoxification and removal of toxins and harmful metabolic end-products from every cell of the body, enhances the immunity. Being a powerful natural antibiotic, it possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, thanks to which it can be used to overcome a wide range of diseases. Daily protection from stress Protects every cell from the subversive impact of stresses. Enhanced by the “elements of calmness”—magnesium and vitamin B6—it im- proves resistance to stress and psycho-emotional strains, reduces excessive nervousness and excitability, alleviates anxieties and worries. Relieves inflammations, normalizes the urogenital system performance Operates at the cellular level, efficiently combating various acute infections, primarily of the urogenital system. Alleviates inflammations, re- duces the risk of infectious diseases, facilitates mild removal of sand and small stones from kidneys and renal ducts, and also prevents their further formation. Produces an antiseptic, antimicrobial and diuretic action.
  29. 29. Classic Hit Line. Daily protection and nutrition of cells Normalizes metabolism, helps reduce weight This unique formula addresses a major cause of gaining weight—normalizes metabolism at the cellular level and consequently promotes weight loss. Stimulates fat burning and transformation of fats into energy; reduces appetite and craving for sweets and pastry. Precludes retention of liquid in the body, reduces edema, shapes and tones up the body. Boosts energy in every cell A multi-component energy tonic that stimulates energy processes at the cellular level, invigorates, boosts energy, improves mental and physi­ cal working capacity. Reduces blood sugar. Vitamin and mineral complex with probiotics Contains a unique combination that provides for the daily allowance of required vitamins, essential minerals and living probiotic cultures. Restores the intestinal microflora, which facilitates complete assimilation of all consumed vitamins and minerals. Strengthens the immunity and restores vitality. The best vitamin and mineral complex for children Provides child’s body with all essential vitamins, micro- and macroelements. It guarantees balanced development of all body functions— physical, mental and intellectual. Chewable tablets with a chocolate flavour.
  30. 30. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Direct Hit line comprises specifically developed unique products-specialists with precise targeted action that address a wide range of health problems. Modern and effective, Di- rect Hit line is a perfect way to start improving one’s health: reduce the risk of certain pathologies or amend health in cases of chronic diseases, and even prevent ailments or possible complications. Direct Hit line products have a pronounced targeted action. They naturally enrich the body, being an additional source of nutrients and biologically active substances, helping fill in the “gaps” in your nutrition schedule, and consequently reduce the risk of many diseases.
  31. 31. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Extends brain capacities Is a unique composition of ingredients, indispensable for efficient brain performance. • Improves microcirculation in brain, which consequently facilitates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to brain cells; • Stimulates cerebral activity, improves memory, attention focusing, speed of thinking; • Activates and elevates IQ, facilitates learning process. Relieves fatigue of eyes, preserves acute eyesight The first complex to contain the combination of all ingredients, beneficial for eyesight, with the ultimate concentration of omega-3 PUFAs. • Prevents weakening and atrophy of eye muscles, and consequently—myopia and hyperopia; • Reduces the risk of cataract, glaucoma and other visual pathologies; • Effectively improves eyesight and eliminates the risk of degenerative changes in the retina, vitreous humor and lens; • Strengthens vascular walls, including those of eye fundus. Protection, purification and renewal of hepatic cells Allows to maintain healthy state of liver and restore its functioning. • Stimulates synthesis and outflow of gall, reduces its viscosity and prevents formation of stones; • Fortifies cells’ membranes of liver and protects them from external damages; • Improves digestion and subsequently reduces the load on liver. For Brain For Eyesight For Liver
  32. 32. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Postpones menopause, relieves its symptoms A perfectly balanced complex with essential plant phyto-estrogens, vitamins and minerals, created with regard to requirements of the female body in preparing for menopause, as well as during it. • Alleviates menopause-related inconveniences, such as hot flashes, sweatiness, vaginal dryness, frequent mood swings, sleeping dis- orders; • Prevents withering of the skin; • Taken regularly, this product can postpone menopause; • Normalizes mineral metabolism; • Prevents washing-out of calcium from bones; • Prevents osteoporosis manifestations and improves the state of musculoskeletal system. For Women Improves intimate female health Innovative product with a unique formula. • Incomparable for prevention of cystitis and its relapses; • Protects from female urological and gynecological diseases, such as coleitis, candidosis, vaginosis, uterine cervix inflammation; • Restores intimate microflora balance; • Suppresses growth of opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms; • Patented PPM® technology allows to preserve steadiness of probiotic cultures.
