Friends of the forest


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This play is designed for third grade bilingual science in Spain.

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Friends of the forest

  1. 1. Friends of the Forest:Characters: Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Ms. Guerrera Tree Tree 2 Owl Mayor Townsperson 1 Townsperson 2 Kid 1 Kid 2 Kid 3 Kid 4 Happy tree 1 Happy tree 2Introduction: Narrators introduce the production before the curtain rises. Narrator 1: Welcome to our performance: Friends of the Forest. This is the story of how a group of school children saved a forest. Narrator 1&2: We hope you enjoy the show. Exit narrators and curtain rises.Scene 1:Narrator two enters at the side of the stage. A group of school children pretending to ride a school bus are center stage.Narrator 2: Ms. Guerreros third grade class is on a field trip to visit the nearby forest and learn abouta healthy ecosystem. The students climb off the bus dressed for the outdoors, excitedly chattering about what theyre going to see.Ms. Guerrero: Come on, class! This way. They follow the teacher into the forest.
  2. 2. Child 1: I cant wait to see all the green trees and flowers!Child 2: Yeah! Do you think well see any animals?Child 3: Oh, I hope so! The pictures of the forest in our science books were so pretty. All nod in agreement. They continue walking until the teacher stops suddenly.Ms. Guerrero: (With great concern) Oh know! This cant be!Children together: Whats wrong Ms. Guerrero? Wheres the forest?Ms. Guerrero: Thats just the problem: this IS the forest!Children together: WHAT?!Child 2: But there arent any trees...there arent any animals!Child 1: And nothings green! Look at that sad flower.Child 3: This doesnt look at all like the pictures in our books.Child 2: What happened to the forest? Teacher and children shake heads in bewilderment. They continue to look around and whisper to one another about the forest. Suddenly they hear a voice.Owl: What happened, you ask? All shocked and scared. The children hide behind the teacher.Ms. Guerrero: Whos that? Whos there? Owl flutters out from behind a tree and settles down next to the group.Child 2: Look! An owl!Owl: Whooo? Whooo? Who are you? Are you here to destroy my home more?All Together: ITS TALKING!!Child 3: (frightened) Were just kids...We wanted to learn about the forest.Owl: Learn about the forest? Youre not going to cut the trees or throw litter?Tree: Its okay, Owl. Theyre just kids. Owl scowls.
  3. 3. Tree 2: Sit down children. Come close. We can tell you what happened to us. Children are hesitant. They look to the teacher questioningly.Ms. Guerrero: Its okay. Lets listen to the story.Tree 1: Once, the forest was green and there were lots of other trees.Tree 2: There were lots of animals. I had a lovely bird family living in my branches.Owl: But then the people came. (scowls at the group)Tree 2: The people threw litter in the forest and in the river. They cut too many trees and they werentcareful with matches or cigarettes, and there was a big forest fire.Tree 1: Many plants and animals died. Now this is all thats left.Owl: It will take a long time for things to grow back.Child 1: Can we help?Child 2: What can we do?Ms. Guerrero: I think I have an idea... All begin to chatter softly, nodding approval. Curtains close.Scene 2: The children and townspeople have gathered at the forest. They have garbage bags and tools for planting trees. The mayor is standing on a raised platform to give speech.Narrator 1: Ms. Guerreros class had a meeting with the mayor of the town. Together they came upwith a plan to help the forest. The whole town has gathered to help out. (exits)Mayor: Thank you all for coming here today to help clean our forest. We are going to plant new trees,and from now on there will be no more littering. Special thanks to Ms. Guerreros class. This was theiridea! (Points out the class. The crowd cheers, and mayor pauses) Lets get to work. Everyone sets about working. Two students and the mayor are planting trees. Ms. Guerrero and another student are picking up litter. The townspeople are hanging signs: No littering; Respect the forest; Be careful with matches.Townsperon 1: What a good idea. Its about time we did something to help nature!Townsperson 2: Yeah, I remember how much I loved the forest when I was a kid. Its sad to see it thisway.Townsperson 1: I hope these signs help so our children can enjoy the forest!
  4. 4. Townsperson 2: (nodding in agreement) Now everyone who visits the forest will know what to do tohelp it grow green and healthy. Finish theyre work and give hugs and high-fives all around.Mayor: Great work!Child 3: It looks so much better!Townsperson 1: I wonder how long it will take for the forest to recover...Scene 3:The forest is green. There are lots more plants, flowers and animals. A group of school children is on a field trip.Narrator 2: Five years later, another school group is on a field trip. Children excitedly chattering about the forest.Ms. Guerrero: (smiling) This is it, kids!Kid 1: Wow! Its beautiful!Kid 2: (nodding) Yeah. Its just like the pictures in our book.Kid 3: ...Just like I imagined.Kid 4: There are so many plants! And look, an Owl! (Owl flys by and winks at the audience.)Owl: It wasnt always like this, kids. (lands next to one of the trees)Kids Together: (shocked) Ms. Guerrero! Its a talking owl! Ms. Guerrero just smiles knowingly.Happy Tree 1: Its okay kids. (kids gasp all together)Ms. Guerrero: Dont worry. Sit down. This is a happy story. (smiles at the trees)Happy Tree 2: Once upon a time the forest was dying. People didnt take care of it.Happy Tree 1: Until one day a group of school children came on a field trip...Happy Tree 2: They talked to the mayor, and the whole town got together to help clean the forest.Ms. Guerrero: (pointing to the green plants and flowers) And now look at it! (kids look admiringlyand with amazement)
  5. 5. Kid 1: Wow. Im glad they saved the forest.Kid 3: It would be terrible if the forest disappeared!Kids 2&4: Yeah!Happy Tree 1: Well, its your job to be sure this place stays protected. When you see litter, throw itaway! And be sure that your friends do the same.Happy Tree 2: Taking care of the forest is everyones responsibility! Curtain closes.