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Eureka Super Kidz Proposal


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Eureka SuperKidz is a program started by AID India, a charity organisation focused on educating poor, rural kids in southern India. They have been doing superb work in this field for many years and have received recognition at the national and international level. They are in desperate need of funds to continue the project at the current scale. Please take a few minutes to view the ppt presentation. Your generous donations will go a long way in changing the lives of thousands of children for the better. For more information, contact me or Balaji (

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Eureka Super Kidz Proposal

  1. 1. eureka Super KidzAID INDIA Innovative village education centers that ensure children from the poorest families get quality education and reach their full potential An AID INDIA Education Initiative eureka SuperKidz 1
  2. 2. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Vision • Every child in every village gets the best education, achieves her full potential and is ready to face the world with confidence. 2
  3. 3. eureka Super KidzAID INDIA  Who: About AID INDIA  Why: The Problem Statement  What: Eureka SuperKidz Project  Need: Your Help In this presentation… 3
  4. 4. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz AID INDIA: OVERVIEW • Founded: In 1996. By IIT and BITS alumni who quit corporate careers to work fulltime on education and village development. • Mission: To provide quality education to every poor child in India • Strategy: Large Scale Measurable Impact Projects • Highlights: – Content Expertise: Separate content R&D division. Deeply researched outcome-focused pedagogy, materials and training. Widely used by Govt, UNICEF, Pvt Schools, TV channels, NGOs. – Impact Evaluation: Children’s learning outcomes tracked, evaluated and used as feedback to continuously improve performance. – Reporting: Dedicated website for each block with weekly project updates and monthly reports keeps donors always up-to-date. Detailed annual evaluation report measures impact and areas where improvement is needed. Also regular communication with the donor for queries, visits and participation. 4
  5. 5. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Lab-in-a-Box Scientific creativity sparked in 1.3 Lakh kids in 510 Govt schools in Krishnagiri. Partner: UNICEF Chennai Schools Math, Science , Language improved in 100 corporation schools in Chennai Partner: MS Dell Foundation Cognizant Foundation Scholarship 361 poorest children supported from Std 6 through till college. Partner: CSS Padippum Inikkum 4.5 Lakh children in 7300 schools learn to read Tamil Partner: TN Govt SSA NCLP Project Science and Math made fun in 700 child labor schools Partner: UNICEF, Govt Read India Reading campaign in 13000 villages helps children learn to read. Partner: Pratham Eureka Schools Model schools hat demonstrate top quality education at low cost. Partner: Banca Sella Kothari, Rohan AID INDIA: SAMPLE PROJECTS TN Schools Project 1 million children in 7200 Govt schools improve reading, math and pre-primary skills. Partner: CIFF, John Stone, Asha, Yahoo 5 Eureka SuperKidz Village education centers that provides quality education to the poorest children Partner: John Stone, Prabhu, ILP, AGK, PwC, Girija
  6. 6. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz AID INDIA: IMPACT 6 1 million children access high quality learning resources 18000 teachers trained on innovative teaching methods 150 titles - books, kits, activities – published and used across TN. Std VI TN Math textbook written by AID INDIA 175 TV episodes – 4 years of weekly Science Experiments demo on Sun TV viewed across the state 3 years of reading program in 10 districts has led to a 15% higher district wide impact In reading levels compared to the rest of the state. 20.0 25.0 30.0 35.0 40.0 45.0 50.0 2007 2008 2009 Std 5 Children Who Can Read 10 AID INDIA district (TN) 19 Other Districts (TN) Source: ASER 2007-09 63% 83% 87% 93% 41% 10% 21% 23% 52% 2% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Counting SequencingPics Fruits/Veg Names Patterns Beginning sounds Pre-primary evaluation:4&5 year olds Program Control Pre-primary skills assessment done using World Bank’s SRI tools showed 40%-60% higher levels in children’s learning and school readiness in the AID INDIA program Balwadis when compared with the control Balwadis.