  33. 33. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action For Women Normalizes endocrine profile, helps alleviate menstrual pains Helps maintain normal level and proper balance of hormones, which is the primary condition of female health and youthfulness. • Helps preclude and alleviate PMS symptoms (irritability, rapid fatigability, edema, swelling and painful sensations in breasts); • Normalizes menstrual cycle, alleviates menstrual pains and reduces the risk of inflammations in the female genital system; • Prevents mastopathy, metrofibroma, endometriosis and hyperplasia of endometrium; • Prevents anemia, restores the level of iron in blood. Souls’ equilibrium for women The only complex, whose action aims exclusively female mental equilibrium and supports hormonal balance. • Relieves nervous tension, anxiety and discomfort, during premenstrual syndrome as well; • Reduces the risk of nervous, cardiovascular and endocrine diseases; • Relaxes nerves, improves stress resistance; • Restores thyroid gland functions, normalizes endocrine profile; • Alleviates pains in the heart, normalizes cardiac rhythm and stimulates coronary circulation; • Facilitates the synthesis of serotonin—the hormone of happiness.
  34. 34. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Source of Coenzyme Q10 Weight Loss Prolongs youth The first product to combine power and energy of coenzyme Q10 with the ultimate antioxidant—pomegranate. • Inhibits ageing processes and allows to postpone age-related changes; • Facilitates regeneration and renewal of cells; • Improves metabolism and stimulates energy processes; • Supports cardiovascular system performance. Weight loss that doesn’t harm health No need to observe strict diets or abstain from food, as the products also regulate intestinal functions and help reduce hunger naturally and without stress. • Suppress hunger and prevent overeating; • Regulate blood sugar and reduce craving for sweets and pastry; • Help control appetite, eat less and not to be stressed about it; • Bind fats in food and prevent their assimilation by the body; • Contribute to the synthesis of energy from already existing fat deposits; • Assist in keeping diets; • Purify the intestine without provoking spasms or cramps; • Stimulate growth of bifidobacteria and suppress pathogenic flora.
  35. 35. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action True beauty from the inside Active substances of the complex are well-balanced and bio-available, they can penetrate into the deepest skin layers—structural elements of derma. • Protects from the harmful impact of free radicals, thus inhibits ageing of skin cells; • Prevents premature age-related changes; • Nourishes skin cells, improves complexion and contributes to the reduction of wrinkles; • Precludes dryness of the skin, improves its resilience and firmness, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis; • Effectively fights skin imperfections, purifies it from the inside, removing blackheads, oily sheen, micro-inflammations, and dull complexion. Perfect suntan, protection of skin from photo-ageing Balanced formula of the complex is designed to have a simultaneous double effect: provide for protection from the adverse UV-radiation and help acquire brilliant suntan. • Precludes photo-ageing and degeneration of skin cells; • Provides for beautiful and even suntan; • Ensures even and long-lasting suntan without pigmentation spots; • Reduces the risk of sunburns; • Supports optimal level of moisture, prevents skin dryness and thinning. Gorgeous hair, strong nails Ultimately complete formula with all substances, essential for beauty, growth and health of hair and nails. • Actively nourishes hair and nails from the inside, strengthening both hair structure and nail beds; • Prevents brittle hair and peeling nails; • Effectively fights such problems as dry, sparse, splitting and thin hair; • Activates hair growth, increases its volume and thickness; • Provides for resilience, elasticity and healthy texture of hair, makes them look shiny, silky and healthy. For Beauty
