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Suraj Birthday PPT


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Published in: Technology, Sports
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Suraj Birthday PPT

  1. 1. Presenting to you-Ubharta hua Sitara.. uff nahi..Ubhartahua SURAJ!!
  2. 2. Jis des mai Mai RahataTha……………… Apni Cricket ki training leta tha….
  3. 3. Par Yeh Dilli Walon ne Mujhe“ ” bana diya….. Ladki Daru Sattebaji
  4. 4. Surajji Sekhpura Wale Chalein Bangalore Agli Bar Haath lagaya toh…. Yeh Haath Tod kar Dusre• During PDP Haath mai de denge….Some anonymous Suraj Kumar PGP I
  5. 5. Slinger of IIM B Cricket Team….
  6. 6. Outcome: Medal in Sangarsh
  7. 7. Be careful while entering in H-005… It maycause a serious traumaOr you may use one or more of these instruments
  8. 8. Some snapshots of Suraj’s room
  9. 9. Happy Birthday Suraj Kumar!!May you have lots of beer and maintain your belly!!