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Afrique Du Sud The Lost City


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Afrique Du Sud The Lost City

  1. 1. Aerial view of The Palace of the Lost City South Africa
  2. 26. Bridge to the Lost City
  3. 37. Golf Course
  4. 38. Sable Fountain at The Palace
  5. 39. The Lost City Sun Gong
  6. 40. Shawu
  7. 41. Royal Staircase
  8. 42. King Suite Lounge
  9. 43. Crystal Court
  10. 47. King Suite
  11. 48. Elephant Courtyard
  12. 62. City / Lost City North-West Province For those, who find the cities of South Africa too hectic, an experience of a different kind is waiting in Sun City. In the middle of an extended savannah lies the Las Vegas of southern Africa. The spacious entertainment area used to be part of the former homeland Bophuthatswana. The formal independence of the homeland made it possible for the businessman Sol Kerzner to set up this complex quite close to the population centres Johannesburg and Pretoria, where, amongst other things, striptease and gambling are offered, which activities had been forbidden in the Calvinist old South Africa. Besides that, internationally famous entertainers like rockstars perform here, who have always attracted many people.
  13. 63. North West Province Tourist Attractions Sun City Resort, North West Province Sun City ResortDeep in the rugged bushveld, in the heart of an ancient volcano, lies the world's most unique resort, the internationally acclaimed Sun City. The Resort has a unique heartbeat and an African rhythm of its own and is unlike any other Resort destination in the world. This is pure fantasy and your every desire is met. There are four world-class hotels including the magnificent Palace of the Lost City that glitters like a jewel beneath the African sun, brilliant in its rain forest surroundings and luxurious in its detail and design. Adjoining the Resort, is the beautiful Pilanesberg National Park, which will delight game viewers as it is a malaria free zone and home to the "Big 5" (Buffalo, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Rhino).
  14. 64. The Palace of the Lost City is an opulent extravaganza of architectural and decorative prowess and is easily one of the world's most imaginatively created hotels. Within the Palace of the Lost City complex, a fairytale palace awaits you. Built with passion and dedication, the interior of The Palace features mosaics, frescoes and hand-painted ceilings, which all pay tribute to the art and nature of South Africa. The Palace of the Lost City is a fantasy world of Africa 's jungles, cliff-tumbling gardens, streams, waterfalls, swimming pools, and al fresco entertainment areas. Legend tells us that the Palace of the Lost City was built as the royal residence of an ancient civilisation of South Africa, but was destroyed by an earthquake. It has now been restored to its former glory and offers splendid accommodation in the most sumptuous surroundings in South Africa.
  15. 65. One of the most fascinating facts about The Palace of the Lost City at Sun City is the size and enormity of the building project. A few of these statistics include: 600,000 truck loads of earth were moved on site, sufficient carpeting within The Palace to cover 125 tennis courts, the surface area of the artificial lakes and pools is equivalent to 40 soccer pitches. During the peak of construction at The Palace of the Lost City , Sun City almost 5,000 people worked on the project. The Palace of the Lost City, Sun City was completed in only 28 months. South Africa 's most famous elephant - Shawu In the Elephant Courts at The Palace of the Lost City, stands a life size bronze sculpture of Shawu the Elephant. Shawu is one of South Africa 's magnificent seven elephants. The Magnificent Seven were the seven Kruger National Park elephants with the largest tusks.