Online video distribution for short film


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Saturday 16th June 2012, 11am -1pm
The Hilton Sydney

Nick Bolton, Media and Entertainment Manager
Part of the Sydney Film Festival,
Panel discussions for Short Film Winners , Sponsored by Dendy & Metroscreen

Discussing the online distribution options for short film makers.

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  • - Delivering rich media content to viewers through multiple devices & multiple channels has been one of the key trends of the year so farIn line with the stats we presented earlier on the growth in mobile video, one of the biggest trends we are seeing is demand for video streaming to multiple devices. Clients aren’t thinking about just streaming to desktop but how they can reach an audience on the go as well- Reaching audiences through social media channels and campaign websites has been a key theme as well and we’ll explore that in more detail on the next few slides
  • Online video distribution for short film

    1. 1. Online distribution for Short Film Makers Nick Bolton, Media and Entertainment Manager,Viocorp 11am – 1pm, Saturday 16 th June 2012 The Hilton, Sydney 1
    2. 2. About ViocorpAustralian business 10 years oldSydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Singapore75 staff – about 40 engineersPrivately owned, ProfitableLive streamingOnline video platformsWebcasting, Web TV, IPTV, Mobile, TabletRich media advertising 2
    3. 3. How to connect content and distribution Viocorp connects content and viewers through innovation 3
    4. 4. Reaching audiences LIVE across multiple devicesWhat is it ? • Giving viewers a consistent experience across desktop, tablet and mobileWho is doing it ? • CommSec • Sydney Opera House • TonTon • Splendour in the Grass – see imageHow can Viocorp help you ?• Automatic device detection and support for all major devices• Advice on how best to deliver your content across new platforms 4
    5. 5. Nice Shorts (est 2005, now defunct) 5
    6. 6. About Me 6
    7. 7. What’s your goal: Audience, Awards, or Money? 7
    8. 8. Festival v OnlinePROS PROSHigh perception that inclusion = good Immediate release after post productionViewed by high level judges and peers Potential global and unlimited audienceAscerning audience at Festival Content immortalised foreverPR and status of badging the film Quick and easy to distributePossible financial rewards / product in kind Instant audience build and feedbackCONS Build body of workExpensive to enter ($50 per go) CONSLow chance of being shortlisted Relies on you to do the marketing and audience buildingIf you are, often overseas so can’t attend Requires multiple content to create audience over timeFew people see it at Festival Limited revenueCan’t distribute online for x months 8
    9. 9. Either way - Create a profile for your short on IMDB 9
    10. 10. Submit to film festivals using Withoutabox 10
    11. 11. Buy a Domain name at NetRegistry 11
    12. 12. Build a simple website using Wordpress 12
    13. 13. Website example (theatre and film project) 13
    14. 14. Crowd-fund (,, 14
    15. 15. Sell your film via short film distribution companies 15
    16. 16. Or go for audience eg YouTube - Channel 16
    17. 17. Monetise using the Dynamo player 17
    18. 18. Distribute cross platform and channel using Distribber 18
    19. 19. Distribber – How it works 19
    20. 20. Enter as many online festivals 20
    21. 21. Enter as many online festivals 21
    22. 22. Long form - YouTube the studio 22
    23. 23. Thank you Nick Bolton, Viocorp T: 02 8007 6200 M: 0412 101726 @viocorp @nickybee99 23