  36. 36. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Youthfulness and health of every cell A complex, with unique fractions of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Contributes to improving cells’ structure and creating a protective shell, thus preserving cells’ integrity. • Prevents destruction of brain neurons, improves neural transmission from brain to all other body systems; • Slows down ageing processes, allows to prolong youth, prevents withering of the skin and smoothes out wrinkles; • Prevents cardiovascular diseases, improves blood composition, reduces cholesterol level; • Regulates cardiac rhythm, normalizes pressure, diminishes the risk of strokes and heart attacks; • Precludes inflammatory and allergic processes; • Strengthens musculoskeletal system. Normalizes blood cholesterol Purifies the body from “bad” cholesterol and toxins, regulates cholesterol balance in blood and normalizes the cardiovascular system performance. • Blocks the synthesis of “bad” cholesterol in liver (internal factor); • Prevents the intake of “bad” cholesterol from the digestive tract (external factor); • Precludes atherosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, strokes, and heart attacks; • Improves microcirculation in vessels, blood quality, facilitates oxygen supply to tissues; • Effective against central and peripheral blood circulation disorders. Supports functioning of heart and blood vessels A unique fraction of red grape, that significantly exceeds even the best red wine by its wholesome properties. • Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases • Promotes better vessel tone and microcirculation, as it enhances blood flow; • Nourishes heart muscle with oxygen, strengthens walls of the blood vessels and capillaries and makes them resilient, prevents oxygen deprivation. Source of Omega-3 For Heart and Vessels
  37. 37. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Eases nerves, helps heart Contains a whole range of medicinal calming herbs and vitamins indispensable for the nervous system. • Restores functions of the nervous system and alleviates nervous excitability; • Calming remedy against chronic nervous disorders, as well as against neurosis and heart pains and vegetovascular dystonia; • Restores blood flow to heart muscle, normalizes heart rhythm and improves coronary circulation; • Prevents nervous breakdowns, but doesn’t produce a suppressive action on the nervous system. Natural antidepressant Combines the vital power of plant antidepressants with vitamins and magnesium, irreplaceable for the strong nervous system. • Boosts optimism, improves mood, and contributes to social adaptability; • Has a sedative and tranquilizing action, doesn’t provoke sleepiness in daytime; • Alleviates the feeling of melancholy, anxiety, oppression and apathy, improves quality of sleep. Fights chronic fatigue syndrome Balances “excitation-inhibition” processes of the nervous system, that allows to work and rest actively. • Helps fight melancholic state, despondency, irritability and anxieties; • Boosts energy, significantly improves mood and enhances vitality, helping to avoid sleep disorders • Improves stamina and has a bracing effect; • Boosts inner energy. Natural safe remedy for deep sleep Helps improve sleep quality, diminish nervous excitability and ensure easy and bright awakening. • Deals with the problem of interrupted sleep and prolongs profound sleep phase, banishes nightmares; • Helps fight insomnia and anxiety; • Reduces sensitivity to light and noise; • Doesn’t provoke a broken feeling in the morning. Anti-stress Complex
  38. 38. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Source of Calcium For Joints For strong bones Original and exclusive formula with the synergistic action contains not only sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D3, but also the revolu- tionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight to the bone tissue and prevents its depositing inside the blood vessels. • Improves bone structure and mineral density; • Prevents washing out of calcium from the bones; • Helps knitting of bones after fractures; • Precludes spinal deformation and faults in posture; • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Comprehensive protection for joints The innovative complex EnjoyNT contains not only glucosamine, chondroitin and bamboo extract, but also MSM, indispensable for healthy joints and spine. • Restores cartilaginous tissue of joints and spine; • Diminishes the risk of destruction and stimulates natural renewal of the cartilaginous tissue; • Promotes active re-mineralization of bone tissue and prevents its deterioration; • Reduces inflammation and pain, helps avoid morning constraint of movements; • Stimulates the synthesis of synovial fluid EnjoyNT Harpago gel is a perfect combination of Devil’s claw and cayenne pepper for a comprehensive effect on joints. Regular intake of cap- sules and application of gel ensure better state of joints and muscles.
