Growing your Mobile App Business


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How to increase your ROI and get your app in the hands of more users.

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Growing your Mobile App Business

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing Growing your Mobile App BusinessHow to increase your ROI and get your app in the hands of more users Violeta Salas Webinar Notes ^^
  2. 2. Table of contents:Challenges you are facing when you are competing with thousands of others apps.How to make certain that your app is ranked highly enough to be discovered.How to achieve a tangible return oninvestment enough cost effective to scale your business. Mobile App Business
  3. 3. Overcoming challengesTo find users is:• Too expensive.• Complex and we don’t fully inderstand it.• Extremely time-consuming.And• The market keeps changing. Mobile App Business
  4. 4. Ensure that yourEnsure that your app app is discoveredachieves the highest and it’s listed in the top rankspossible number of within the correctdownloads to support app’s category.your business model. Every day the number of slots is fixed while the number of apps fighting for these slots increases. Keep your app ranked! Simply put, if you don’t have this solved, you may not have a business. Mobile App Business
  5. 5. How to rank and keep ranked your app Optimize App Popularity Through Organic Search “Popular Apps” listed in the App Store and Android Market pages are driven by app download volume and rating quality. These app profile pages and app directories are also webpages, so… Higher Google visibility induces more app downloads. More downloading drives higher App Store popularity… and on and on, potentially entrenching popular apps in a rich-get-richer-faster phenomenon: Mobile App Business
  6. 6. Get started optimizing your app for Google rankings 1. Feature your brand prominently in the app name Use your brand name as a link.2. Link to your app profile pages fromyour home page and/or site footerConsider building a landing page orsection dedicated to your apps withscreen shots, reviews, features, etc. Mobile App Business
  7. 7. 3. Include your brand name in the link text that points at appdowloand pagesToo many brands make the mistake of linking to the app profilepage without including the brand name, as in “Download iPhoneApp.” Even worse, some just link through the “Available onAndroid/App Store” graphics. (See Walmart example .) This is ahuge missed opportunity! Use your anchor text wisely. Mobile App Business
  8. 8. 4. Provide a QR link to download the app from your desktop sitelanding page5. Cross-promote your app to mobileusers, searchers, and botsHere’s the magic!You already have a captive mobileaudience itching for you to make it easyto discover relevant mobile pages (oryour app).When iPhone, iPad, or Android browsershit your site (desktop or mobile),provide a link at the top of the page forthem to download the appropriate appfor their device.Let’s assume your desktop pagesindexed in search engines properlyredirect mobile searchers to appropriatemobile pages. Mobile App Business
  9. 9. * Note: For the trifecta, make sureGoogle’s new Smartphone Googlebot iscrawling the app links from your mobilepages as well, using appropriatelybranded anchor text (not images). Mobile App Business
  10. 10. Ensure that the potencial users download your appEngage the userWhile you develop your app keep the ultimate end-user in mind.Engage your user with a clever, keyword-filled description of yourapp, telling them what makes your app so special and how it standsout from the rest.Focus on app descriptionYour app title and app description should be able to clearlycommunicate the functions of your iPhone app to the user. Mobile App Business
  11. 11. Find the right users at the right cost • Work with as many traffic sources as possible. • Understand the number of loyal users generated from each traffic source and what cost. • Define lifetime value per user to determine how much you are willing to spend to acquire a user. • Define cost-per conversion target for a given volume of user. It’s important to understand how much to bid for a given volume to deliver the best possible ROI. • Target best performing days of the week. • Track ad performance based on downloads. Mobile App Business
  12. 12. Thank you ^^Business plan Mobile App Business