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TtAT 2012 delegate_pack

  1. 1. ATrain the Advance Trainers (T T) Seminar 2-4th March 2012 Helsinki Delegate Pack
  2. 2. T AT INSIGHT • Self awareness/Embracing authenticity • Body Language • Branding our personality • Power of simple question • Art of story telling • Making creative sessions • Graphic facilitationWhat TtAT is all about:• To provide you deeper understanding of your personality, which will enable you to develop  and discover new talents.
  3. 3. The venue for the conference islocated in Design factory, AaltouniversityBetonimiehenkuja 5, Espoo, FinlandTravelling directions:You can first reach Kamppi which isvery famous place in Helsinki citycenter.From Kamppi , take bus no. 102,102T, 103 or 103T to Otaniemi . T-buses take 20-25 min, the othersonly 10-15 min. Get off at bus stopOtakallio which is the fourth stopafter turning away from theLänsiväylä highway. Then cross theroad and walk up the path... DesignFactory is the big, garage-like-looking building next to the parkinglot.
  4. 4. What to Bring: • Sleeping bag • Comfortable clothes • Cash money • Indoor shoes • Mug for coffee/tea • Open mindset and energy For people coming from outside Helsinki, sleeping arrangement has been done in nearby student hostel. Snacks will be provided through out the conference. Additionally, Friday night dinner will be served from conference expenses. Design factory has well equipped Kitchen and you can also prepare your own food over there.What TtAT is all about:• To provide you deeper understanding of your personality, which will enable you to develop  and discover new talents.
  5. 5. Nationality: FinnishFacilitation experience:Chairing and facilitating dozens of local,national, and regional AIESEC conferencesduring 2002-2008 in Finland and Malaysia. AT T introduces Janne AsemalaRunning my own coaching/training businesssince 2010.Randomness:I can overtone whistle and I like toexperiment with the optimum frequencies ofhumming in small spacesBest Qualities:Obsession with the unfolding uniqueness ofeach individual
  6. 6. Nationality: FinnishFacilitation experience:AIESEC in Finland national conferences2009-2011, two TtTs and many other AT T introduces Anna Maijatrainings, abroad I have facilitated in BeLDS2011Randomness:When I jump, a bee can get in to my mouthBest Qualities:Passion towards training, positivity, drive tochallenge, learn and develop
  7. 7. Nationality: FinnishFacilitation experience:10 National conferences in AIESEC in FinlandOne TtAT seminar in AIESEC in FinlandTwo TtT seminars in AIESEC in FinlandOne Leadership seminar in AIESEC in FinlandTwo NaLDS in AIESEC in Germany AT T introduces Anna Riika10-day FIT training course in Romania10-day TtT seminar in EYP FinlandSYY Akatemia training course about socialentrepreneurshipRandomness:I love skiing in the moonlight. I wish to take abreak from work to travel to a yoga retreatsomewhere in the world. I have been installingartificial football fields in Finland andSweden.Best Qualities:My friend once told me that I am honest &courageous
  8. 8. Nationality: FinnishFacilitation experience:Facilitator at NLDS 2011 in Serbia; NewieInduction Conference 2011 in Frankfurt,Germany; ACCESS 2010 and several LAS andEP preparation seminars in Finland. Attendedtrainer seminars as a delegate in WeHost AT T introduces Maria Holopainen2011 in Portugal, NAOMMIE 2010 in Helsinkiand TtT 2009 in Helsinki.Randomness: I love the 60s - Especially the hair andclothing style, and I wish I could be likeAudrey Hepburn <3. I have never been toEstonia although Ive lived in Helsinki most ofmy life and have Estonian friends. I loveDisney animations!Best Qualities:Empathy, self-awareness, optimism andperforming
  9. 9. Nationality: PakistaniFacilitation experience:Facilitator at NATCONF 2012.Facilitator in TtT 2011Facilitator in three LASsAttended trainer seminars as a delegate in AT T introduces Faizan ul haqWeHost 2011 in Portugal and TtT 2010 inHelsinki.Randomness: I am extremely random in my hobbies. Duringthe past and now, painting, dancing, singing,calligraphy, hobby electronics, antiquecollections, computer games, robotics, Martialarts, swimming and many more have remainedmy hobbies.Best Qualities:Time management, Hard-work
  10. 10. Nationality: FinnishFacilitation experience:Facilitator at LASFacilitator at TtT 2011 AT T introduces Anna StenbergRandomness:Im passionate about Table football/Fussball/Kicker (how ever you want to call it).:)Best Qualities:Genuinity
  11. 11. T AT is brought to you by National Trainer’s Team of AIESEC Finland Faizan ul haq +358 44 3048911 Anna Stenberg +358 40 0875901 Organizing CommitteeMaria Holopainen ( +358 40 7665915 Faizan ul haq +358 44 3048911