  7. 7. eureka Super Kidz  400 Full-time, 250 Part-time Staff, 500 volunteers from diverse socio-economic and education backgrounds. Direct field teams in 100 blocks. 7 AID INDIA: TEAM, ADVISORS Fulltime Management Team Balaji Sampath: B.Tech, IIT Madras. PhD, Univ of Maryland. 15 years of development and education experience. Science Educator. Ashoka Fellow. Chandra Anil: B.Tech, BITS Pilani. Primary and Pre-primary Education Expert. Consultant to the Govt on Reading program. Ravishankar: B.Tech, IIT-M. PhD, Carnegie Mellon Univ. Adj Prof, IIT. Designed several science and math programs. Author of several books including TN Std 6 Math Textbook. Damodharan: M.Phil, Madras Univ. Born into a very poor family in a remote village, Damu started life as a migrant child labor. Sheer will-power helped him overcome huge hurdles, complete schooling, college and M.Phil. An expert on early and primary education, he has authored several books for children and developed kits that have been adopted widely by the Govt. The Management Team also has a mix of people who quit corporate careers to serve the poor (Jayram, Shyam, Gomathi, Smitha, Radha, Gayatri), professional social workers with many years of field experience (Rajkumar, Prabha, Gowri, Parvathy) and community leaders who have built extremely committed field teams (Samundeswari, Rajapandi, Anbazhagi, Murugesh, Nagaraj). Advisors N. Vaghul, Former Chairman, ICICI Vasanthi Devi, Former Vice Chancellor and TN Planning Commission Member Madhav Chavan, CEO, Pratham Ramanujam, Chairman, NCERT Math Committee Srinath Rajam, Director, TVS N. Chandramouli, Director, Kothari Anil Arjun, CEO, Reliance MediaWorks Giada Bono, CEO, Sella Synergy AG Karunakaran Founding President, GDA Technologies Vijay Manghnani Vice President, ACE USA and Volunteer, Assn for India’s Development
  8. 8. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz  MIT Indus Technovators Award, for innovative work on Science Education and Village Libraries.  Ashoka Fellowship, for innovative work in science education  Lemelson Inventor Certificate, recognizing innovative work in science education  Pratham USA Achievement Award, for improving reading skills across the state of Tamilnadu.  Distinguished Service Award, from Rotary Club of Madras South for providing quality education to the poorest children.  Selected Media Coverage – Center page article in The Hindu Metroplus on 9th May 2009 – Science Program featured in Lemelson Foundation’s online magazine ‘Good’ – Outlook article on Education programs of AID INDIA on 18th Sept 2006 – CNN IBN TV interview on Reading program 8 AID INDIA: AWARDS, RECOGNITION
  9. 9. eureka Super KidzAID INDIA  Who: About AID INDIA  Why: The Problem Statement  What: Eureka SuperKidz Project  Need: Your Help In this presentation… 9
  10. 10. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Every Child Has the Same Potential 10
  11. 11. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Every Child Has the Same Potential 11 This means, given the right opportunity, … 1.Every child can acquire all the required skills in all the foundational subjects. 2.Every child can build on talent areas she can excel at. One could be great at Math and another at creating Sculpture. 3.Not every child can be a genius. But an Einstein or a Picasso can come from anywhere.