  39. 39. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Improves potency The complex stimulates spinal cord centers that regulate erection, activates sexual function, enhances circulation in genitals, and promotes optimal syn- thesis of male hormones. • Elevates potency, improves erection; • Enhances libido, stimulates sexual activity and arouses sexual desire; • Provides for elevating the sexual activity level, enrichment of sexual sensations and prolongation of the sexual intercourse. Source of manliness and strength The best energy tonic for men. • Alleviates fatigue, escalates working capacity, produces an adaptogen effect; • Increases the synthesis of natural testosterone, improves reproductive function, increases the amount, vitality and fertilizing capacities of spermatozoa; • Prolongs male youth and improves sexual health. Anti-inflammatory remedy for men Effective and safe preventive remedy against disorders of the urino-excretory system. • Helps prevent urogenital diseases, has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action; • Prevents growth and spreading of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and fungi, diminishes the risk of infectious diseases of the urogenital tracts, shields from chronic diseases; • Reduces the risk of veneral diseases. Health of the prostate Optimal set of plant ingredients, vitamins and minerals to improve performance of the urogenital system and sustain functions of the prostate. • Reduces inflammation, pains and edema, normalizes urination and restores potency; • Improves blood circulation in the small pelvis, removes congestants and restores functions of the prostate; • Efficiently fights prostatitis, hyperplasia of the prostate and bladder, decelerates growth of adenoma. For Men
  40. 40. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Detoxification of the body Protects and shields the body from salts of heavy metals, decay products, poisons, pesticides and allergens. It reduces the adverse impact of environmental factors, including increased radiation that is everywhere (cell phones, household appliances). • Binds and removes allergens; • Has a pronounced antioxidant and detoxifying action; • Alleviates intoxication and poisoning consequences; • Shields from the inflammatory diseases and allergies, restores liver cells and enhances its detoxifying functions. Purification of the Body Activates general immunity, strengthens “intestinal immunity” Helps “restart” and renew the immune system at all levels. • Detects and destroys mutating cells at the earliest stages; • Destroys most bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites; • Improves digestion, normalizes intestinal microflora, thus strengthening the “intestinal immunity”; • Facilitates removal of toxins from the body; • Doesn’t exhaust the immunity, but rather nourishes it and promotes its efficient performance. Strong Immunity Quick restoration of the body Promotes faster recovery after mental and physical strains and illnesses, and provides for the ultimate support during flu outbreaks. • Stimulates the immune system, enhances body resistibility to infections; • Effective in case of the very first symptoms of cold and flu; • Gives relief from illnesses, helps overcome them and avoid complications; • Improves working capacities and gives a boosting effect, helps overcome stress and fatigue. Against Colds and Flu
  41. 41. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action To Fight AlcoholisM Unique double action: fighting alcohol dependency and preventing withdrawal syndrome. Acute administration: • Alleviates manifestations of hangover syndrome: headache, dryness in the mouth, nausea, thirst, tremor, irritability, loss of appetite; • Reduces intoxicating load after alcohol intake. Course administration: • Diminishes craving for alcohol; • Helps stop hard drinking and avoid drinking bouts in future; • Significantly reduces amount and frequency of drinking; • Fights depression and stresses, characteristic of the withdrawal syndrome. Whole World is At Your Feet! VenoStrong—the unique natural formula for healthy veins, combats all causes and manifestations of the chronic venous insufficiency. • Prevents thrombophlebitis and varicose veins; • Relieves the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency; • Mitigates edema; • Reduces heaviness, pains, weakness in legs and feet; • Recovers and strengthens vascular walls; • Helps eliminate vascular spiders; • Prevents convulsions. VenoStrong is most effective against heavy legs syndrome, edema, vascular spiders, and chronic venous insufficiency. NEW PRODUCTS For Healthy Veins
