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Java interfaces in Hindi


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Java interfaces in Hindi, java in Hindi

Published in: Engineering
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Java interfaces in Hindi

  1. 1. You can download this document from Java interfaces , इस tutorial java interfaces Java interfaces ए particular structure provide Java interfaces स suggest inheritance इस ए Java in Hindi : Inheritance tutorial स Outline  Introduction to java interfaces  Declaring interfaces Introduction to java interfaces Java interfaces स स स घ ए औ स स औ स स अ स ए स depend इस ए औ स स ए औ company अ अ स sales department, production department, accounts औ management department स स depend Java interface स स exam time स topics headings औ exam headings detail अ स :-)
  2. 2. You can download this document from Example public interface yourFriend // your friend telling you what { // to do not how to do public void sales(); public void production(); public void accounts(); public void management(); } public class You implements yourFriend // you are doing what your { // friend told you according // to your self public void sales() { // implement sales department } public void production() { // implement production department } public void accounts() { // implement production department } public void management() { // implement production department } }
  3. 3. You can download this document from Java इ स allow . इ सस इ स इ स . इ सस स स स इ स स इ स . Interfaces स इ object create स औ methods . Method स इ interface extend . Interfaces अ ए variables static औ final ए. ए इ स ए स interfaces ए स स . ए इ स अ स स इ स इ स औ ए स इ सस इ स . Interfaces स स Is-a establish ए स ए इ स fruit स औ ए स mango स अ mango स fruit इ स इ इ Is-a स Mango is a fruit. इस interfaces स स Is-a relation ए . Declaring interfaces Interfaces अ स इस ए interface keyword . इ स public ए इस ए public . इ स स स public . Example: public interface Fruit { void DisName(); }
  4. 4. You can download this document from इ स अ इस इ स इ स . Example public interface Fruit { void DisName(); } class Mango implements Fruit { void DisName() { System.out.println("Mango Is-a Fruit"); } } example इ स ए example इस Fruit इ स इ Mango स औ Fruit interface DisName() Mango स इ . Read more tutorials on Java in Hindi at