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Boosting Productivity Among Employees: Emerging Workplace Design Trends

In this presentation Vinyl Impression look at the relationship between work environments and employee happiness & productivity - and suggest simple ways in which you can alter your office layout & environment to align with these emerging findings.

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Boosting Productivity Among Employees: Emerging Workplace Design Trends

  1. 1. 6 Emerging Workplace Design Trends Where art and psychology collide to boost productivity.
  2. 2. INTRO “The importance of effective office design has grown in recent years and is continuing to do so as the way in which we work is being impacted by significant cultural and technological shifts. Patterns of work, cubicles and the formality of the workplace are all evolving to suit the demands of modern day businesses and the workforces within them in order to deliver the best services and products. It is important to say that there is no one size fits all solution and in some cases open plan working will not suit and can in fact undermine the strategic objectives of the business. However in all cases your interior design strategy must be fully considered and be built around your workforce, how they work and the organisational objectives you want to see fulfilled.” Nate Down, Vinyl Impression
  3. 3. 1. A FLUID FLOOR PLAN The physical floor space within your office is a pricey commodity, yet often it is under utilised. Buildings no longer need to be a fixed in their internal layout but can become fluid to suit your needs at a given moment by using movable walls as well as furniture and peripheral items that can be used in a variety of different ways. Using items such as these means you create informal meeting spaces or ‘chill out’ breakout areas, which can be repositioned if the space is needed for more team, avoiding any space related issues.
  4. 4. 2. A SPACE TO COLLABORATE Workspaces are beginning to need a greater element of design that proactively encourages effective collaboration in the correct setting. In both an open plan and private working offices designated spaces will need to be constructed that allow collaboration and these should include inspirational and whiteboard graphics, large desks and informal lounges that are equipped with the tools of your business to develop new ideas and move creative concepts forward.
  5. 5. 3. PRIVACY POD The rise in open plan offices has removed an element of privacy, which will need to be addressed through the installation of privacy pods. Privacy pods are quiet enclosed spaces that allow team to have confidential or impromptu meeting or phone calls. These pods tend to be less formal than the traditional meeting room and are easily accessible to team throughout the day.
  6. 6. 4. ALLOW YOUR TEAM TO BE THEMSELVES In the past there has been an expectation that all staff should adopt a stereotypical professional version of themselves and suppress elements of their characters for the sake of appearance. However, times are changing as this traditional outlook can stifle creativity, innovation & significant improvement. Creativity is at its height when employees are comfortable and are allowed to be themselves around their peers and this is becoming more encouraged by a growing number of organisations. Google uses slides, others use basketball courts but it all boils down to how can you make your team relax and be themselves.
  7. 7. 5. BRING THE OUTSIDE IN For years offices have been designed to be ‘functional’, but this approach has failed to understand that it is people who use them. Human being have a deep-rooted connection with the outside world, which makes it key to draw the outside in to our workplaces. This should be done by allowing the maximum amount of natural light into your office as well as bringing in plant life in as this has a positive impact on the perception of health as well as cleaning the air and aiding concentration. This exposure to plant life has been found to improve efficiency by as much as 12% due to greater levels of concentration and improved productivity.
  8. 8. 6. WORK WITH THE PROS As businesses have joined the workplace revolution they have realised that your interior design strategy has an effect on the bottom line, therefore it is important to get right. Working with design agencies, interior designers and industry experts ensure that your finished workplace looks great, but is also strategically designed to assist the organisation as a whole achieve its goals. Left: Vinyl Impression transform TVC’s workspace with wall graphics and decals to help bring their brand personality alive. ---- This presentation is adapted from an original article that can be found on the Vinyl Impression blog.
  9. 9. Vinyl Impression is a design-focused surface graphics specialist that produces superior quality large format digital prints. At Vi, we partner with you to transform your walls, windows and floors by using skillfully designed vinyl wall stickers, murals, decals, wall art transfers and coverings. Our Graphic solutions are designed and produced to give an outstanding finish, allowing your space to reflection you or you brand personality. Our clients come from across all sectors including healthcare, education, finance, office fit out, architects and PR agencies to name a few. @vinylimpression |

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In this presentation Vinyl Impression look at the relationship between work environments and employee happiness & productivity - and suggest simple ways in which you can alter your office layout & environment to align with these emerging findings. Adapted from:


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