  42. 42. Direct Hit Line. Products-specialists with targeted action Junior Be Wise+ Contains selenium and iodine that are in charge of mental health and energy flow. Regulates metabolism and performance of brain and nervous system. Bene- ficially influences the mood, eliminates irritability and improves sleep quality. Elevates responsiveness, attention focusing, memory and assiduity. Contributes to better performance of the gastrointestinal tract and improves appetite. Lifepac Junior Be Big Strengthens the child’s body in the period of active growth. Is a vital source of calcium, silicon and vitamin D3 that fortify the musculoskeletal system and teeth enamel, and prevent caries. Reduces excessive neuromuscular excitability. Lifepac Junior Be Smart Enhances child’s intellectual capacities. Is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that support balanced development of brain, nervous system, eyesight, improve memory and attention focusing. Polyunsaturated fatty acids that accelerate maturation of brain, stimulate mental development from the early age, improve IQ. Facilitates reduction of hyper-activity and impulsiveness, thus improving child’s behaviour. Lifepac Junior Be Healthy Strengthens the immunity, is a perfect product to prevent colds, flu and viral infections. Increases resistibility of child’s body to infectious diseases. Alleviates the flow of illnesses, prevents complications and promotes faster restoration after illnesses. Suppresses the growth of harmful microorganisms. Be Big, Healthy, Smart! A line of French vitamin and mineral complexes, created specifically for kids, in strict compliance with European standards of efficiency and safety of products for children. Indispen­ sable for proper balanced development of kids. Children will like the flavour, parents will be pleased by the results. For Kids
  43. 43. Cosmetics Millenium Neo Gel Anti-age skincare remedy This is a legendary highly effective anti-age product. • Deeply and intensively moisturizes the skin both from the inside and from the outside; • Tones up the skin and improves its elasticity; • Prevents wrinkles; • Slows down ageing processes, smoothes out wrinkles; • Alleviates irritation and micro-inflammations, effectively fights skin imperfections; • Doesn’t cause allergic reactions and is suitable for all skin types; • Facilitates quick healing of micro-injuries; • Doesn’t clog pores; ensures normal cell respiration. Healthy Kiss Day and Healthy Kiss Night Integral lip care 24 hours a day Innovative integral day and night lip care system with hyaluronic microspheres with an additional aromatherapeutic effect. • Effective moisturizing; • Revitalizing effect; • Rejuvenating action; • Anti-inflammatory action; • Lip Volumizing-effect due to hyaluronic filling spheres; • Aromatherapeutic effect.
  44. 44. Accessories PentActiv bracelets Stylish, beautiful, healthy Magnetic bracelets combine 5 therapeutic elements. PentActiv bracelets apply latest innovative technologies that allow to expand capabilities of a beneficial impact on the human body. Thanks to the bioceramic and magnetic in- serts, bracelets provide a health-promoting interaction of the body with five natural elements: oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, magnetic waves and positively charged nanosilver ions. Magnetic bracelets are offered in two new exclusive design versions: for men and women. • Improve overall body resistibility; • Boost energy; • Improve blood circulation; • Normalize metabolism; • Promote tissues’ regeneration; • Slow down ageing processes; • Provide an anti-inflammatory effect; • Normalize pressure. Action of the 5th element, NANOSILVER TEQ: • Antibacterial. • Antiviral.
  45. 45. SMART FOOD D4X My UnitDose® Tasty product for new life “Smart” food D4X My UnitDose® has been specifically created, applying nano-technologies that allow to include tiniest particles of useful substances in the products. The size of these particles doesn’t exceed 100 nanometers. Due to this fact particles of D4X My UnitDose® can get into most difficultly accessible areas of the body and co- ordinate performance of all systems. • Protects from intoxication and free radicals; • Purifies the body from toxins; • Supports the immune system; • Restores energy status, normalizes cellular metabolism; • Has a beneficial influence on brain functions.
  46. 46. Herbal Teas Herbs for Vision herbal teas are harvested in the ecologically safe regions of Lithuania. Their secret lies in the wisdom of ancient recipes, as well as in the most ad- vanced manufacturing technologies. Hibiscus and Wild Berries Reduces blood pressure and normalizes blood circulation. Enhances heart performance, fortifies blood vessels’ walls and prevents blood clotting. Lemongrass Green Tea Neutralizes destructive action of free radicals, removes toxins from the body, and notably decelerates ageing processes. Linden and Mint An effective remedy against flu and cold, as it improves body resistibility, produces a diaphoretic and antipyretic action, reduces mucous membranes’ inflammation. Melissa and Wild Rose Improves digestion, fights flatulence and bloating. Alleviates abdomen heaviness after meals. Tea for Him Bracing tea for successful men. Boosts energy, helps keep heart and blood vessels healthy. Tea for Him—is your health and vitality for many years to come. Tea for Her Refreshes, rejuvenates and helps stay attractive. Regular intake of this tea facilitates weight loss and helps remain slender. Wild Rose and Thyme Improves immunity, stimulates defence barriers of the body, constitutes a natural source of the vitamin C. Generation Y Mommy This tea is specifically created for breast-feeding mothers, as it stimulates production of breast milk, significantly improves its quality, and prevents painful colics and flatulence of babies.