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Mobile marketing & Business


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The mobile marketing tools complement and increase the efficiency of marketing in its entirety, from the product through communication and events to sell channels and processes.

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Mobile marketing & Business

  1. 1. MOBILE MARKETINGMobile Business Violeta Salas May’ 2012
  2. 2. GLOSSARY App Promotion difficulties Opportunities Mobile Advertising Ad Networks Activity 8
  3. 3. WHAT YOU ALREADY NEED TO KNOW• PPC – Pay per click• CPM – Cost per thousand• eCPM – Effective cost per thousand• Click – a statistic on users who clicked• CTR – Click through rate• Conversion – visitor takes an action• Acquisition – A visitor signs for alerts• CPC and CPA – Cost per conversion and cost per acquistion• ROI – Return on investment – The key!
  4. 4. STARTBrand consistency Clear goals / targets Clear messages Actively engaged
  5. 5. APP STORE• Unique / Catchy name for the app• Good for search engines• Inlcude brand name• Store competitor analysis• Modify / implement
  6. 6. Submit to app review sites! Provide a promo code NEXTApp review site AppCraver, 148apps, AppVee,, iUseThis, Apple iPhone School,, iPhoneApplicationList.TUAW and Apps Safari.
  7. 7. MAKE SHARING EASYGet more traffic with the mostpopular sharing platform.
  8. 8. TARGETTargeting:• Age• Gender• Geography• Category• Carrier• Device• Handset
  9. 9. IN-APP ADVERTISING Customer touch Q&A Newsletters (Yahoo answers, Linkedin & points Wiki Answers)Pricing Strategy Walk-through Tell-a-friend in-app presentations feature (Slideshare & Scribe)Twitter in-app Exclusive app QR Codesfeature contentRegular Updates Social Power Search DirectoryBlog Facebook Fan Page Showcase app in new websiteYouTube Video Paid Search Promotional Items (AdWords, Yahoo & Live Share)Opt-in SMS Digg Promotion App Launch Partycampaign
  10. 10. TYPE OF MOBILE ADVERTISING Mobile Banners – CPM cost per thousands impressions
  11. 11.  Mobile PPC
  12. 12. Interesting?Now lets take action and have fun^^