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Cerevo firm-update-may2012


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cerevo liveshell with niconico

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Cerevo firm-update-may2012

  1. 1. CEREVO Live shell with niconico @viperbjpn May, 23, 2012
  2. 2. Live ShellLive Shell is a live broadcasting encodergadget, which made by CEREVO, to be easierbroadcasting on Ustream.
  3. 3. Firmware Rev.3325Released at May, 21, 2012Niconico user accounting binding function added. or Other FVSS provider, FMS4.5 or Red0.9 RTMP URL
  4. 4. Account Binding process
  5. 5. Service Select
  6. 6. Firmware update notification if broadcaster use old firmware, firmware update notification is popped up.
  7. 7. done to binding on cerevo console need to move niconico and create new broadcast program as like ordinary way to use external encoder.
  8. 8. start to broadcastclick notification to createchannel on bottom ofcerevo console page. move to niconico channel create page and start broadcast as same as using external encoder At this time, I use to log on niconico before this operation. I’m not sure you need to logon niconico or no.