  12. 12. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Performance Children from educated affluent families Children from poor families * ASER survey shows that in 3rd -5th Std, 46% children cannot read Tamil, 58% cannot subtract and 85% cannot read an English sentence. Other studies show that 83% Dalit and Adi Dravida children in Std 4 cannot subtract. 12
  13. 13. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Educated Parents: What they do… Parents play a huge role in a child’s learning. Studies show that many children learn reading and arithmetic largely from the individualized support from parents. Shift to better school Push school to improve Tuition to compensate Research the best pre-schools and schools to put their children in Help with Homework, Reading and Arithmetic If the child lags behind If the school is bad Identify and encourage the child’s special talent by getting resources, enrolling in special classesSkilled, Confident Motivated Achievers 13
  14. 14. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Poverty: How it affects education… Education can make a huge difference in the lives of poor children. It can decisively break their cycle of poverty. Poor parents recognize this well. They often fail in their attempts to get their children educated, but it is not due to a lack of trying. A poor child starts life with a disadvantage. The child grows in an environment with no books, no toys, no one who reads out to her. Govt balwadi the child attends has no resources or training to provide pre-primary education If lucky the Govt school nearby might have good teachers Child’s areas of lag and areas of talent - both remain undiscovered and unsupported. Under-confident children with poor learning levels Parents unable to help after school. Don’t know what child is learning or what she finds difficult. The Urgent Need Studies1 show that good after school support can compensate for many gaps in the child’s environment. Poor parents already recognize the need for after-school support. They are even willing to pay Rs 30-50 per month to send their children to an ‘evening tuition center’. But less than 15% of the villages have after-school centers. And often even these few centers are of very poor quality – with one untrained teacher simultaneously handling 50-60 children from Std 1 to Std 10. 1 Univ of California, A Study of Promising Afterschool Programs Harvard Family Research, After School Programs in 21st Century 14
  15. 15. eureka Super KidzAID INDIA  Who: About AID INDIA  Why: The Problem Statement  What: Eureka SuperKidz Project  Need: Your Help In this presentation… 15
  16. 16. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Eureka SuperKidz: A Transformative Force An innovative village education center that provides quality Science, Math and Language inputs to children from the poorest families and ensures every child reaches his/her full potential. Individual Attention Separate teachers handle different classes ensuring smaller batches, tracking each child’s progress and individual attention Learning Enrichment Science and Math clubs and learning festivals help children build on their talents Transforming the lives of the poorest children Effective Content Fun activities get children to enjoy learning. Evaluation and remedial action ensure every child is learning well. 16
  17. 17. eureka Super KidzAID INDIA 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Early Childhood Middle Childhood Learning at Home Pre Primary (Kindergarten) Early Primary (Std 1-3) Upper Primary (Std 4-8) Age Growth Phase Grade Eureka SuperKidz: Right Inputs at Right Time Ref: ‘What’s going on in there? The first five years’, Lise Eliot ‘Learning all the time’, John Holt ‘Growth of Logical Thinking from Childhood to Adolescence’, Piaget How Children Learn… Early Start (KG): 2 hours of fun activities every day with the right toys and tools to help the child’s growing brain. Ensures every child is ready for school. Strong Foundation (Std 1- 3): Focused 3 hour class daily for Std 1-3 by a dedicated teacher provides individual attention. Activities ensure every child can read fluently and do arithmetic well. Ready for Future (Std 4-8): Daily classes with experiments, puzzles and projects to ensure children develop interest and competency in Math and Science. Year 1 will start with Std 4-6. In Year 2 we will add on Std 7-8. At Eureka SuperKidz Centers… 17
  18. 18. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Eureka SuperKidz: Implementation Plans  Focus Villages: We have selected 50 focus blocks in 10 districts to implement this project. Within each block we have selected 20 most marginalized villages to start the project. (We have already started the program in a few villages and are waiting for funds.)  Eureka SuperKidz Centers in each village will reach 75 children  In each village, 3 trained local teachers run separate classes for LKG-UKG, Std 1-3 and Std 4-6. (In Year 2 we will add on Std 7-8 as well).  Each class runs for 3 hours every day in the evenings. (KG class for 2 hours.)  With our specially developed materials, methods and skill chart, teachers track every child’s progress and ensure all children achieve the required language and math, science and English competencies. Children who are lagging behind are separately followed up and provided additional attention and improved.  Right from the start we get parents to contribute towards the teachers’ honorarium. This ensures teacher accountability and regular attendance by children.  Every quarter, a progress report card is sent to parents and parent meetings held to discuss their child’s progress. Village learning festivals are also organized where children show-case their learning and talents. 18
  19. 19. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Implementation Process within a Village 19
  20. 20. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Eureka SuperKidz: Expected Impact  Learning Outcomes in Children:  Pre-school Children (Age 3-5):  Age-appropriate school readiness in language, cognitive and motor development  Std 1-3 Children (6-8 year olds):  Language (Tamil): Children able to read fluently, write simple sentences, comprehend passages and answer questions based on it.  Language (English): Children able to respond to instructions and able to read simple words.  Math: Children able to do basic arithmetic – addition, subtraction and simple multiplication.  Outcomes in Std 4-8 Children (9-13 year olds)  Language (Tamil): Children able to comprehend unsimplified text and write small stories.  Language (English): Children able to read paragraphs and stories and converse in English.  Math: Children able to do fractions, geometry, measurement and solve word problems.  Science: Children able to do experiments and understand basic concepts in 5 thematic areas - Matter, Energy, Mechanics, Universe, Evolution Annual evaluations will be used to assess the impact of the project. 20
  21. 21. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Eureka SuperKidz Village Budget Annual Per Village Cost Teacher Cost (3 teachers) Rs. 36,000 Learning materials and Content Training Rs. 15,000 Village Events Rs. 4,000 Project Coordinator, Travel and Phone Rs. 7,000 Admin Costs (10%) Rs. 3,000 Total Per Village Cost Rs. 65,000 Community Contribution Rs. 15,000 Grant Needed for each village Rs. 50,000 Grant needed for 1 village = Rs. 50,000 ($ 1100) Total grant for a full block of 20 villages = Rs. 10,00,000 ($22,000) Annual cost per child is Rs. 660 ($14) 21 Project in a block of 20 villages impacts 1500 children
  22. 22. eureka Super KidzAID INDIA  Who: About AID INDIA  Why: The Problem Statement  What: Eureka SuperKidz Project  Need: Your Help In this presentation… 22
  23. 23. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Need YOUR Help Your support will educate poorest children in the most marginalized villages.  Block Patron:  Adopt all 20 villages in the block and educate 1500 children.  Fund Rs. 10,00,000 ($ 22,000) to support the project.  Block Pioneer:  Adopt 10 villages in the block and educate 750 children.  Fund Rs. 5,00,000 ($ 11,000) to support the project.  Cluster Champion:  Adopt a cluster of 5 villages and educate 375 children.  Fund Rs. 2,50,000 ($ 5500) to support the project  Village Sponsor:  Adopt 1 village and educate 75 children.  Fund Rs. 50,000 ($ 1100) to support the project. You can support the program either individually or as a friends group, a college batch, as a memorial, etc. 23
  24. 24. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Project Progress Reporting Website • To keep you always updated on the latest progress reports, we will create a dedicated website for your block. You can share this site with your friends and supporters. • Our project managers will update the site every week with weekly field updates and photos from the project. • Every month, we will also upload a detailed monthly progress report on the website. At the end of the year, we will also provide an annual learning assessment report that looks at children’s performance and areas for improvement. • We also encourage donors to visit their villages and contribute in other creative ways to their children’s education. Site visits and such contributions can also be shared on the site. 24
  25. 25. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Donation Procedure • You can donate to your project on an annual or half-yearly basis. • Donations can be made by cheque or on-line. All donations in the US and India are tax-deductible. • Directed donations for the project can be made in the US through a cheque payable to Association for India’s Development (AID). All directed donations will used entirely transferred to AID INDIA for this project. Donations are tax-deductible in the US under 501(c)(3). • Donations in India can be made by cheque directly to AID INDIA. All donations are tax-deductible in India under 80(G). To support this project, please send an email to Balaji Sampath, and we will get back to you with specific details on how you can donate. 25
  26. 26. AID INDIA eureka Super Kidz Thank You. 26 AID INDIA 7/4, Besant Road, Royapettah, Chennai – 600014, +91-94440-61033, +91-44-28350403