Manfred stader pictura tridimensionala pe asfalt


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Manfred stader pictura tridimensionala pe asfalt

  1. 1. Sunet: Instrumental Andre Rieu - “The White Horse Inn” Click to advance
  2. 3. “ Maison de la Reine” Unele picturi au fost facute impreuna cu Edgar Muller
  3. 10. Biennale-Venice “LOVE” group Mark Jenewein, Bernhard Schönherr, Thomas Pucher, Herwig Kleinhappl.
  4. 12. EasyJet - Edinburg-- Miss Scotland
  5. 40. Grand Trianon
  6. 57. PREMIERA Bucuresti Mall a invitat grafferii, amatori sau profesionisti, la o serie de evenimente ce vor avea loc pe tot parcursul verii, evenimente ce se desfasoara sub conceptul `Arta urbana`. Miercuri, 10 iunie 2009, ora 17,00, unii dintre cei mai talentati grafferi vin sa realizeze, la invitatia Bucuresti Mall, o serie de panouri graffiti tematice ce vor fi expuse în perioada verii în centrul comercial. In plus, Manfred Stader, unul dintre cei mai cunoscuti artisti realizatori de picturi tridimensionale de strada, va realiza in premiera chiar în centrul comercial o serie de astfel de lucrari. Incepând din aceasta saptamâna, timp de 8 ore pe zi, pana pe 21 iunie, artistul va desena, iar vizitatorii mall-ului vor putea vedea live cum îsi realizeaza artistul lucrarile, spectaculoase si incitante deopotriva, mai ales ca este vorba despre picturi 3D expuse si realizate în premiera nationala într-un centru comercial.
  7. 58. Manfred Stader la Bucuresti Mall
  8. 65. Manfred Stader began street painting, pavement art during his art studies at the famous Städel Artschool in Frankfurt, at the beginning of the 1980s and in 1985 he already became one of the few master street painters. Master Madonnaro. a title which is awarded by the largest international street painting competition in Grazie di Curtatone in Italy. Pavement Painting Contest. Pavement drawings, sidewalk chalk art, done by artists comming from all over the world. Strassenmaler like Edgar Mueller or a street painter like Kurt Wenner or pavement artists like Julian Beever. Through the study of anamorphosis, wich has been used in the painting of the Renaissance and Baroque to produce more optical height and width he developed a new form of street art, the 3d Street Painting in order to produce 3-dimensional impressions on a 2-dimensional horizontal Area, the asphalt. This new art form of street painting has become important all over the globe and is disseminated by numerous artists. It is admired at street painting festivals and at promotional events.
  9. 66. Salão dos Espelhos - Palácio de Versalhes Stader combines the "folk"- art of the street painters wich began in the 16th Century in Italy with the modern perception of illusion painting of the 21st century using pastel chalk. This art appeals a very large audience. The most popular variant of his art as a street painter are the interactive projects - interactive street art - where admirers pose in logical connection with the pavement art image to get photographed or filmed. FLOORSTICKER - BILL BOARDS Staders unusual and impressive ideas for 3d representations are ideal for reproduction on transparent adhesive foil - vinyl sheets -. Thus, a design can be duplicated as often as you like and also be used simultaneously This has a very huge impact in a foot traffic area.
  10. 67. Floor sticker -- Firstly, the client should, if available, or needed, send his ideas, concepts, creative brief to the artist as well as materials such as photos of his product, logos, texts etc.and in a telephone conference the first ideas can be discussed. If the concept is found Stader receives the order to create one or more designs with little change requests are included (free of charge). This is generally done digitally, the drafts are designed and also mounted into a picture(provided by the client) wich is showing the environment of the possible location. In the ideal case the photograph is taken from the exact viewpoint where the 3d effect will work. The resulting drafts will be electronically transmitted for consideration by the customer .
  11. 68. <ul><li>If completed, the client or the agency usually initiate a contract for the production of the image. </li></ul><ul><li>The image arises mostly, but not necessarily in the same size 1:1 and the subsequent reproduction. Acrylic paint as the base and pastel chalk to work out the details gives the image the typical fresh pastel look. The scanning or photography should be organized by the client but can also be ordered by Stader. </li></ul><ul><li>To make a billboard - the presentation is obviously an appropriate scale, otherwise the production process is the same. </li></ul>