Myiagawa shuntei


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Myiagawa shuntei

  1. 1. Click to advance Dolls Festival (Tosei Furyu Tsu)
  2. 2. n.htm As little as fifty years ago the trend with collectors of Japanese art was to reject the woodcuts of the Meiji era (1868-1912) as being garish and unrefined. To be sure, the introduction of Western pigments and artistic styles (c. 1865) had created a dynamic change in Japanese art. Bold new colour patterns and equally revolutionary design concepts began to influence the art of the woodcut. Far from ruining traditional art forms, however, Meiji artists injected a vitality into the woodcut by amalgamating Japanese and Western forms. The great masters of this era -- Yoshitoshi, Chikanobu, Ginko, Miyagawa Shuntei and others -- thus created a number of beautiful images and contemporary scholarship now favourably compares their works with the art of earlier nineteenth century woodcut artists. The Tokyo artist, Miyagawa Shuntei, produced his finest work at the end of the nineteenth century. His two greatest series of woodcuts, Pictures of Customs and Flowers of the World of Pleasure, were both published in Tokyo in 1897. Miyagawa Shuntei's finest art was in the genre of bijin-ga; portrayals of beautiful women. In this regard, he is often regarded by scholars as a precursor to the woodcuts of the following generation of famous Shin Hanga artists such as Goyo, Shinsui and (most notably) Kotondo.
  3. 3. Girl playing hyde and seek
  4. 4. Riverside Battledore
  5. 5. Drawing Pictures - Yukiyo no Hana Embroidery - Yukiyo no Hana
  6. 6. Firefly Hunting
  7. 7. Fireworks - Children's Manners and Customs Playing Hide and Seek
  8. 8. Girls Playing Watch Your Back
  9. 9. Playing with Hoops Two Boys at Front of Boy's Day Decoration
  10. 10. War Game - Children's Manners and Customs Dolls Festival - Yukiyo no Hana
  11. 11. Blind Tag Bouncing Balls
  12. 12. Card Game Collecting Young Shoots
  13. 13. Gathering Shells Shellfish Gathering
  14. 14. Knitting Lady Fox
  15. 15. MarblesOrigami
  16. 16. Oshiri NoYojinMaking Flower Garland
  17. 17. Playing Catch Playing Little Birds
  18. 18. Visiting the Shrine Wondering Gourd
  19. 19. Bijin and Scroll
  20. 20. Snowy Day Portrait of a Young Woman
  21. 21. Fans
  22. 22. Dance Performance - Tosei Furyu Tsu
  23. 23. October - Maple viewing
  24. 24. AugustApril