Vipc capital management vietnam asset management trends 2010


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Vipc capital management vietnam asset management trends 2010

  1. 1. VIETNAM ASSET MANAGEMENT TRENDS 2010 Due to the fluctuation of financial market, the Vietnam asset management industry has developed rapidly by the variety trends in 2010 Asset management industry can be evaluated as one of the most efficient part of economic on assisting an individual or a business to keep track of their cash or "liquid assets", and it has become popular in U.S and Europe from 2005 (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2010). Therefore, Capital Management Firms also are established in Vietnam in recent years as the indispensable trend for following the variety of asset management activities (savings accounts, mutual funds, money market accounts, etc.) along with investments successfully. One of the key objectives of asset management is “the right dollars, the right solution, the right quality, in the right place, at the right time...” as the road of asset management (Austroads, 2010). In fact, the right asset management system can be utilized to make the product more readily available, easier to produce, cheaper to ship to customers, and collect higher benefit. Following and preserving the product is a method of asset management because the product is an asset to the business and essential for its survival and for financial stability. Furthermore, when Vietnam joined in WTO from 2007, asset management activities really increase significantly and turn into the challenge for domestic business organizations as well as each individual on raising the highest benefit form their budget. In recent years, the quick growth of most business firms in Vietnam and rise of FDI with more 10% from $10 billion to $11 billions in 2010 (Vietnews, 2010) really requires the businessmen understand asset management and how to invest their money well. According to Planning and Investment Minister Vo Hong Phuc said "Disbursed capital in 2010 will be higher than in 2009 as the flows of pledges in previous years are high and the world's economy tends to recover," (Vietnam Financial Times, 2010). Therefore, asset management trends are essential requirement for the best investment. Moreover, the price of gold and US dollar on Vietnam financial market always fluctuation with high rate, thus managing and suitable investment will affect directly on each individual or business. It is essential that understanding and following up the asset management is the vital demand in doing business in the Vietnam market at the moment. In the recent years, VIPC Capital Management Corp provides a diversity asset management to reach a wide range of personal demand in order to bring most benefit for personal investor’s capital. With VIPC’s specialized expertise, institutional investors are offered the full spectrum of investment strategies and financial analysis. VIPC highly commits to utilize excellently the investment and perfect service in order to reach investor’s expectation and company’s unique financial goal. July 2010 Trang, Nguyen VIPC Marketing Team Email: Website: